Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.
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Brittany Murphy case
They are very informative and know their background on cases but they have very crude language it’s quite offensive
ollis mom
Two very annoying and immature females. The type that say “like” too much and talk for hours about nothing at all. Zero stars was not an option so 1 is what you get. Didn’t even make it 10 minutes into the latest episode. Made me very angry just listening to these two B
king gonzalez
So Well Researched
Just discovered this podcast and I love the amount of research the ladies do, so many facts to really famous cases that I had never heard before. I’ve listened to many other true crime podcasts and this is definitely one of my favorites!
Love them!
I have been listening to true crime podcasts for some time. I love listening to morbid, I actually laugh at loud. They sound so real in their discussions
I look forward to each new episode!
Dark and sad true stories, told with humor and compassion. Wide and balanced research combined with skilled storytelling. I laugh, I cry, I double-check that my door is locked.
I’ve never been a podcast listener. When covid hit and we were all stuck at home I was venting to my friend how bored I was. She says you should try listening to podcasts. She recommended a bunch of self help and spiritual enlightenment ones she listens to. I listened to a few and they were all well and good. But then I discover true crime and I was hooked!!! I love Morbid and have been binge listening to every episode!
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A. Gainer
Best true crime podcast out there
Y’all, if you’re doubting giving Morbid a try. Don’t. Best true crime/comedy podcast out there. And y’all saying taht they’re trying to be like MFM🙄🙄🙄 MFM is much more ‘Childish’ in my opinion. This got the straight facts on EVERYTHING
Jade salty
Morbid LOL
Using the phrase “lol” when speaking is lazy English and improper. You’re turning off listeners. LOL is used for shorthand when texting and sounds foolish and unintelligent.
Please tell me I am not crazy
Is there any other 13 yo here
My new favorite true crime podcast!
I am a big crime junkies fan but ran out of episodes and was looking for another true crime podcast that didn’t have too much unrelated banter. The girls do an awesome job of getting right to the point of the story and put in a ton of research to tell you every detail possible, so even listening to stories I already knew of I am still hearing stuff I never knew about. They also throw in a lot of jokes and pop culture references which help keep the morbid story from getting tooooo morbid. Only murder podcast where I am both terrified and laughing. A highly entertaining listen with endless episodes. Truly my new favorite!
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I listen to these ladies every day. Their banter is hilarious, and it helps get through the hard details. Keep it weird!
I adore these girls
This podcast is amazing. Ash and alaina are so thorough in their research. They got together great information on so many cases. They’re so great to listen to, they have such a great personality together and it makes for a great listen. I’ve never not liked an episode :)
jaymie gough
I listen to this podcast every day almost! ( trying to catch up lol ) never stop!!!! Y’all are awesome!!! The only criticism I have is that y’all talk way too much on off topic or side notes... I just want to hear the story... I end up having to skip ahead a lot to get through the extra banter..
Dostoevsky? German?
Oh, come on! Dostoevsky was Russian, ya dingus!
The best take on murder
This is by far my favorite podcast. They have my same quirky viewpoint & each episode sounds like the conversations I have with my friends. You get all the f-ed up details and theories balanced with witty observations and respect for the victims.
The Designer Imposter of My Favorite Murder
The review calling this a poor man’s My Favorite Murder is on the nose. They copied the exact format of MFM that’s been around for years but without the charm, charisma, wit, humor and originality? The two hosts are basic, not funny, and I couldn’t get through a full episode. This is the mayonnaise sandwich on white bread of true crime podcasts and comedy.
california native 11
Morbid is life.
I didn’t expect to enjoy this podcast as much as I do. A friend put me on and I’m forever grateful for it. I proudly encourage my friends to listen because knowing true crime doesn’t hurt, it just makes you paranoid. Lock your doors and enjoy this podcast like me.
Heyyyy Weirdos!!
I absolutely love Alaina and Ash. I listen to Morbid every single day and I truly dread the day where I have to wait for an episode as they come out. They very obviously take listener feedback to heart, they care about what they do, and they put in some SERIOUS research!
