Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast
Most Notorious! A True Crime History Podcast
Erik Rivenes
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Great Podcast
As a lover of true crime and a historian, this is one of my favorite podcasts. Even when the subjects are not on my favorite topics, I still feel as if I have learned something interesting. Erik asks fantastic questions that really show how knowledgeable these authors are on their chosen subjects. I have read several of the books Interviewed about wanting to know more after the episodes.
Kiki Monroe
True crime at its best!
If you love true crime and history this podcast is a must listen!!
Directed Verdict
Lost in History
I first found this podcast on YouTube and was immediately hooked. Erik has the most calming voice as a moderator and he effortlessly guides a wide range of authors thru oodles of fascinating stories on true crime and historical events. I have been inspired to download many of the authors books he interview’s to keep the narrative going when the show is over. Thank you for entertaining me during this crazy time. Bets
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Frequent Flyer7607
If you enjoy historical true crime/mysteries, & a host who is easy to listen to, definitely check out this podcast!
Great, but why explicit?
This is a great podcast, but why are all of the episodes marked as explicit all of the sudden??? I hope this gets changed as it wasn’t like this before the update. I think it’s an error.
Have been a fan of this podcast for years
Erik (the host) is so good in terms of his questions, the guests he selects, and his thoughtful conclusions. I love the ragtime theme music, too!
Kimberly, is that you?
Love it
Just started from 2015 and I’m loving it...
Outstanding Stuff
I started at the very beginning and it keeps getting better and better. Great interviews; Erik asks great interview questions and lets his guests speak. Keeps you interested and coming back for more. Also introduces you to loads of great authors and books you might not have found otherwise. My book list continues to grow. Great job and keep it up!
Roberto Gabalone
I’m obsessed with your show
I listen practically every day! Thank you so much for what you do 🙏🙏 thank you!!!!
Marie Sweeny
Great topics
Enjoy very much.
Fantastic content
I just found this podcast and I love the breadth and depth of the podcasts. Excellent host and guests! Already have bought several authors books. Keep it up!
My fav podcast
Great variety of guest and topics! Really let’s you feel transported to different times and places where these criminals operated!
"Mad" Matt
A good difference
This podcast is unlike any other and I enjoy listening to these type of stories thank you for all the good work and keep it up
Glad I found this podcast
I really enjoy this podcast.
Very interesting topics that I haven’t heard anywhere else.
Always interesting!
Always interesting. Great shows!
Interesting and well researched
The topics are very dark, but that’s what the history of America is at times.
My favorite podcast
Absolutely love Most Notorious!
Great stuff
So well done!
This is a fabulous podcast. Always so great to listen to while I wrangle my kids and daycare kids throughout the day (quietly, of course). Ha!
Zsa Cook-Downing
Smart, fascinating and some obscure cases
I have purchased several books as a result of authors interviewed on this fascinating podcast. I have been a faithful listener for 3 years, and the an episode never fails to entertain and/or teach me something about someone or some event I haven’t yet heard of.
I love this podcast!
Joan Carrie
Great Podcast!
Love your show Erik! I found you last month while my husband & I were on a 3 week trip out west. I’ve listened to all episodes & have gone back for an encore of several of them! I particularly am fond of the 20’s & 30’s but they’re all excellent. You’re a great interviewer. Just listened to the Lindbergh show. Totally agree with the author too. Planning on buying her book & some of the others on Audible. I listen to a couple of other true crime podcasts but you’re the best! Brenda G - Tennessee
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Great podcast
Love this podcast - Erik does a fantastic job interviewing the authors. I look forward to every episode.
Host’s comments
I want so much to give 5 stars! The guests and their topics are amazing. The host and his comments are not. Every episode it sounds like he’s not listening or added his “I see” or “Interesting, interesting” while he edited. I hate to unsubscribe; I just can’t get past it.
Rachel from Charlotte
Not only can he deliver an awesome show....
But he has an amazing voice!!! Love the show, interesting content deftly delivered!
I found your podcast by accident. Stories are very interesting. I really enjoy the format and how you interact with the authors allowing them to tell the story without interrupting them but guiding the conversation. I have purchased several of the books on stories that I was not aware of. Awesome job. Thank you and please continue to provide this educational podcast.
