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Welcome to the to the MovEvolution’s HEAL, MOVE & EVOLVE podcast. where we discuss everything about the pain, injury, moving competency and performance of the athlete, fitness enthusiast musician, performing artists and anyone who moves for a living and lives to move! My name is Richard Symister. I am owner of MovEvolution Physical Therapy in New York. I am a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach and my mission is to problem-solve, provide you with. All welcome! Heal. Move. Evolve. Website: Schedule:
24- # Life-Saving Juicing with Natasha Forrest of Dvine Greens
Now you know juicing is one the best and convenient ways to get in your daily “energy”, healing foods . But did ya know: - Not all veggie juices need to taste like crap 🤮. - If you have a specific need, you need a specific juice… muscle 💪🏾…diabetes 🍭 … high cholesterol 🧈 … pain and inflammation 🤕 …insomnia 🛌 . - You can balance off “solid“ meals with juices for a balanced dietary palette ⚖️. - Beets can taste freaking great with the right mix of ingredients 🤤 Oh man! Personal trainer, juiceologist, and beaming with juice/melanin-infused energy, Natasha Forrest, owner of Dvine Greens can’t say enough about the nutrition prowess of the beet. Time Stamp: MEPT podcast intro - 0:00 Dvine Greens Intro - 1:49 What is D’vine Greens and who do they serve? - 3:23 Why juicing for health? - 4:42 How the juicing started - 6:23 Food insecurity during COVID - 15:13 Encouraging clients to juice - 17:15 Why do we need a “Juicologist?” - 22:07 Nutrition is key - 25:21 Juice recommendations - 26:29 Top 5 pitfalls as an entrepreneur - 27:57 Biggest hurdle starting the business - 28:54 Juneteenth Business - 34:05 The Black dollar in the Black community - 42:10 Breaking down barriers - 44:50 Recommendations for putting on muscle size - 48:25 Recommendations for diabetics - 51:40 Recommendations for high cholesterol - 53:35 Recommendations for post surgical pain and inflammation - 1:00:15 Recommendations for insomnia - 1:04:30 20 second “message” - 1:09:20 Outro 1:15:45 Contact Info: Guest full name & title: Natasha Forrest (Founder) Business name: DVine Greens Website: Social Media pages (IG, FB, YT) @dvinegreens Bio (or link to bio): Nutrients for energy, growth, function, performance, and Health You Can Taste through all-natural, unpasteurized Cold-Pressed Juices made fresh and delivered straight to you! Shout out, event, promo, class, workshop: Laurelton Farmers Market: Book mentioned in podcast: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 8, 2021
1 hr 16 min
23 A chat w/ Dr. Principal about being a Female Physical Therapist of color and the life of bodybuiling
What is it like being a physical therapist of color?  What is it like being a female physical therapist of color?  What is it like being a female physical therapist of color, who also competes and treats bodybuilders? I pick Dr. Principal’s brain on these topics, as well as asking why other physical therapists of color don’t know about each other, and why physical therapists are so damn “greedy”.  Dr. Suze-Elisha Principal has been a PT for over 14 years, specializing in treating spine, shoulder, and knee dysfunctionS, with an extensive background in neurogenic pain (sciatica, pinched nerves). She has a strong background in Sports Medicine and chronic pain.  Dr. Principal is a nationally qualified body builder- “Bikini Division”.  CONTACT INFO: Dr. Suze-Elisha Principal PT, OCS  Principal Physical Therapy PLLC  Website:  Social Media pages (IG, FB, YT) IG- @principal_pt   FB- Principal Physical Therapy    YT- Principal Physical Therapy Dr. Principal TIMESTAMP: Intro 0:00  - 1:50 How it all started 1:52 - 3:42 Black in Brooklyn Business board 3:45 - 4:35 Welcome, Dr. Principal 5:15 - 6:00 Who is Dr. Principal 6:01 - 9:49 Stereotypes of black female PTs 9:51 - 13:09 Hesitancy w/ meeting other black PTs 13:57 - 15:55 Challenges faced opening a business 18:30 - 25:52 Family support 27:35 - 32:38 Social media “qualifications” 32:45 - 36:51 How Dr. Principal got into Bodybuilding 37:10 - 47:30 Pelvic floor specialist 47:57 - 52:50 The biggest disconnect among practitioners 52:55 - 55:30 Ultimate Goal(s) 57:28 - 1:01:40 Headache workshop 1:02:40 - 1:04:05 How to reach Dr. Principal 1:04:40 - 1:06:15 Final tidbits 1:06:30 - 1:10:50 Exit --- Send in a voice message:
