Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman
Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman
Katy Bowman
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Good podcast
L Dye
So glad I found this!
I first read her book called Move Your DNA and I learned so much and changed so much in my life from that. She has many books but she also has several free resources, including this podcast, which makes her knowledge al the more accessible! Cannot sing enough praises for this podcast and this woman.
The best
Katy is so knowledgeable and easy to listen to! I love how she breaks down her topics so everyone can understand. She helped me transition out of orthotics to minimal shoes.
Chsntelle C
Easy access to body wisdom
I love this podcast. So many helpful and accessible ways to approach movement.
Movement in a new light
Love the way Katy describes movement in a way that I never considered. Can almost picture her moving as she talks about it. Good podcast to listen to while, well, moving. Highly recommended.
Katy changed my life
If I hadn’t found this podcast, I’d probably not be stopped on the street with questions about my funny shoes. I’d probably still be sleeping in a bed. And I’d probably still have back pain, shoulder pain, and a narrower world view. Thanks!
Refreshing podcast
Katy is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and beyond. She has emphathy which helps her be inclusive in her communication. I love hearing the "why" of things and she does a fantastic job explaining it. Love her work and enjoy listening to all of her podcasts. Also, I loved having Dani on the earlier podcasts.
Awesome Podcast!!
Katy, host of the Move Your DNA podcast, highlights all aspects of health, movement and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Katy is Amazing!
Her advice comes from a place of incredible knowledge but also appreciating that people aren’t perfect. Take a listen. You won’t be disappointed!
Informative and Inspiring
Each podcast is an amazing combination of practical steps toward moving more of you, lovely humor, and serious investigation into human biomechanics. The podcast is clear, high-quality, and inclusive of the listener. When Katy has guest speakers, I don't feel like I'm just listening in to a conversation between friends, but rather I'm invited into the conversation. I really appreciate the effort to bring in speakers from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that human movement is SO complex and experienced by different people in different ways. Finally, the podcast inspires listeners to take action by making positive changes to their life in the area of movement ecology. Thank you, and keep it up, Katy!
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Maria Koppel
One of the most interesting and informative podcasts out there! Life changing information about how our bodies work based on how we use them. Couldn’t love it more!
Love this podcast, Katy Bowman is so smart!
I have really enjoyed learning more about better ways to approach movement and become stronger in the process. Thank you Katy!
Brilliant movement podcast
Brilliant podcast about movement, health, and the outdoors. I would recommend this podcast to anyone trying to live a more healthy and wholistic lifestyle!
Interesting, engaging
Interesting, engaging, fun show with lots of useful tips on how to improve our lives with more quality movement.
Tanya Marc
Tina from Chicafo
Katy gives so much great information in her podcasts and books. I highly recommend her material.
Move your DNA
Thank you Katie for the positive impact you make. I was introduced to your work earlier this year-it makes so much sense. I’ve just finished listening to ALL of your podcasts while commuting two hours a day (ew, sedentarism). I’ve read 3+ of your books (all of them are on my nightstand). The correctives have helped me give up my orthotics (after 15+ years). I’m going barefoot again and transitioning my shoes and my feet feel really good. The correctives are easy to do, but make a big impact. I’ve also learned (the hard way) that you can’t bank them. Skipping a few days is noticeable. I’m finding new ways to stack movement into my days. THANK YOU!
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Healing through Katy’s books and podcasts
Katy and Nutritious Movement Team, thank you so much for your dedication to getting all of the biomechanics (and beyond) information out to as many people as possible. I am mind blown on a regular basis with your books and podcasts. I discovered you several months after surgery (hysterectomy and pelvic organ prolapse repairs) a year and a half ago and have been able to figure out so much to heal myself through your work that I have not been able to achieve through physical therapy and doctors. Thank you from the bottom of my heart~
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Anne Sinclair
My favorite podcast!
Love love love. I miss Danny though ❤️
My favorite podcast.
I’ve learned so much from this podcast and I love learning from Katie! This is life changing information in a clear, direct, easy to understand format. Thanks Katie!!!
Interesting and informative
Katy explains so many different aspects of movement and how it impacts our life. Extremely captivating and helpful!
My #1
The BEST podcast! Truly life-changing and entertaining! Can’t give enough praise.
young tasty
Updated: changed to 5 stars!!
I love the changes to the podcast! It's so much more interesting and listener friendly now!
