Movies That Made Us Gay
Movies That Made Us Gay
Scott and Pete
This is the podcast where we watch a movie from our past that had a lasting impression on our little gay lives.  If we had no business watching it - we stole our parents VHS copy and watched under the cover of night.  If a diva gave a rousing speech - we memorized it and lip-synced it at a talent show.  Join Scott and Pete each week for a look back at the Movies That Made Us Gay!
74. Earth Girls Are Easy with special guest Moranne Klassen
We watched Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) with our friend Moranne Klassen and you guys are so lucky you crashed in the valley. It's the baddest place on earth! Sit back, have a mental margarita and enjoy episode 74 of Movies That Made Us Gay.
Nov 19
1 hr 26 min
73. Muriel's Wedding with special guest Devin Lotfi
We watched Muriel's Wedding (1994) with our friend Devin Lotfi (I Don't Want to Hear That Podcast) and our lives are just as good as an Abba song. Some of you might mis-remember this as a lighthearted comedy but we're here to tell you it gets dark - but only right before Muriel gets her happy ending. Indeed her life is just as good as Dancing Queen.
Nov 12
1 hr 52 min
72. The Women with special guest Dennis Griffin
We watched The Women (1939) with our friend Dennis Griffin and we’re all getting our nails done - Jungle Red! If you thought The Golden Girls was the archetype for Sex and The City think again.  Watch The Women then get back to us.
Nov 7
1 hr 34 min
72. The Bride of Frankenstein with special guest Mitchell Ralston
We watched The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) with our good friend Mitchell Ralston and we forever Stan Elsa Lanchester as “The Monster’s Mate.” The Bride did more for gays, goths and cholas with nothing more than 5 minutes of screen time, a shake and go wig and an eyebrow pencil than any of us could muster in a lifetime.  They may belong dead but that face will live forever.
Oct 29
1 hr 30 min
70. Practical Magic with special guest Allison Levitan
We watched Practical Magic (1998) with our friend Allison Levitan and the nudity is entirely optional, as you well remember! Tonal issues aside, this movie is a ton of fun and we forever Stan Sandy playing a no-nonsense empowered woman and Nic playing a flighty waif in an auburn wig.  Remember, theres a little witch in all of us.
Oct 22
1 hr 40 min
69. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master with special guest Jacob Randall
We watched A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master with our pal Jacob Randall (Crime of Your Life) and we have matching luggage again. This movie has everything; body horror rivaling the best of Cronenberg, wall to wall cute boys and a killer soundtrack.
Oct 15
1 hr 51 min
68. Halloween with special guest Matt Emert
We watched Halloween (1978) with our friend and MTMUG all star Matt Emert and we hate a guy with a car and no sense of humor. This is the mother of all slasher movies (we see you Black Christmas) and our guest Matt is an aficionado of all things Haddonfield. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has become the template for the “final girl” and her horny friends gave way to the basic “Scream” rules to survive a horror film (never have sex, drink or do drugs or say “I’ll be right back”).
Oct 8
1 hr 29 min
67. Fright Night with Kevin and Chris from Homos on Haunted Hill
We watched Fright Night (1985) with our friends Kevin Michael Jones & Chris Moore but you may know them as the Homos on Haunted Hill.  If you have a bootleg of the 1988 sequel, slide into our DMs.
Oct 2
1 hr 32 min
66. Ghost World
We watched Ghost World (2001) and no we don't want a biscotti with that.  If you ever want a peek behind the veil of Scott and Pete's inner (and outer) monologue - look no further than this movie.  We too can't relate to 99% of humanity and mostly want to poison rude customers.  Since poisoning is out of the question, we simply troll them under our breath like our heroes Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson).
Sep 24
1 hr 35 min
65. Cruising with special guest Mike Toscano
Support us on Patreon: We watched Cruising (1980) with returning guest Mike Toscano and we’re still clutching our pearls!  This infamous movie follows Al Pacino as a police officer who goes undercover in the gay leather & S&M scene in early 80’s era New York City. NYC’s Meat Packing District has a long way to go until Samantha Jones moves in.
Sep 17
1 hr 22 min
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