May 30, 2021
1 hr 11 min
22 Three CORE Tips to Come Out From Covid with Less Back Pain with Tanya Saint Medley, owner of Power Moves Personal Training Studio
How much pure fun did I have speaking with Tanya? Count how many times we both laughed out!  High energy. Highly relevant info. And 3 great tips to spare your back from quarantine. loud! In high school Tanya ran track, in college, she was a cheerleader, and post college she started pole dancing. Movement has brought a lot of happiness to Tanya's life and she wants to share what makes a Power Move can do for you!  Guest full name & title: Tanya Saint Medley Business name: Power Moves Personal Training Studio Website: Social Media pages (IG, FB, YT) Instagram: @powermovespts Bio (or link to bio): In  Shout out, event, promo, class, workshop: Check out Power Moves Personal Training Studio if you are looking for a trainer. Podcast Intro 00:00 - 3:37 Who does Tanya St. Medley serve? 3:40 - 4:40 Preferential clientele 4:40 - 5:30 How Tanya markets her services 5:35 - 7:01 Is Power Moves Training Studio a goof it for you? 7:30 - 8:30 What sets Power Moves Different 8:35 - 10:38 20-second elevator pitch 10:50 - 12:25 Why should you go to Power Moves? 12:30 - 15:59 Out with the “Old” vs In with the “New” 17:20 - 20:45 Tanya’s morning routine 22:15 - 23:15 COVID complaints physically/emotionally 23:50 - 26:20 3 primary strategies to help w/ getting back into shape 28:00 - 32:50 “Story Time” 33:50 - 36:42 Proper recovery 37:50 - 39:33 Review of 3 strategies 40:50 - 41:25 How to contact Tanya at Power Moves 43:10 - 44:15 Promotions/Specials 44:15 - 45:15 Outro 45:53 - 47:30 --- Send in a voice message:
May 14, 2021
49 min
21 Acupuncture & Post-Covid Prep w/ Dr. Danett Bean, Doctor of Traditional Asian Medicine
I learn tons during my talk with Dr. Bean as she describes how she uses acupuncture to treat women’s health issues and COVID-19 related symptoms. __________ Coming out of Covid and Getting Back to a Healthy Lifestyle: An interview with Danett Bean, Doctor of Traditional Asian Medicine TIMESTAMP Podcast Intro 00:00 - 2:20 Danett’s morning veggie routine 2:55 - 4:10 Qi Gong in the Morning 4:15 - 6:35 Change of seasons and our Chi 6:45 - 7:44 Danett’s love for trees 8:00 - 9:03 Danett’s calling to healing 9:35 - 10:31 What is Acupuncture 10:50 - 11:20 Danette’s Specialties 11:25 - 11:52 Pelvic floor health 13:05 - 14:00 “Black in Brooklyn Board” 15:11 - 15:50 Women’s Health 16:00 - 19:35 Health trends during Covid-19 20:05 - 23:00 Dealing with symptoms post-Covid-19 - 23:10 - 24:05 Tips to survive Covid-19 24:20 - 32:15 Danett’s time with a shaman 34:40 - 36:30 Dr. Bean 37:15 - 38:50 Postpartum “depression” versus “depletion” - 39:00 - 42:15 “Maternal Morbidity” 42:20 -  44:40 Recommendations for Women’s health regulation 45:00 - 47:20 How to reach Dr. Bean 48:00 - 48:30 Promo & Events 48:40 - 51:05 Dr. Beam final gem’s 51:10 - 52:41 Outro 52:50 - 53:11 __________ Guest full name & title: Danett Bean, Doctor of Traditional Asian Medicine  Business name: Dr. Danett Bean Website:  Social Media pages (IG, FB, YT) Dr. Danett Bean  Bio (or link to bio):  Shout out, event, promo, class, workshops: Special coming up honoring Black Maternal Health Week. Sign up HERE to learn more:  “Celebrating 20 years of clinical practice in 2020.”  Danett C. Bean, DAAM Women’s Health Specialist | Author | Speaker 718-789-2289 Products and Services to boost wellness for women and mamas!  --- Send in a voice message:
Apr 13, 2021
53 min
20 Your Butt: How to Properly Screen and Train your Gluteus Medius