Enjoyable Learning!
I love everything that Katy creates and this podcast is no different. Wonderful, useful, well presented information and motivation to keep moving in the world that largely caters to the sedentary lifestyle. Thank you!
Exceptional teaching
I'm a big fan of Katy's podcast, her books and her video materials. If you want to learn how to improve your movement patterns and to think more deeply about how your movement is connected to the world at large, you should listen this podcast. It has made a profound impact on my life from what shoes I choose (or don't choose) to wear to how I prepare my meals (both what I choose to eat and how I position my body while doing the actual prep work). Deep ideas with practical applications.
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N'eh H'eh
I <3 KB
PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! She will change your life for the better.
Abigail Gerber
Love this podcast!
Katy is informative, encouraging and genuine in her presentation of her knowledge and skill set. I’m really appreciative to listen to anything she puts out!
Life changing
I am a huge advocate of getting back to our roots. I have been slowing trying to get back to those roots over time but with this podcast I was able to navigate it easier. I didn’t know where to start and incorporate natural movement into my life without dropping everything and becoming a hermit in the woods. This podcast helped me understand how it works and where I can start. Katy and Dani are hilarious and make learning natural movement so much fun! Thank you for this amazing podcast it is truly life changing.
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Moves my brain
I love this podcast- I often listen to episodes more than once (or three times) because I learn something new each time. It makes me think, encourages me to be less sedentary, and also laugh.
Best way to digest Katy's works
Katy B has changed my life! These podcast keep me motivated and inspired in my movement based lifestyle. My toddler is a Katy fan too and often joins me when I do my correctives. Only reason I am giving it a four is the occasional minor language.
20 Episodes in.....
....and finding value in each one; Served up with a side of humor and a good dose of reality. Simple, easy and affordable steps to assist us with making movement part of our entire day. So crazy happy to have found Katy.
I have listened to every eposide of this podcast, and can't imagine it will ever get old. A lot of the information is difficult, because once you are confronted with it,you (or at least I) cannot go back to my thinking from before. It is such a simple premise - you do not move enough or in anywhere near enough variety - but the nuance of every one of those choices is massive and life changing
Grateful for you Katy!
I have been listening to Katy’s podcast for over a year. I have read Move Your DNA and still refer to it often, Whole Body Barefoot, Diastasis Recti, Dont Just Sit There, and completed her one year course Every Body Biomechanics. I also do her Alignment Snacks and videos. I can’t get enough! Katy inspires me to move better more often. I’ve struggled with an ataxic gait since having a stroke 5 years ago (I had to relearn how to walk). Since working on my alignment and integrating exercises to correct misalignments, I have improved significantly. This year I even walked a marathon for my 41st birthday and raised money for stroke survivors. I am eternally grateful for coming across Katy’s work. Having this podcast keeps me motivated, and expands my perspective of what movement is and why it matters. Thank you. Abigail, Utah mom of 8 and 5 year stroke survivor.
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Love this podcast!
I love Katy Says! Katy is fab at putting biomechanics into easy to understand language, which is helpful for me as a yoga teacher AND human on planet Earth.
Jenna, yoga doula
Fun and informational!
Katy and Dani share great rapport on this podcast, and as in Katy's written work, are able to present so much valuable information in a very accessible way. Their puns and cultural references are right up my alley! I was extra tickled when I met Katy at a book signing and found that her voice was exactly as she sounds on the podcast. Wonderful!
The best
Thank you katy and dani. Please keep teaching us!
Save your feet, save your body, save your mind
We love Katy! Every episode contains gems of advice for your body and mind. We have spread her advice to everyone from new mothers to elderly parents. Don't be cheap, buy her books. This is really important stuff in a world where we are surrounded by folks getting hip replacements, kids who are struggling to grow, and all these other problems. Be proactive and happy! Katy - we would love a BJJ and MMA focused shoulder and hip mobility podcast with Joe Rogan (fix his messed up rotation while you are at it!)
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Renovating family
What is the point?
I used to enjoy this podcast, but many episodes now seem to be pointless. For example, episode 70, where Katy announces she is no longer doing her blog, blathers on and on about this. Why are you wasting your time and ours? If you have something of value to say, say it. And all those puns?! Katy has a lot of knowledge, but the Katy and Dani show can be really tiresome.
Small Stepper
Makes me want to move!
