Moving Well Podcast
Moving Well Podcast
Nikki Naab-Levy & Janet Sunderland
S3. Ep 5: Jason Leenaarts | On mindset, strength training, and fat loss
49 minutes Posted Dec 19, 2018 at 5:00 am.
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Show notes

In this episode, Nikki and Janet chat with strength coach and host of the Revolutionary You! Podcast Jason Leenaarts about the relationship between mindset and reaching your fitness goals.

 They discuss:

  • Why the basics are often what you need to reach fitness goals, but why these goals are still challenging to achieve (e.g. emotional factors, family life, ect)
  • The different stages of change and how it relates to fat loss and strength training
  • A primer on getting started strength training and the important of recovery
  • What to do when you or your clients have conflicting goals (e.g. wanting muscular arms while also battling shoulder pain)

About Jason Leenaarts

Jason Leenaarts is the owner of Revolution Fitness and Therapy (RevFit) in Stow, Ohio. RevFit began in 2009 and continues to thrive as a semi-private personal training facility. Jason caters to both face-to-face and online clientele. He is the host of the Revolutionary You podcast and author of The Revolution Is You. To learn more about Jason's work, you can visit or You can also connect directly with Jason on Facebook or Instagram.