Monger Mayhem
Monger Mayhem
Rick Simmons
Monger Mayhem is Iron Mongers Gym new podcast featuring members and supporters of our gym. Hopefully this will shed some light on the people who train here and what their lives are like, everyone has a story to tell, let's hear it
MM Episode 25
Recap of our first ever Iron Monger Pro/Am plus we had Tommy (our resident tattoo artist) join us so he could share his experience of tattooing people at our powerlifting meet.
Mar 3, 2020
1 hr 1 min
MM Episode 24
Mike and I recap Reebok Record Breakers and Monger Mayhem plus preview the USPA North American Championships all while eating some delicious L&L Hawaiian food.
Nov 13, 2019
46 min
MM Episode 23
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to have this guest on, she is one of my longest running members and has asserted herself as one of the main players in Iron Mongers.  That being said it’s well deserved and we got to hear how she approaches her lifting, coaching, job, many cats […]
Oct 25, 2019
1 hr 17 min
MM Episode 22
WOW! Not even sure how to describe this episode, I guess “we started from the bottom and now we are here” seems to be the best description.  This was minimal lifting talk but man this was a huge episode for me to just sit and listen as Mike and Ryan shared their stories of rehab and […]
Oct 18, 2019
58 min
MM Episode 21
What goes through your head before a big lift?  Does it get you fired up or does it cripple your potential?  Hearing Brannon talk about this today was very interesting to me because I’m fascinated by the mental aspect of sports and with Brannon starting to push his potential in Strongman and test out powerlifting, I know […]
Oct 9, 2019
1 hr
MM Episode 20
Anthony @benchpress_junkie on IG although we might have convinced him to change it to @that_one_leg_Monger joined the show today. Anthony is an incredible inspiration not only to people in this gym but anyone who might follow him or meet him, listen to his story about being a kid who had to make the decision to […]
Oct 4, 2019
58 min
MM Episode 19
This is episode 19 in the Monger Mayhem podcasts but today will be episode number 1 with my Co-host Mike Delgado.  Mike has been a great addition to this gym for over a year now and we have similar styles in the way we approach lifting, coaching and programming for our athletes so it only made […]
Oct 2, 2019
23 min
MM Episode 18
BATTLE OF THE JOHNNY’S Part 3 This is our third part in this story and lead up to our Monger Mayhem even Nov 2-3, I have my client Alex Ramirez on with me and to keep the show from Alex and I just talking shit the whole time I asked Mike Dee to come be […]
Sep 27, 2019
1 hr 4 min
MM Episode 17
BATTLE OF THE JOHNNY’S Part 2 This week is I have Jonathan Reyna and his coach, Christine Sisk. They both listened to the last podcast and wanted to respond to what was said because from what they said “they are walking out the winners of this battle!” Now do Alex and Rick have something to […]
Sep 20, 2019
45 min
MM Episode 16
BATTLE OF THE JOHNNY’S Johnny Mojica and his coach Mike Dee, start some Mayhem leading up to our Monger Mayhem meet. This is a Civil War, two really good lifters (Johnny Mojica and Jonathan Reyna) in our gym going head to head. Pride, cash and maybe even a little humility is on the line come […]
Sep 17, 2019
47 min
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