An instructive and entertaining show on whole body health and alignment. It's great motivation and encouragement to get out there and move your body!
Changed my life...
Absolutely love this podcast and the message that Katy delivers. I have had chronic pain for years and through Katy's work, I am quickly on the road to recovery! I would reccomend this podcast to anyone!! :-) Thank you for your work Katy and Dani!
Best podcast!
Easily the best podcast I've heard, Katy and Dani are hilarious, personable, fun, keep it real, and educate on natural movement. Katy is very sciency and has a bit of a hard time explaining to common folk- Dani helps her along, asking probing questions and making awesome puns. Love Katy Says!
I like this podcast - BUT
NO Explicit please! I am not interested in a health podcast with unhealthy language. I am disappointed; I really have enjoyed listening to this podcast, and now an explicit one? Please do not do this again. I do not download explicit podcasts. Thanks for listening. I will be glad to update rating/review if this changes.
RAD podcast
well worth listening to every episode
Life Changing (seriously)!!!
I'm only sorry I haven't figured out how to write a review earlier... Katy Bowman and her generosity with knowledge on the human body has changed my life in SO many ways. I have a diastasis recti - which is how I found her work. Little did I know the comprehensive scope of physical health I was about to embark upon just by getting on board of Katy's Awesome Wagon of Knowledge. My friends and family are (almost;) tired of hearing Katy's name because I talk about what I've learned from her so much! And as the host and natural mover of the show, Dani is awesome. She is proof of another person who has been successful in healing her body and getting stronger from living and breathing the changes Katy talks about. Just the most inspiring podcast ever. THANK YOU, to both of you!💗
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Love it! Casual conversation that's constructive and approachable.
My favorite podcast of all time!
She has changed my life in so many ways! Thank you Katy!!!!!
M &M & M
My favorite!
I came across the Katy Says podcast after reading Move Your DNA, and I love how each episode has given me deeper insight into different parts of my movement life. I love that the podcast feels like an informal conversation between two friends even if they cover a lot of important and difficult topics. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to learn more about natural movement :)
The pundits of puns and biomechanics
I can honestly say that for me, an almost 50 year old guy, who hates change, doesn't like moving, has none of the issues that they talk about (to my knowledge) - I really enjoy this podcast. Katy Bowman is sharp. She has what must be an innate ability to look at a problem and solve it with clarity of purpose. I'm not saying she hasn't studied or worked hard - but her ability to "know" the right answers is impressive to the point where I think she must be gifted. The host, Dani Emmat, is certainly a pundit in her own right. And she is a writer, so one could say she's a pundit in her own write. I made the mistake of listening to Katy as a guest on another podcast - so I got a lot of her pearls of wisdom in a different venue - and listened to her more current podcasts before I could decide they were worth the time to listen to while I would walk. The earlier podcasts - it's charming how they both were trying so hard to be entertaining while being informative. The more recent ones, they're both more comfortable and the information - you can learn a lot. Content aside, the way Katy B. can hear a question and just automatically think of some cause of a problem is a lot of fun to listen to - interesting stuff. Dani really will milk a topic to death with puns, so if puns are not your thing - you might want to consider just reading the transcripts on the website. As for podcasts, I'd put this up there with Clark Howard and Alec Baldwin's "Here's the Thing" as my top three favorites. I just can't figure out why I have never heard of them before!
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Chock full of info
What I love the most about this podcast is how Katy and Dani talk about common movements we all do, but through a new lens. They inspire to get out and move because even if you think you are exercising a lot, say, four to six hours out of 168 hours in a week; turns out is a pitifully sad, small number. Think about it. Love!
Changing my life!
I found Katy after my third child was born and I was looking to try to get my body back into shape. She has completely changed the way I think about movement and the things I've leaned from her are impacting almost every aspect of my life. I love the blog, her books and this podcast. I don't want to forget to give a shout out to Dani who hosts this podcast. You two ladies rock my world!!
Every Show is an Adventure + Exploration of Self
I love this show so much! I’ve been tuned into Katy and her message since way before the show, but I love the show all the more because I can listen to it and move at the same time! #stackyourlife With every show I learn something new about movement & biomechanics and therefore can look at myself and my body in yet another new way. Every show is an adventure and exploration of yourself. Thank you for all your do! -Delfina
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Delfina of Code to Wellness
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