One Bad Take Ruins Everything
E54 about Crystal Mangum is where Morbid lost all credibility. Crystal is the stripper who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse Team of rape. Why the ladies are taking Crystal's side is beyond me. But they defend her. And it's "ridiculously unfortunate" that anyone would defend the Duke Lacrosse Team. Yikes. And then we get to the reason. See, Crystal is a "young African American mother who was trying to provide for her family and was assaulted in the process." Yeah, except that didn't happen. And the reason the DA was disbarred afterwards wasn't because "it was so controversial," it was because he conspired with the DNA lab director to hide exculpatory evidence. You know, that the DNA didn't match any of the Duke players. Double yikes. The lessons of this scandal are to continue to blame the innocent players 14 years after they were raked over the coals by a salacious media. The real lesson is don't trust the media, the school, or state officials when there's so many people out there who still judge others on superficial qualities - especially two wannabe crime buffs who value "stronk wimmins" over truth. These kids were treated horrifically & when the truth came out, most media outlets 'forgot' to mention it because their narrative got blown up. Or they just make new shows to continue the charade on Oprah's channel because she's totally not racist. The truth should matter most, not feelings. Your 'lessons' on this scandal miss the mark 100%. Some would call it victim blaming, but as I keep finding out, that is only 'legitimate' when women are victims instead of the aggressor. See any other episode of this trash podcast. Mini episodes don't mean go with your gut. You still need to research. I get it, Ash, you aren't the brightest, but limiting your research to a biased episode of Snapped really hurt your integrity. Even Wikipedia got more right. And after this debacle, I can't believe anything you two say. You have an agenda clouded by politics, which is unfortunate. Unsubscribed and deleted.
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Dick Luger
A great mix
I like true crime shows that just cover the details and story without opinions or commentary, but I also like to throw Morbid into the mix for that palette cleanser of commentary and not taking everything too seriously. I get that a lot of people would prefer the girls just talk details and leave out their opinions, but that’s not what the show is. I like the “morbid” jokes and side comments and opinions on what happened.
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Terrible language
I would have enjoyed the series of Myra and Ian but I could not get past the constant cursing by the hosts. It just isn’t not needed and takes away from the telling of the story.
Cursing tooooo much
Fiancé and I love!
I look forward to listening to Alaina and Ash! Their little funny comments are the best! I definitely recommend!
Their commentary is too much and I wish they could just get down to the story.
I just started listening a few days back and let me tell you I AM HOOKED! I listen to it while I’m sitting at my desk at work plugging notes alway! Ash and Alaina have a way of speaking to each other to make you feel as though you are involved in the conversation and they make learning fun but making it not to bulletpoint like or too serious! I absolutely love it! You girls are doing fantastic keep it up! -Maddie
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You guys are so cute. Heavy stuff which I love. But you deliver with fun. You can really tell this stuff upsets you. Your darling.
Love the show!
I just start listening a few weeks ago and I’m binging from the beginning.... Really loving the atmosphere of this podcast, it feels like i’m just discussing things with friends :’).
A little late to the game.
I have given up social media and so the past few months I have had to find new things to do hobbies and etc. I thought I would give podcast a try. At first I thought listening to people talk about random things would be weird. I was so wrong. I am obsessed! I wanted to know more about a case. That’s when I stumbled upon this podcast. I have listened to 13 episode in less then a week ! It’s just so fun to listen to. It’s witty and entertaining.
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Marisela O.
Best true crime podcast ever
I love these two! Every time I listen I feel like I’m hanging out with my friends. If you don’t like cus words then this might not be for you, but these are my kind of people! I also love that they spend a lot of time naming the victims and portraying them all in such a light hearted way! So important when reporting the stories that they do! I also think they’re absolutely hilarious and deserve 5 stars! Okay, bye!!! :)
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Into it
Super into it. Also one of them (not good with the names yet) sounds just like Amy Schumer. Do you get that a lot?? 🤣🤣
New fave!
I love true crime and usually listen to podcasts that stick to the subject and just the facts. I heard them plugged on Conspiracy Theories for their countdown show, listened to that, loved it and found their main podcast and have been listening to the early episodes. I LOVE the banter. It very much reminds me of talking with my friends about true crime cases. Keep up the good work ladies 🥰
Listen this the best true crime podcast you will find!
The best true crime podcast ever! Alaina and Ash are so funny but serious when they need to be of course. They do the victims justice and I enjoy how dumb they make the serial killers/murders feel. Listener tales are my jam too and literally make me laugh out loud. These girls are genuine and are relatable af. They are not scripted like other ones I’ve noticed. I am so thankful my work buddy showed me this podcast bc it seriously makes other true crime podcasts look silly. I started listening in July 2020 and I am almost caught up! I highly recommend everyone listen.. you’re life will change! Love love you guys and continue the great work!
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Keep up the great work
You two are great, keep it up. I enjoy the stories, the way you tell them, the banter, the jokes, etc. This is my favorite true crime podcast, the way you both tell stories captures and keeps my attention. Although your podcast may not be for everyone - I’ve read some of the reviews and the amount of sensitive people 🙄- don’t change a single thing, keep being your authentic selves.
