Work.Mama.Life with Dr Ali Young
Work.Mama.Life with Dr Ali Young
Dr Ali Young, Chiropractor
Dr Ali Young is a Chiropractor and author of Work.Mama.Life... passionately serving working mothers to bring back the health & heart to their motherhood journey. This podcast is for working mum's looking to kick off that overwhelm, busy, rush and burnout and reclaim their vibrancy, joy and health again. Let’s journey together. Join Dr Ali and her collective hood of exceptional guests, who are passionate about shattering the “Perfect Mum Myth”, and empowering you to see your own innate potential and embrace a new way forward! There ain’t no HOOD like motherHOOD.
#94 - Angela Lockwood - Managing Focus in the Age of Distraction
Angela Lockwood is my final guest on this iteration of the podcast, and I couldn't be happier to have her share her wisdom with the amazing Work Mama Life listeners. Angela is an OT, speaker and author of the best selling book Switch Off. She now works with parents, children and schools to amplify the experience of children and teachers in an inclusive classroom environment. But today she is speaking with us about focus, distraction, tech use... and as working mums we are navigating a new harsh reality that makes it really tricky to determine what is the best outcome through all of these scenarios.  This podcast has been a light of wisdom for working mum's, and the discussion we have today on distraction, distracatability and our love for our sense of self is next level. I just love this chat, and am so thankful we snuck this in before my well needed white space break. If you would like more of Angela in your life, you can check her at or follow her on instagram @angelalockwood_. She also has a podcast available...   Have an amazing day!
Sep 21
25 min
#93 - Stephanie Allen - Active Ageing, Women and Bones
Are you wondering how your bones are influenced by the ageing process... and the why behind lifting heavy things? Today I have Exercise Physiologist - Stephanie Allen, the brains behind Active Range.  Steph is a powerhouse in the world of supporting women as they age, and I loved our chat about the importance of pilates, weights and generalised making great choices in our movement to enhance our long term health. She currently runs a pilates studio in the picturesque Flaxton QLD, and has designed and produces Active Range Bone Smart Collagen.  You can learn more about Steph and her collagen range at You can follow along Steph, her studio and her collagen and women's health support through her great instagram page @active.range And of course, rate and review this podcast to go in the draw for the monthly book gift!
Sep 5
24 min
#92 - Healthcare, Teams and YOU
In todays episode I dive into the elements that create a thriving team... supporting you as a working mum in your health busienss, and the teamwork required behind the scenes too. This little episdoe is a summary of my superstar teams masterclass that I ran last week, so if you listen to this, and think... yes I need more of this, it is freely available at   I hope you love this one. It's also the last chance to rate and review me on iTunes to get your free copy of my book Work. Mama. Life. sent to your door!
Aug 29
14 min
#91 - Michelle Broadbent - Business Through Changing Motherhood
Michelle Broadbent is an amazing business strategist, who began her career in the media industry. She has traversed the avenues of business, motherhood and solo-parenthood, and done it all, at least from the outside-in, with grace and style. On the podcast today we dive deeply into Michelle's why of doing things the way she has... and how when she knew something needed to change, she embraced it and threw herself wholeheartedly at the opporunity. Michelle is a business strategist with a 20+ year career as a trusted advisor to female founders across an array of industries, including media, marketing, fashion, design, executive coaching and training. She is passionate about seeing women succeed, supporting women to step up from solopreneur to CEO within their business.  She shares her insights with her guests on her weekly podcast, "Your Business Boost", and is the productivity editor of Women Love Tech and 'The Carousel' news sites. If you would like to find out ore about MIchelle you can find her on instagram or at her website Don't forget to rate and review the podcast to get your free copy of my book Work. Mama. Life. sent directly to your door!
Aug 22
28 min
#90 - Managing Time: Strategies for Juggling it all.
This week, to coincide with my 4 day Winning Time Challenge (you can still join here), I am chatting all things how I plan my week for balance and flow. In this episode, I discuss how our brain really relies on pattern recognition as one of it's safety signals, and organsing our practice life, our week and our time with this in mind can be absolutely lifechanging. Identifying where we actually spend our time, then how we would like to spend our time, the neurology of time and creating flow in our weeks.   It's all hosted in my facebook group Health Business Mama, if you are a health business mama, please jump into the facebook group. I'd love to support you flourish and thrive through this busy season of your life!    And if this type of work resonates with you, book a discovery call with me today, and see how I can support you, your practice and your mothering journey. 
