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Not worth subscribing
This show sometimes does full episodes and some times 2 minutes episodes. The latter rarely have anything to do with stocks. The former is rarely informative. Mostly you will hear “like”, “um” and other speech disrupters that shouldn’t be used by adults; much less adults who get paid to talk. This week the podcast was about Thanksgiving movies. I am unsubscribing.
Beats Bloomberg hands down.
Yup, none of that billionaires opinions shoved down my throat anymore.
dogi smeeth
You’re the Best, Aaarrooounnd.
A can’t miss to stay abreast of some important weekly stock trends. Chris Hill is a great host and episodes with Jason Moser and Ron Gross are particularly strong. Perhaps the best thing about this podcast is nobody ever shares their political opinions; they stick to stocks and god is it refreshing. Could do a two a week and I wouldn’t complain but Mf has other channels.
Great but...
Great podcast! Please please please remove the sliding sound. It scares me to death every single time.
Stellar podcast
Whoever chooses the music deserves a raise.
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I like these guys
Never a dull show. Great guests, remarkable market insight, and have picked up some terrific stock tips.
That’s why they call it money
This podcast is money!! It has me thinking of businesses and investing in new ways. It’s quite literally the most profitable hour of my week. Thanks!
jack cordes
Guests are difficult to listen to
Main guy and topics are very interesting but I often have to skip through the guests. One regular guest says ‘Ummmm’ way too often and another says ‘you know’ a couple times per sentence. It becomes unbearable to keep listening.
Listen to the Fool has helped me tremendously!
I’ve been a listener of the Motley Fool podcasts for years (close to the beginning!). They’ve helped me shape my Investing Plan and individual investments tremendously. Not only are the podcasts informative about individual stocks and the news associated with them but the Fools also give updates on the Big Macro and advice on creating your overall investment approach and personal finance questions. THANK YOU Fools for making the Investment Universe a better place!
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Love the podcast
As a young investor, the Fools have definitely helped me learn more and more. Normally skip through the guests, like the one from last week, but I can live with it because of the benefits I gain from the investing insight.
Worst episode I’ve ever played
The 4th of July episode was truly awful. SJW-loaded claptrap.
Awesome Podcast!!!
The host of the Motley Fool Money podcast, highlights all aspects of investing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Foolish Investing Works
A weekly market summary from the team at the Motley Fool which has surprisingly little overlap to their multitude of other daily podcast offerings. This is a great way to catch up on the relevant activity related to key individual US stock investing for those who only have one spare hour per week. Plus the classy new MF logos look great.
Great informative podcast
I’ve learned so much over the last 5 months from this podcast. Overall it’s easy to listen to and delivers great insight on companies I’m interested in.
Money fool
I don’t understand how to do this
It’s great
Has quickly become
Among my favorite podcasts. But if there is anything that makes me turn one off it’s unnecessary background noise. Did I honestly hear someone slurping their beverage WHILE the guest was speaking, besides? A smidge of- oh Jesus, it just happened again as I type. That’s next level unprofessional. Dropping another star.
Favorite podcast of the week
I look forward to Friday and being able to listen to this podcast. If someone is with me in the car, I wait until I can pay my undivided attention to these guys. So much information, wisdom and entertainment. Keep up the great work.
JT Tobias
Dividend stocks
Can u talk about how to pick good dividend stocks
EXCELLENT PODCAST!!! They give soo many great tips and the podcast is so engaging/mentally stimulating. Subscribed immediately!
You’ll get hooked
Update: Thanks for keeping this going during the pandemic! It’s fantastic to keep this as part of my routine during all this social and economic volatility. ————————————————-——————- Excellent, funny, well informed show! Thanks to Chris and the team for teaching me so much about investing, and always keeping it relevant and entertaining. I genuinely look forward to new episodes every week.
I love your podcast!! In times of uncertainty you keep my focus on steady investment. Today I looked for the episode and it wasn’t there... I can’t wait to hear your take!!
Very informative
This podcast is one of my favorite because is easy to understand, they provide a lot of good information and they also can be funny from time to time 😀 I wish I can get them to translate it in another language for the people that wants to learn about the market, but English is not their 1st language.
Shotgun duel
Great weekly market review for long term stock pickers
This podcast usually features friendly group discussions of the week in review for stocks by mostly knowledgeable hosts and panelists. Good source of information and commentary for people who like Jim Cramer and WSJ.
JM Mellott
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🙌
Whether you’re well established as someone innovating in the world of banking and finance, or just getting started as an investor - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Chris and the entire Motley Fool team do an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of successfully navigating an ever changing financial and geopolitical landscape. Highly recommend listening and subscribing! Your portfolio will thank you!
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Fool with a capital “F”
I love these guys. I am a MF subscriber and have made a bunch of money off their recommendations. The podcasts, however, keep me entertained and still engaged in the market while driving, running, shopping, or otherwise detained. Thank you for all the knowledge and the wealth you’ve helped me grow!
A Great podcast
Probably one the best must listened stocks & investment podcast there is. Love the content and style, it is entertaining yet knowledgeable. Keep out the good work!
