Mother Love
Mother Love
Mother Love
EP 014 - An Avalanche of Love with Tyler and Sarah Gregson
1 hour 1 minutes Posted Feb 3, 2021 at 12:00 pm.
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When Tyler and Sarah Gregson were invited to help their friend’s Sabrina and Kristi start their family, they knew almost instantly that their answer was a strong yes. They had both known Kristi for years and were thrilled to photograph the magical day that she proposed to the love of her life, Sabrina. Naturally, they also captured their wedding day and left feeling especially connected to both Kristi and Sabrina’s families. Before long, Tyler and Sarah were ecstatic to learn that Sabrina had become pregnant right away via in vitro fertilization with Tyler’s sperm donation - which they hand-delivered in a brown paper bag on a freezing winter day. Trust me, you'll want to hear this piece of the story. Over the next several months, the four of them celebrated the life that would become Elliot, now 5. Tyler describes the unique structure and abundance of love surrounding Elliot "an avalanche of love”.  This is the story of how that one single snowflake gathered speed, grew in size, and is barreling down the mountain in a deafening roar.

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