Always a good time
This is one of my go to podcasts on my 2 hour drive each work day. I miss the piano intro. Each episode is a learning experience and I have purchased several of the books from the authors on the shows. I work in Lancaster, Pa and yes everyone knows who is not from the area because of how it’s pronounced. Cheers to Eric and to many more episodes in the future.
not that Philip Jurick
Love this Podcast❤️
I have been listening for a few years now and have recommended this podcast to so many. The variety of notorious subjects keeps me coming back. Eric is a great host and really gets a lot of details out of his guests. I have definitely broadened my reading list because of this show.
Your amazing
I am listening from the very start and intrigued more and more downloaded your other podcast thank you sooooo much for this information. I want to read every book that you have had with the authors. Thank you sooooooo much again.
Your voice
I love the idea of this podcast but your voice sounds like winnie the poo. Im trying to get by it
Absolutely awesome
Love this podcast. You have the best topics and guests.
Sandtrooper Mick
SO interesting!
I absolutely love this podcast. It’s great for any historical true crime. And I love how the host gets so many answers and explanations out of the guests as opposed to others who don’t want to “spoil” history for us.
❤️ Gem
What a gem! I came upon this podcast by accident, and it’s my favorite podcast now!
Excellent Host and Stories
Finally a podcast hosted by someone who lets their guests speak uninterrupted! Eric asks great questions, allows his guests to carry the show, and wraps it up excellently. So glad I found this podcast. Really interesting stories, guests and a respectful host!
WOW what a great podcast
First of all, you need to sing more, I get a kick out of it and you have a great voice. I have listen to almost all of your podcast going back to day one and it’s going to be a sad day when I’m going to have to wait for them to come out one at a time. Thank you for all the time, effort and hard work you put in. Keep up the good fight and work in some songs.
Retired Teacher
This is a most informative, straightforward podcast. I have learned much new information from each episode, often leaving me eager for more exploration. This podcast has helped to fill the void of self-isolation and I am mentally richer for it. Thank you for your professionalism.
Loghill Brigade
Fascinating and Forgotten History!
These are some of the best true crime podcasts out there! So many stories have been sanitized, fictionalized or completely left out of history… like our history books from school. Well… NOT HERE!! Thanks so much for your time and research as well as your excellent interviewing and story telling.
The Host’s
OMG!! The 2 gals are so funny!! The information so great! I listen to many, many podcasts, but this one is my fave. The hosts are brilliant and charming, witty and hysterical!!
Allie Kipperman
Great podcast!
LOVED the Eastland episode, very interesting!
5 stars!!
I just discovered this podcast, only listened to several and now plan to binge the entire thing, but you already get 5 stars!!
I was enjoying listening, for the first time, to the June 12th episode about true crime in Beverly Hills. I was, however, disappointed to hear the female host basically blame Ronni Chasen for her own murder. She admitted that we will never know what happened, but still went on to speculate that IF Ronni Chasen was yelling at him (her murderer) that it may have “instigated or incited something that could have been avoided” and that, “Maybe there lies a lesson in this horrible tragedy.” Really?? This is 2020 and to place any of the responsibility on this dead woman who was just trying to get home after an evening out, is harmful and toxic. So is mentioning a time she was seen exhibiting road rage behaviors - have we residents of Los Angeles not all been there? I suppose it makes a better story to mention that? Victim blaming marginalizes them and takes the focus away from the perpetrator. We have to do better and we women need to support each other, not point out the things we did wrong after being victimized.
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I like
2007 17
Great old stories!
I love hearing from authors who know their subject so well and the interviews are terrific!
Has become a favorite!
It is such a gift to have the opportunity to be exposed to so many authors to hear about their books, experiences, and research on true crime stories Eric's interview style is effective. I appreciate that the podcast gets right to the content not like so many that is filled with small talk or repetitiveness. Thank you!
Upon the hilltop
A History Lover's Dream
Such a well-prepared interviewer - and he makes every topic exceptionally interesting. Great show.
S Hoover
Love this podcast! Always engaging. Always interesting.
So respectful and classy
The content is always so interesting. I love hearing directly from the different authors and experts on each story. Eric is such a classy host and I love his genuine personality.
It’s well done and here’s why-
Because he lets the experts be experts. He asks a question and let’s them go. He will ask a follow up (usually one we all have been thinking) then let’s them go on telling us. So many podcasters want to be the star of the show and that’s fine sometimes but not always. It’s really great to listen to -even when the topic might not immediately interest me but listening to someone passionately speak about a topic they themselves love.. that’s always time we’ll spent.
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all us 5
Great Podcast!
Eric does an incredible job interviewing a wide range of authors on true crime and historical themes. My wife and I listen to this podcast every week. Try it for yourself. I think you’ll be hooked!!
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