Aug 14
8 min
#89 - Kell Quarrell - What's a Bold Aligned Business?
Have you ever wondered wny and how your values and sense of self matter in your business and motherhood journey?   Today I have a return guest for everybody's listening pleasure, the always amazing Kell Quarrell! If you have listened to our previous chat way back in 2022, episode #56, we discussed her business changes on motherhood, and how motherhood has impacted her journey.   Today is a little bit different. I wanted to get Kell back to chat about values, alignement and how it is essential for us to be aligned if we want a successful business and life. This chat is remarkable, short and sweet, but all of the awesome elements that you have come to know from the Work. Mama. Life. Podcast. And for the month of August, for those of you who rate and review my podcast over on Apple, you will get a signed copy of my book sent out to you! I can't wait to get them in the post! I really hope you enjoy this episode!
Aug 3
24 min
#88 - Balancing Motherhood & Business
Oh... the elusive balance. Life is like a seesaw isn't it... has it's ups and downs, but finding that balance - aparently that is where the magic lies.   In this episode, I discuss how balance isn't everything it's cracked up to be. As business owners, having the capacity to recognise seasons, and organise balance and flow to represent the motions, this is where all of the magic happens. Go on this short episode journey with me, and lets explore the way that business and motherhood influence our life, and how balance really is in the eye of the beholder.   And if you are a working mum looking for some more balance in your life, you can gain access to my Working Mama Reset course for $97 until the 1st of August! I can't wait to see you flourish with this amazing program! 
Jul 19
14 min
#87 - Connection - for Self & Business
In todays episode I dive into the 5 elements of connection, and how it matters for you as an individual, and for you as a business owner. We know that connection seems like a 'nice to have' often, but it is actually an essential and vital component to the success of your relationship with your self... and the foudnations of your business.   As a working mum, your time is often drawn in multiple directions. In this episode, I chat about how connection impacts: Creativity and Innovation Clarity and Focus Stress Management Emotional Intelligence Work Life Balane & Sustainable Growth (as an individual, for self, and as a mother). I then dive into the importance of Connection from a Business perspective: Customer Engagement Employee Collaboration Partnerships and Alliances Digital Connectivity Connection draws everything together. That energetic connection with self, that energetic connection with your family as a mum. Having those conversations about how they matter to you, how your work matters to you, and how it can beautifully work together... this is where connection on all fronts matters. Having those values as established, in your values driven practice model, is key for success.   If you would like to book a free 15 minute discovery call with Dr Ali to support your self and your business go to  
Jul 9
19 min
#86 - Kate Toon - Six Figures in School Hours - A Toon Chat
Kate Toon is an amazing woman, mother and business owner, and I was super excited to have her join me to chat all things her new book, 6 Figures in School Hours. I was very lucky to get at advanced copy of the book to read all about her core understandings of what makes us capable to have a thriving business as well as having a connected family. As you know, connection is key. Connection within your self, connection within your family, connection within your social circle, and connections within your business. With Kate, we dive into the 6 key components of a profitable and user-friendly business for parents: mindset productivity money family communication  self care. If like me, you are more in love with Kate than before, you can find more about her at or you can go and grab a copy of her book from booktopia here! Follow her on socials (particularly the Gram and Linked In). I really hope you enjoy this chat!    
Jul 2
40 min
#85 - Kacey Grieves - Honouring the Juggle
Today's episode is a beaut! I chat with Kacey Grieves, who I first met nearly 15 years ago.  Some say she is crazy, yet, Kacey says she is the happiest she has been in years. Despite having every tool at her fingertips it wasn’t the obvious that got her to where she is today. Kacey Grieves, Clinical naturopath, holistic counsellor and business owner of over 20years has a passion to see women thrive thru the endless pressures of modern life and the excessive decision fatigue. A sort after guest speaker, award winning small business owner and all round down to earth realistic human, now runs two very vastly different business as a part of her “non-negotiable list” of happiness. Come and hear how Kacey juggles life, a ring business and her life long passion of natural medicine. If you want to follow Kacey on Instagram you can go to @kaceynaturopath.   If you are interested in her TUFF Rings business, you can find out more about it at  
Jun 21
35 min
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