Moonshots of the Intelligent Age: The Xlabs Podcast
Moonshots of the Intelligent Age: The Xlabs Podcast
XLabs - Radhika Dirks, Travis Dirks, and Sherif Hallaba
Moonshot Fuel: Mental Model Arbitrage – EP001
25 minutes Posted Mar 21, 2018 at 6:19 pm.
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Show notes

Mental Model Arbitrage(MMA) is an important fuel for Moonshots here at XLabs. By building in one field with assembled structures from elsewhere we are able to make fantastic leaps.

At it’s heart, MMA is about getting very good at making analogies, then using those analogies to transfer knowledge and know how from one place to another. Douglas R. Hofstadter, author of Godel Esher Bach argues that “analogies are the fuel and fire of thinking”. We could not agree more. In fact we have been practicing this skill intentionally for nearly a decade now and encourage you to do it as well. It is truly a mental super power.