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17 - "Covid Brain" and Body Wellness with Peter Severino, LCSW
58 minutes Posted Aug 19, 2020 at 3:38 pm.
Peter's Introduction
What is "COVID Brain"?
Connection between mental and physical health 
How to recognize depression of self?
Primary depression complaints 
Are issues exacerbated because of COVID?
Introvert/extrovert experiences during the pandemic
The power of touch
Physical effects of the pandemic 
Balance between work life/social life
Peter's and Richard's top 3 client complaints 
Needing space and privacy
Self-care during COVID
Final Thoughts
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Richard's contact info
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Show notes
Feeling stressed? Depressed? Has your workout schedule been turned upside down? Family driving you nuts? Experiencing new aches and pains? 
My guest, Peter Severino, Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist, and I discuss a few of YOUR top questions about maintaining both your sanity and fitness during this pandemic and quarantine.
Peter's training and experience have allowed him to develop expertise with the treatment of adults in the following areas: Depression Anxiety Relationships Career Issues Drug and Alcohol Abuse Eating Disorders Sexual Abuse Identity Crisis Grief Marital Problems Persons from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds Psychiatric Disorders Although he is expertly trained in the aforementioned conditions, Peter also specializes in play therapy and the treatment of adolescents. 
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