So there's been a lot of talk about the gluteus medius (GM) and it’s role in: hip abduction hip internal and external rotation (dependent upon hip position) pelvic stability controlling knee valgus I'm not here to refute any of this. It's all true. My issue lies with how the GM is both screened and treated. If we wish to delver the best outcome to our clients, then we must  dig deeper into the terms structure and function --- which are clinically synonymous for anatomy and  physiology. Listen and learn the importance of knowing how the GM muscles function and how they play a role in your client’s work, life and play, will offer better results with your treatment plan, and yield improved client outcomes. See the supplementary YouTube video  Read full supplementary BLOG @ Heal. Move. SCREEN AND TREAT. Evolve. --- Send in a voice message:
Nov 1, 2020
59 min
19 - John Lucas: Coming out, dancing on and paying it forward
In this podcast, I have the wonderful opportunity to interview my friend, performing artist, dance instructor and mentor, John Lucas.  We talk about: 🎯 John’s sexual identity struggle as a youth  🎯 Coming out of the closet  🎯 Performing,  instructing and modeling  🎯  Starting his new venture, mentoring African-American youth  02:30-03:45 - John's reason for smiling 04:00-05:15 - John's happiness 05:25-14:35 - John's upbringing in the '90s 14:55-20:10 - John's sexual preference and support system 20:30-22:50 - John's sense of security being gay in Illinois 23:25-23:35 - BREAK 23:20-34:35 - John Lucas and performing arts 34:40-40:43 - What John brought from Chicago to NY 41:25-43:00 - John's career highlights 43:10-46:10 - How John got recruited as a hand model 47:20-47:35  - BREAK 48:00-49:45 - What is Chicago Style Stepping 49:43-53:15 - Chicago stepping and Pimp culture 53:15-54:12 - John's connection to Chicago Stepping 54:30-58:40 - John's experience coming out  59:00-59:45 - John's experience in the 'Lion King' 59:50-1:09:53 - John's non-for-profit 'Step Into the Light' mission and goals 1:10:00-1:13:15 - Qualifications for applicants 1:15:30-1:17:30 - John's mentorship setbacks due to sexual preference 1:17:45-1:19:35 - Taboo in American culture 1:19:40-1:21:10 - John's career bucket list 1:21:15-1:22:15 - The best way to contact John and make donations 1:23:50-1:25:13 - John's final words Bio:  An accomplished entertainment artist, speaker, and educator was born and raised in Joliet, IL. After graduating high school, he attended Millikin University to pursue musical theater and dance. He has performed and worked around the globe as a performer/artist in the entertainment industry for various companies such as Hong Kong Disneyland, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Bally’s Las Vegas, Google, Target, and Apple.  As an educator, he has 20 years of experience teaching dance movement to individuals ranging from ages 7 years to adults. He has taught for various dance studios, conventions, afterschool programs, and summer camps in the Midwest and the East Coast.  Website:                                                                           Heal. Move. MENTOR. Evolve.   Good stuff 👂? Help us grow and evolve! Please LIKE 👍🏿& SHARE 📣 us! Thank you. --- Send in a voice message:
Sep 8, 2020
1 hr 26 min
18 - Fitness, Aging & Quality of Life
Age gracefully?  You're only as young as you feel? If you ain't got your health, you ain't got nothing.  I ain't no spring chicken anymore. These are not just axioms, but solid beliefs. But why? Why do we believe that as we age, we are expected to get ill, lose function and competence, and become frail? Where and when did we learn to connect "aging" with deterioration? Why do we limit our full, physical potential the older we get? In this podcast, we discuss: the role fitness plays in one's quality of life the mindset behind growing old" vs "aging" the common denominators among those reporting high life satisfaction the 3 things we need to thrive why we need rituals the importance of feeling valued and having a life purpose                                                                                                     Heal. Move. LIVE. Evolve.  --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 24, 2020
