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24- # Life-Saving Juicing with Natasha Forrest of Dvine Greens
1 hour 16 minutes Posted Jul 8, 2021 at 10:24 am.
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Show notes
Now you know juicing is one the best and convenient ways to get in your daily “energy”, healing foods .
But did ya know:
- Not all veggie juices need to taste like crap 🤮.
- If you have a specific need, you need a specific juice… muscle 💪🏾…diabetes 🍭 … high cholesterol 🧈 … pain and inflammation 🤕 …insomnia 🛌 .
- You can balance off “solid“ meals with juices for a balanced dietary palette ⚖️.
- Beets can taste freaking great with the right mix of ingredients 🤤
Oh man! Personal trainer, juiceologist, and beaming with juice/melanin-infused energy,
Natasha Forrest, owner of Dvine Greens can’t say enough about the nutrition prowess of the beet.
Time Stamp:
MEPT podcast intro -
Dvine Greens Intro -
What is D’vine Greens and who do they serve? -
Why juicing for health? -
How the juicing started -
Food insecurity during COVID -
Encouraging clients to juice -
Why do we need a “Juicologist?” -
Nutrition is key -
Juice recommendations -
Top 5 pitfalls as an entrepreneur -
Biggest hurdle starting the business -
Juneteenth Business -
The Black dollar in the Black community -
Breaking down barriers -
Recommendations for putting on muscle size -
Recommendations for diabetics -
Recommendations for high cholesterol -
Recommendations for post surgical pain and inflammation -
Recommendations for insomnia -
20 second “message” -
Contact Info: Guest full name & title: Natasha Forrest (Founder)
Business name: DVine Greens
Social Media pages (IG, FB, YT) @dvinegreens
Bio (or link to bio): Nutrients for energy, growth, function, performance, and Health You Can Taste through all-natural, unpasteurized Cold-Pressed Juices made fresh and delivered straight to you!
Shout out, event, promo, class, workshop: Laurelton Farmers Market:
Book mentioned in podcast: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins
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