Mouse & Castle: A Disney Parks and Entertainment Podcast
Mouse & Castle: A Disney Parks and Entertainment Podcast
Welcome to the Mouse & Castle, a gathering place for lovers of all things Disney.
Disneyland Trip Recap & 2023 Disney Movie Roundup
In this episode of the Mouse and Castle podcast, hosts Aaron and Riley discuss Aaron's recent trip to Disneyland. They compare the Disneyland experience to Walt Disney World, and Aaron shares his thoughts on introducing first-time visitors to the parks. They also review some of Disney's 2022 theatrical releases, with Elemental emerging as a favorite, as well as debating the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Nov 24, 2023
1 hr 12 min
The Little Mermaid: A Worthy Remake?
In this episode of The Mouse and Castle, Riley and Aaron review the new live-action Little Mermaid remake starring Halle Bailey. They discuss the new songs written for the film by Alan Menken, the casting choices, and the box office performance of the film. This sparks a debate about whether live-action remakes are suffering from oversaturation or if the pandemic has changed audience behavior.
Aug 5, 2023
46 min
Rising Prices, Falling Attendance & Nautical Escapes
Summary:Intro to Episode 66. 0:01Revenge of the Sith mems.Intro to the episode. 1:47Star Wars talk might sneak into this episode.What qualifies as a Disney adult?Aaron shares his thoughts on being considered a Disney adult.Aaron talks about the question of whether or not he considers himself a Disney adult.Star Wars fandom is our escape. 7:48The podcast is representative of our Disney fandom.Star wars and disney fanship.The flood of clickbait articles on Disney attendance.Disney World declining attendance this summer.Is Disney’s declining attendance a good thing? 10:37How Disney is becoming a luxury brand.The cost of Disney is increasing.Disney is in a wake-up call.Aaron's take on Disney's financial constraints.Inflation vs. Inflation vs inflation. 14:50Inflation and the cost of Disney tickets today.The value of Disney World.Rethink ticketing across all parks.Reduce fees for parks.Disney Resorts to Politics. 18:09Staying on property at Disney is expensive.The classic Bonnet Creek."Maintaining the brand value of accessibility and accessibility."The political climate at Disney.Why Disney has a loyal fan base.The brand value of Disney.Disney’s recent political stances. 25:17Disney's recent political stances and how people felt about it.Yacht Club's theming.Highlights of staying at the Yacht Club. 27:40Nautical-themed, simple touches like navy blue curtains and constellations.The highlights storm-along bay.How Disney has cracked down on park-to-parking at its parks.How the design of the yacht and beach clubs works together.Renting a boat to go fishing at Disney. 33:32Disney is repainting and doing a ton of stuff.Fishing is the eighth level of Disney.The Pina CoLAVA. 35:42The raspberry puree is a tart and tangy infusion into a typically sweet drink.The tartness of the raspberries is what makes it so refreshing. YumThe one-night stay at the yacht club.Paradise Pier, Disneyland.Plugs. 42:45s and Jedi: Fallen Order review - 
Jul 12, 2023
50 min
Best and Worst Live Action Remakes
Disney's live-action remakes ranked.
May 7, 2023
1 hr 10 min
Disney's Best and Worst of 2022
Riley and Aaron recount their best and worst of Disney in 2022.
Dec 18, 2022
54 min
Revenge of the Bob
Riley and Aaron Break down the big breaking bob broadcast!
Dec 6, 2022
1 hr 13 min
In Defense of Bob Chapek (yes really)
Aaron and Riley break down the news of Bob 2.0's contract renewal as Disney CEO.
Jul 5, 2022
51 min
Star Wars Celebration Discussion
Show Topics:-Star Wars Celebration 2022 Review Wars nite at Disneyland  -Rapid-fire:-Man interrupts Disneyland Paris Proposal Pinocchio Trailer review:
Jun 8, 2022
52 min
Trying New Disney Things
We catch up after a long hiatus and recap some of our recent Disney trips. Includes reviews of Remy's Ratatouille Adventure, Avengers Campus, Harmonious, Disney Enchantment, and more!
May 24, 2022
34 min
WDW Annual Passes + What's Most Overrated at Disney
Episode Notes:’s thoughts’s Review Overrated at WDW!
Sep 1, 2021
1 hr 14 min
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