13 min
17 - "Covid Brain" and Body Wellness with Peter Severino, LCSW
Feeling stressed? Depressed? Has your workout schedule been turned upside down? Family driving you nuts? Experiencing new aches and pains?  My guest, Peter Severino, Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist, and I discuss a few of YOUR top questions about maintaining both your sanity and fitness during this pandemic and quarantine. 00:00 - Intro 03:15 - Peter's Introduction 04:40 - What is "COVID Brain"? 06:00 - Connection between mental and physical health  10:20 - How to recognize depression of self? 12:40 - Primary depression complaints  14:20 - Are issues exacerbated because of COVID? 15:50 - Introvert/extrovert experiences during the pandemic 18:15 - The power of touch 20:40 - Physical effects of the pandemic  24:00 - Balance between work life/social life 27:25 - Break 28:45 - Peter's and Richard's top 3 client complaints  39:40 - Needing space and privacy 48:30 - Self-care during COVID 53:15 - Final Thoughts 56:15 - Peter Severino's contact info 57:10 - Richard's contact info 57:40 - Outro Peter's training and experience have allowed him to develop expertise with the treatment of adults in the following areas: Depression Anxiety Relationships Career Issues Drug and Alcohol Abuse Eating Disorders Sexual Abuse Identity Crisis Grief Marital Problems Persons from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds Psychiatric Disorders Although he is expertly trained in the aforementioned conditions, Peter also specializes in play therapy and the treatment of adolescents.  Website:  Breathe Better With These Nine Exercises                                                                                                   Heal. Move. Evolve.  --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 19, 2020
58 min
16 - Cycling in your 60's with Billy Harr, Phyical Therapist and Competitive Cylist
Cycling 🚴‍♀️ in your 60’s 🤔 How has race training changed over the last 40 decades? 🤔 What is that age golden window to reach your cycling performance peak? 🤔 Can you still competitively race in your 60s? Join me as I talk with my long time friend, physical therapist, and lifelong cyclist 🚲 , Billy Harr. Billy 📣 tells us about: - ❤️ 🚲his love affair with cycling - 🤕 🦴 💪🏾 old, lingering injuries - 🥘 💦 😓 how training & nutrition have changed over the last 40 years - 😃 🚲 👶 the ultimate joy he experiences using biking with his physical therapy kids Heal. Move. BIKE. Evolve.  02:32 Billy's Introduction 04:15 Billy's background 06:20 Billy's relationships with bikes 07:40 What drove Billy to train more 08:45 Billy's  love for riding 10:05 Billy's famous beach cruiser 11:25 Reaching the physical peak 12:50 Best age to start training for cycling 13:45 Are you meant for cycling? 14:40 Relationship between movement and cycling 16:25 Cycling for Billy's clients 17:25 Old/New training protocols  19:40 Training in Billy's 20s vs now 26:30 Break 27:10 Billy's Training 28:10 Billy's cycling and personal goals 29:25 Billy rates his fitness level 30:05 Old and lingering pain/injuries 32:10 Strength training for cycling 33:15 Cycling/life balance 37:15 Traveling & romance 42:15 Billy's career as a physical therapist 46:10 Client resistance 49:30 Tendinitis in children 50:45 Specialists for cyclists 52:00 Dancers vs Cyclists 52:55 Favorite client 56:40 Therapeutic benefits of cycling 58:20 Upcoming trips 1:00:00 Retirement plans 1:04:45 Billy's words of wisdom 1:08:25 Billy's contact info Bill Harr, MSPT, CSCS | Physical Therapist | Department of Physical Therapy 8401 Arista Place | Broomfield, CO 80021 | Phone: (720) 777-9191 | Fax: (720) 777-9236 | [email protected] Connect with Children's Hospital Colorado on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.   Good stuff👂?  Help us grow and evolve! Please RATE 👍🏿 & SUBSCRIBE! Thank you🙏🏾. --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 10, 2020
