Movie Melt! Podcast - Psychotronic and Outsider Cinema
Movie Melt! Podcast - Psychotronic and Outsider Cinema
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The knowledgeable panel discuss niche outsider art and weirdo cult films in a nice organized structure. If you’re seeking eclectic film recommendations this show is an invaluable resource. Tarzan with thunder and lightning all the way!
Worlds greatest movie podcast!!
You will find yourself bursting out with laughter in public places. You’re cool points go up from just listening. After the episodes you will be looking up titles online that were brought up by the cast.
Criswell was right
you’ve come to the right place
Best podcast for fans of good movies and having fun.
Movie Melt
I am in love with this Podcast!
mucho caliente, gracias
my favorite movie podcast hands down. i love you.
Stay wet, y’all!
Over four years of absolute insanity. When people love what they do, it’s obvious. Stop searching! This is the perfect podcast.
Dick Wiggles
Discover your next favorite film here.
If you are cult film fan who thinks that you have seen it all, this podcast will prove you wrong. Specializing in vanity projects Movie Melt has continually been on the cutting edge of discovering hidden gems and bringing unknown classics to attention. If it’s worth watching you will hear about it here first. And it’s hilarious! Hosted by a rotating cast of characters, each bringing their own unique insight and sense of humor to the discussion. If you’re looking for your next favorite podcast and weirdo movie, you’ve just found it.
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Still the Greatest Podcast
I’ve been a Compañero Cutie since episode 3. I’d rented “GETEVEN” from Movie Madness from Zoey who mentioned the podcast. I listened as soon as I finished the movie and stopped since. The cast has changed a bit, but Movie Melt remains one of my favorites. Pure, weaponized film nerd knowledge. If you want to really dig deep into outsider art, grindhouse oddities, or unknown gems this is the podcast for you.
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1 Tarzan With TnL Pleez
I’ve been listening to B-movie podcasts for close to a decade now, and a lot of them either rely on ridiculing said movies, or function as soap boxes for one-sided, male-centric opinions. Movie Melt, Get Soft, and Songs on Trial are a perfect trifecta of genuine, diverse appreciation for way side cinema, and their soundboards will burrow their way into your vernacular like that time Clint Howard was so full of ticks he exploded. This is what Compañeros can do for you. Let them be the mutant tick to your Clint Howard-sized brain, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the sickest place to be. xox McGruff the Crime Dog
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Carlo VHS
if i don't give this a 5 a star review mat with in my DM's by morning
if you listened to Companeros youll like this one. if you can here to listen to drew buzzy and squeaky dave fight with his wife then your going to have to deal. very fun odd ball movie review podcast. a ton of host but they dont all talk over each. plus there voicemail segment is wonderful with the wyane guy who calls in in every show to till them the truth.
Champions of the unsung heroes
I love movie melt. They cover a lot of gems that have slipped between the cracks through the years. The cast are knowledgeable and passionate about an astounding array of obscure and offbeat films. They are also clearly having a good time doing this and that makes it even more enjoyable as a listener. I am enjoy hearing what everyone has watched between episodes.
def jeff 13
A sharing caring place to belong
These guys love Grindhouse/exploitation Cinema and I love them for it. This show is well put together, and is reliable with its fun radio show segments. Matt is a genius! Companeros blows everything including your mind!!
pee pee sweats
Movie Melt fills my Compañerhole
Movie Melt IS The Compañeros! Same cast, same antics and rumor has it, even a cable access show. These guys and gals know a lot about movies. “VHS hoarders, cinephile weirdos and the psychotronic fringe” will enjoy the wide swath of bizarre cinema they discuss, from vanity project action to gory horror to raunchy comedy, z-grade slabs, misfires and even over-budgeted catastrophes. Plus, they’re funny!
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Assault of The Party Nerds!
It feels like you're at a party, eavesdropping on the chuckling movie nerds in the corner. They seem to, more often than not, hold trashy cinema in high regard. Opposed to the "so bad it's good" culture that's overly popular among exploiation cinema enthusists. Funny and fun loving, a variety of tastes among the crew help round out the opinions on why something should end up on your watchlist or why it should take a flying leap into a weephole.
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Dr.Butt Cakes
this is the place for you*
if you know movies, this is the place for you. if you don't know movies, this is the place for you. if you like hi-jinks, tomfoolery, naredowellery, skullduggery, horseplay..this is the place for you. *if you're looking for a podcast about refurbishing a beige 1985 Fridigiare 17 cubic foot frost free refrigerator/freezer, keep on looking.