Morelia pythons radio
Morelia pythons radio
A talk show that focuses on the keeping, breeding and current events of the world of morelia and other pythons of the world
Bryan Hayes of VVS Exotics joins us for some Morelia talk.
We are joined by Bryan Hayes of VVS Exotics. Bryan is somewhat new to the hobby and has made some amazing additions to his collection, which is focused on Morelia and Pituophis. We talk about his future pairings and his approach to the hobby and keeping/breeding.  Morelia Python Radio
Dec 2
2 hr 46 min
9 Years of MPR!
In this episode, we are celebrating 9 straight years of MPR. It has been an amazing journey, and over the years, we have learned so much, and hopefully, you have as well. As always, a big thanks to all of the guests that have spoken to and a big thanks to all of the listeners that have supported us through the years. As we go into the 10th year of MPR, we will be changing things up a bit and hopefully take MPR to the next level. Special thanks to Rob Stone for putting all of these clips together for us to laugh at the things we have said over the years. Also, shout out to the new members of the MPR network Riley Jimison and Lucas Lee, with their help we hope to make the podcast even better in 2021.
Nov 23
3 hr 16 min
Carpet Pythons with Dominic Carbonneau
In this episode, we are joined by Dominic Carbonneau of Doms Reptiles. We are talking about carpet pythons and some of the differences between the US hobby and the Canadian hobby. We get into Dominic's approach to keeping, breeding, and some of the projects that he is working on. Morelia Python Radio.
Nov 17
3 hr 9 min
Chondros, Carpets and Blackheads w/ Francis Pringle.
In this episode, we are joined by Francis Pringle (aka The Other Buddy) of Stoney Creek Captives to talk about gtps, carpets, and blackheads. We hit on some dicey topics like designers, crosses, and localities. We talk about his coastal carpet python projects along with his recent addition of Blackheaded pythons.
Nov 3
3 hr 6 min
One on One with Eric and Owen
In this episode, it is just Eric and Owen talking snakes, passions and throwing out some ideas and thoughts into the universe.   Morelia Python Radio
Oct 27
2 hr 21 min
Lucas Lee of Centralian Exotics
In this episode, we are joined by Lucas Lee of Centralian Exotics. We discuss his collection, future projects, youtube, and much more. Check us out : Morelia Python Radio Check out our Merch: T-spring store Check out Lucas: Centralian exotics
Oct 20
3 hr 3 min
2021 MPR calendar contest winners with Rob Christian
In this episode, we are joined by Rob Christian, RobCreepingitReal, the winner of the 2020 MPR calendar contest, to help us reveal the winners of the 2021 MPR calendar contest and chat with us about his podcast, collection, and his job @ NERD.  Check out the winners here. MoreliaPythonRadio
Oct 13
2 hr 37 min
The Breeding Pythons Session #7
In this episode, we are talking about breeding carpets and other pythons. We do this episode each year to share some of the things that we have learned from the last year. We will discuss the new species that we bred and we talk about some of the new species that we hope to breed in the upcoming season. Riley's video on MI
Oct 1
3 hr 18 min
Eric and Owen- Breeding plans and Herping
In this episode, Eric and Owen discuss their thoughts on this upcoming breeding season, some new pickups, and their recent herping trip to West Texas.
Sep 22
2 hr
Papuan Carpets and Photography with Carlos Oliveira
Papuan Carpets and Photography with Carlos Oliveira In this episode, we are joined by Carlos Oliveira. We are talking about his amazing collection of Papuan carpet pythons. His collection is amazing and he has a passion for them. The other half of the show we talk about his amazing photography and he shares some tips to help you get some better photos. Check out his facebook page:
Sep 9
3 hr 10 min
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