Seriously the Best Podcast Ever
These two are so funny and entertaining. I love listening to how they tell their stories and seriously I just like relate to their obsession with true crime mixed with quirky awesomeness. They make me laugh and teach me about how not to die #freshairisfordeadpeople Love it!
Creepy, dark, fascinating, and awesome.
From the banter and the in-depth profiles, to the laugh out loud moments and heart-wrenching details, this podcast is my True Crime GO TO! I love these ladies and can’t get enough Morbid. Every episode is a roller coaster of all the feels... and I’m for it.
What a fun ride these two take you on!
These girls are the best! I’ve listened to it all but MORBID is my fav. There are podcasts that make me have to take a week break from them due to my mind not recovering so well from what I heard, but this podcast has a sense of humor while covering true crime at the same time that I feel like a normal person! (Love you Elena) but Ash is COMICAL! I use “my Uber is here more in my vocabulary then I do “Hello”. You guys are seriously the best and make my 1-2 hour commute to work the best it can be. Then I get to work an are miserable until I clock out then I wait for my car to heat up and my Bluetooth to connect to my phone and my phone to start auto playing MORBID and then it doesn’t so I have to go back to my phone and press the play button and then I put my car in reverse and start driving home listening to morbid . BYE
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New Favorite !
I just got into this podcast and I’m seriously loving it. I love the banter between these two. Their story telling and research is awesome!
Lalo Èlan
Save your time and listen to something else
No facts. All conjecture. Really disappointed.
really too bad
One of my faves
I’ve listened to my fair share of true crime podcasts, and this is one of faves! I love their banter, I feel like their convos would be like my friends and I talking about murders. For those complaining about how much they banter, have you ever listened to MFM? Those ladies talk for forever before diving into a case ugh, and I find Ash and Alaina to be a good mix of storytelling and banter. But to each their own. I’ll keep on listening every week!
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I work 9 hours during the day and you’re on the whole time, love y’all stay weird😘😘
I love them!!
This is by far my favorite podcast. I listen to them EVERYDAY! I can never get enough. I love the banter they do because it lightens up some truly morbid facts. I’ve learned so much listen to them about true crime and they explain everything so well. They are my favorite!
Leah Kirouac
Thank you for making my work and little less boring!!!
L 😍
Absolutely Amazing!
I feel that the information and research is very respectful and well done with a side of comedy that is respectful to arms the families and victims. They are amazing and I love them with all my heart and the banter and reactions from Ash really humanizes the case. I really appreciate that because I know I feel very angry and I feel Ash and Alaina really voice their opinions in a humane way. Really brings back my faith in humanity. I feel like I’m having a discussion with them because they are really great at saying how terrible the cases are and how excited we get to know that the culprits are now suffering one way or another. They are truly amazing and I love them!
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Suchi's Iphone
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! There funny and some people might not like crime but I love it and if you are a crime Junkie like me listen to the pot cast
Was told it gets better so I’ll trust my friend.....
As a GIANT fan of MFM and on recommendation of a fellow Murderino I gave this one a shot and right outta the gate I was sorry. One, it sounds like you want to be another MFM. Please don’t. And two, gals, you’re cute, but 1976 isn’t a billion years ago, and it’s not adorable to say you’re so old when clearly you’re not. Way to show youth unattractively. The cursing is fine, some commentary is fine, I get the joke making too, but y’all seem smarter than you talk, so I’m hoping that begins to show through in later episodes.
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I like the stories. But they are so annoying. Like their idea of humor is just repeating each other and making weird noises. And I swear I don’t know if I can listen to the way the one girl pronounces “exacTly” one more time.
Rock Solid
I think they do an amazing job of facts and can explain things so listeners get a real life feeling about what happened (although that is very disturbing most times). I truly enjoy listening to them as an ex forensic schooler! Heather-New Orleans
Heather - New Orleans
Love it
Thank y’all so much for this! Love love love this! It’s just hilarious and I use phrases from this show all the time!! “Fresh air is for dead people”
Love it
I really like this podcast. Sometimes the banter on other podcasts can get annoying, but I think the back and forth on this podcast is really funny. It comes across as very natural and is more like hanging out with friends telling you stories.
Love love love
OBSESSED- I literally feel like it’s my two best friends telling the stories every week and can’t wait for another one. I also love that they’re local to me as well it makes me feel even more like their friend 😂 Alaina does an amazing job putting together and telling these stories and I absolutely love to see that Ash has really come into her own more and more with the story telling. I literally can’t say enough good things about these two and their work❤️❤️❤️
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The banter
So the stories are great and the facts are presented well. But it’s nice to hear the banter and rapport of the hosts is great. They actually make me giggle sometimes. But it’s a wonderful perspective as well.
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