Morning Report
Morning Report
Morning Report
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Great podcast but..
If episodes could be a little more compressed that would be great! 40 minutes for 1 episodes seems like a good upper limit. That being said, an amazing podcast!! Highly recommend
med student who loves bball
Love it, only thing is they need to shorten it to 30-40 minutes max.
Must listen to podcast!
This podcast is super insightful! It is an easy to follow conversation of how to approach all kinds of medical cases. Super helpful for medical students! Highly recommend!
Great for clinical rotations
This podcast is great for gaining a better understanding of clinical reasoning and development of a differential diagnosis. As a med student, listening to experienced physicians walk through a case step-by-step has been invaluable throughout my rotations. Definitely one of the best medical podcasts I’ve listened to — would highly recommend!
Excellent for Learning
This podcast is amazing! It helps broaden our differential and shows us how experienced clinicians work through difficult cases.
A great Med-Ed resource
Great addition to the medical podcast scene. Thoughtful approach to cases with the aim of improving clinical decision making.
Love it.
Love the show. Great content. Keep doing it, and it’s only gonna get better. One comment for now. Some of the guests’ voices don’t pick up as well on their mics.
Great Show
Love this show! So nice to have one of these types of podcasts that both those in clinical and pre-clinical years can engage with and enjoy.
Can’t wait for more episodes!
So excited about this podcast! I’m a second year medical student currently prepping for Step 1 and looking forward to starting clinical rotations soon! This is a great low-stress way to learn!