Motherhood Simplified
Motherhood Simplified
Krista Lockwood
Welcome to Motherhood Simplified, a podcast for moms who want to declutter but don't want to become a full blown minimalist!
How to create a Mom-Proof decluttering plan
Get the full workshop and experience for this training right here.
Dec 26, 2023
1 hr 29 min
5 ways to create routines and chore systems that stick
Motherhood Simplified courseSuper Simple Routines mini courseLearn the 5 simple requirements for creating sustainable routines and habits at home with kids - including chore charts!!
Dec 19, 2023
20 min
Should you have a toy rotation?
Get the bank of toy podcasts all in one place right here. Get the toy course to just jump right into the toy decluttering steps and decision making, AND play room organization.
Dec 12, 2023
15 min
decluttering during life transitions
Get into Decluttering SimplifiedSentimental Items, Gifts & Special Occasion Clutter
Dec 5, 2023
14 min
Setting boundaries during the holidays
Sentimental Items, Gifts & Special Occasion clutter and boundary settingJoin the FB groupFollow me on IG
Nov 28, 2023
20 min
How to stop REcluttering
How to step REcluttering
Nov 21, 2023
14 min
Part 3, life after clutter and how to not REclutter
How to stop REclutteringJoin the FB groupFollow & tag me on IG
Nov 14, 2023
19 min
how to declutter a whole house - part 2
Join the Ghost Your Clutter Challenge
Oct 2, 2023
21 min
how to declutter an entire house - part 1
Get into Decluttering SimplifiedCome hear ALL about what led up to us decluttering, and what life was like prior to decluttering in part 1!Here's what we'll cover:-The decision to DECIDE, is the most powerful thing you can do when you're decluttering.-Having a vision for what you want, compared to what you have now. -Finding gratitude for what is, and still seeking something better or more. All the details of my circumstances while decluttering:Life with 3 kidsWorking at the preschool 7am-5pmHusband living in Florida, no help from family or friendsThe day to day flow of our home and decluttering process
Sep 6, 2023
25 min
Simplifying the mother daughter relationship with Dr. Michelle Deering
Get Dr. Michelle Deering's book What Mothers Never Tell Their DaughtersListen to Dr. Michelle Deering's podcastThe Mother Daughter Connection
Aug 29, 2023
47 min
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