1 hr 11 min
15 - The Relationship Between Aerobic Activity & Stress with Steve Horney, Physical Therapist
What is aerobic fitness and how do we measure it? How does New York stress affect you? How much activity do we need to counteract our stress? What can you do now to manage stress and get more fit at the same time? I had a delightful interview with my guest, colleague and friend, Steve Horney, Physical Therapist, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Manual Therapist and owner of Integrated Physical Therapy. We discuss Steve’s career and development, his Buddhist-like philosophy, being “human” and the relationship between aerobic fitness and stress. ______________________ 00:00 - intro 03:10 - Steve’s evolution of diet and routine 08:50 - Meditation 14:55 - How Richard met Steve 19:10 - About Steve 35:00 - Making connections 36:20 - Foundations of health (8 pillars of health) 38:50 - FCA (functional capacity assessment) 42:15 - break 42:45 - What gets Steve up in the morning 46:35 - Steve’s metamorphosis 47:55 - Steve’s Buddhist principles 52:30 - Fulfillment of service to the people 53:20 - Educating the patient 1:00:50 - Stevens Mantra to get through the day and Spiritual Icon 1:03:15 - break 1:04:15 - The relationship between aerobic activity and stress (Main Topic) 1:12:08 - How Steve’ explains the relationship between aerobic activity and stress to the client 1:16:30 - How Steve measures Aerobic fitness and options for clients to do to help with activity tracking 1:18:25 - Variables that determines stress 1:21:20 - Relation to stress based on activity 1:22:55 - Acknowledgement of emotion 1:24:35 - Balance of aerobic conditioning and strength training 1:26:40 - How Steve educated clients on monitoring for future maintenance 1:30:15 - Placebo effect (Perceived vs real aerobic fitness responses) 1:31:20 - Steve’s “Ah ha” moment (clients realization of qualifications) 1:33:20 - First steps to help with fitness level and controlling stress 1:35:50 - Elimination Diet 1:36:35 - fermentability 1:38:40 - Reducing overall stress in the body 1:41:50 - increase oxytocin and lower cortisol 1:42:45 - breath effects your ph 1:43:20 - Dr. Rucios Stages of diet 1:44:25 - How to contact Steven 1:46:05 - Outro Steve Horney graduated from Quinnipiac University's top-ranked accelerated Masters program and began his clinical practice in 2005. For the last 13 years, he’s prided himself on combining extensive physical therapy knowledge with his own experiences as an athlete to effectively treat his patients. Steve has been seen on CBS Newspath, and specializes in the assessment and treatment of athletes with the ultimate goal of helping them become pain free and less susceptible to injury in the future.  He works with each of his patients one-on-one to help them understand the root cause of their pain. In his professional life, Steve worked with some of the top physical therapists in the city and managed one of New York's premiere physical therapy clinics before starting iPT.   He has also completed his Manual Therapy Certification, a 2 year matriculating program from the University of St. Augustine, studying Manual Therapy with world-renowned Stanley Paris PT PhD to develop his healing hands. In order to help the athletic population perform better, Steve became a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) from National Strength & Conditioning Association specializing in exercise physiology for athletes in high school to professional level and recently went on to complete his Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification. Ihealth Sciences  Guest(s): Steve Horney PT, MPT, MTC, CSCS  Website:  Social Media pages (IG, FB, YT) @ihealthsciences  Bio:  Webcast: Fireside5 webcast, every thursday at 630pm EST for all things health and wellness  Steve's Theme Song :¿¿¿S Heal. Move. Get Fit. Evolve.  --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 5, 2020
1 hr 48 min
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