Mountain Vision Outdoors Podcast
Mountain Vision Outdoors Podcast
Sean White
EP - 023 - First Big Game Animal With Gregg Shaw Featuring Tayler Wells
1 hour 34 minutes Posted Jan 18, 2021 at 9:37 pm.
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Show notes

On todays episode I sat down and had an awesome conversation with Gregg Shaw and Tayler Wells!  The main topic of discussion was Greggs first big game animal (pig) and what that experience was like for him.  Gregg did not grow up in a hunting family but he has been hunting small game for a few years leading up to this.  I can tell Gregg is a person who appreciates the entire process and gathering every bit of knowledge that he can to become a better hunter.  It was cool to get the perspective from Tayler's point of view as well!  I enjoyed sitting down and talking to the both of them about their hunt which inspired me to want to chase some pigs as well.  You can find them on Instagram @greggshawhfa and @taylerw