Fool On
Love the content and love the hosts. Keep up the phenomenal work you do. Fool on, Dylan from Boston
LESS EMILY PLEASE! Less is more !
Needs technical refining
Overall nice podcast; educational & entertaining. However, volume is erratic. Some presenters are too quiet, others too loud, and when Emily laughs hard I lose some hearing. Ron sounds like he is 5 feet away from the mik. Can this be electronically regulated? Additionally presenters are sometimes unclear, speaking too fast or garbled. Example: the NYU prof mentioned recently; totally garbled. Recommend spelling names more difficult than Smith. Also, be more careful enunciating ticker symbols.
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Fantastic podcasts
Because of the motley fool podcasts I’ve gone from someone who knew nothing about investing to feeling confident about helping my family live a smarter, happier, and richer life in less than 2 years. Thank you all!
In the know
As a regular listener, for the first time in my life, I feel like I Lam in the know with money. Love every single MF podcast, and haven’t missed one for two years. I have a long commute, but sometimes wish it was longer just so I do t fall behind on these podcasts.
Knight of Doleful Countenance
Covers Lots
I love the scope of these weekly podcasts. It always covers a lot of ground and keep me up to date with what’s happening in the investing world. I get much more info this way than in the actual news. Everybody on the show is great - the more the better. The upbeat banter is fun and helps me stay positive about investing, and even life. I listen every week and wouldn’t miss it. Thanks!!
Love the Podcast
I’m a bit of a newbie to podcasts and really enjoy the cast on all the great information that is discussed.
Freaky Frogster
Great weekly recap
I appreciate the yearly turkey sound effect, the weekly market recaps, and the author interviews. Howard Marks was by far one of my favorites.
My name was already used
Love the information they provide.
The one that started it all!
MFM is the podcast that introduced me to the Motley Fool which has changed my life. The weekly dive into stock market news, fun banter, and the always excellent interviews make this a must download for business fans.
Molds investment mindset
It is always good to hear what Fools have to say, whether about macroeconomic condition, financial events, or specific companies. What I particularly like is that they are not pundits. Listen and they mold an investment mindset. I have to laugh about the comment on transitioning music. Now that we are on personal peeves, mine is the opening music. Or rather the lyric in it. Every time I open the podcast, I have a physical cringe at “That’s why they call it money.” Oh please!
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Merry Christmas
Great Podcast every week.
Horrible transition music edition
I would like to give it a five star since they generally have interesting topics around the market. However the reason I gave it a one star is because I would like them to notice my following comment on the transition musics between topics. WHY do you have to turn up the sound level of the transition musics so loud that almost every time that I need to prepare myself so I don’t get surprised? Why make listeners have to turn down the level and then turn it back up after the transition is gone and they can’t no longer hear the later discussion. Imagine your listener is doing something like driving do you know how annoying it is to embrace the rapid sound level change impact? SOMEONE NEEDS TO CORRECT THIS OR I WILL UNSUBSCRIBE THIS NONSENSE.
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One of the best!
One of the BEST finance/investing Podcast I have heard so far. Only one better is probably InvestED.
Linked IN
Good content, poor audio quality
Interested in the content but constantly having to adjust the volume which goes from loud to a whisper throughout the podcast. On this last episode could barely hear the person being interviewed only sharp inhales and exhales of air as they were talking. Frustrating, please fix this and I will resubscribe
Why do I have to scroll all they way down to latest Podcast?
Other than my question on navigation, I have recently started listening to podcasts and investing. So far, it’s the best podcast group I have heard.
Avani Vora
Love it!
Been on your email list for a long time! Love this podcast! You guys hilarious!! Thanks! RJ
I am REALLY enjoying this pod cast . Very I informative and easy to follow along . Makes my commute so much easier
Addicted to the app store
Good investment pod for casual investors
The pod keeps me up to date with the basics of markets and finance. The weekly overview is insightful and the motley fool team make it fun and engaging. They hit any big macro news and highlight a few blue chip stocks as well as discussion of the big gainers and losers for the week. Interviews are hit and miss. Downside is there is a clear bias towards pushing certain individual stocks that the company probably have a stake in but you have to just take the analysis and advice for what it’s worth.
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Awesome Podcast! - "Everybody Needs Money. That's Why They Call it Money!"
I look forward to Motley Fool Money every week! I've been listening for years. Chris Hill is an amazing host, and the usual gang of analysts are a great bunch! They discuss market events and business news of the week, provide invaluable insights, and the analysts each week talk about "stocks on their radar". Typically there's a guest interview each week, and these are usually very interesting and insightful. Also, once again (like with most TMF podcasts) you'll find yourself laughing from time-to-time! Don't hesitate, just download it. If you're an investing junkie like me, this podcast will surely become part of your weekly routine. Fool on!
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Awesome Podcast!!
Chris, host of the Motley Fool Money podcast, highlights all aspects of investing, finance and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Stay out of Politics Please
Do we have to insert politics into everything? Please keep this an investing/business podcast!! I won’t be listening to this guys new podcast @David Kuo, CEO of Motley Fool Singapore.
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