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Moneytrainers - UK Money Education.
Moneytrainers - UK Money Education.
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MoneyTrainers Podcast – July 2023
In this issue of the podcast. Jeremy Hunt and his pension reforms. The so named Mansion House Compact what this means for your pension. Plus, a short talk about Money, tunnels and finding your way out of one and into the light. Money and mindset. Sounds strange, it's not really. As always when you are… Read More »MoneyTrainers Podcast – July 2023
Jul 27, 2023
12 min
MoneyTrainers – June 2023 Podcast
Welcome to the June 2023 MoneyTrainers podcast. In this episode. Financial Scams - how can we avoid them, what should we do to protect ourselves! Investing for income. What does that mean, why should we invest for income? Links MoneyTrainers - Dying to Know
Jun 6, 2023
9 min
May 2023 Podcast – Happy Happy
Wow, another podcast - coming thick and fast now. Today I am talking about feeling happier, being happier. What is it and how do we get achieve this thing called happiness? It's easier than you think. I think. Enjoy.
May 1, 2023
9 min
Pension Transfers  | Pension Scams | Pension Advice – New Way
In August of 2018 the Pensions Ombudsman upheld a complaint from a policeman after he had transferred his pension from the police scheme to scammer without the scheme carrying out adequate checks. Now, on the face of it you could say that that was an acceptable approach from the scheme, in that a formal… Read More »Pension Transfers | Pension Scams | Pension Advice – New Way
Apr 29, 2023
32 min
April 2023 Podcast – Dying to Know
In this podcast I am talking about .... Death, dying and probate. It covers some of the information from they Dying to Know events that we have been rolling out over recent years. This one talks about Probate and End of Life planning. Don't forget, if you need to know more or you'd like to… Read More »April 2023 Podcast – Dying to Know
Apr 27, 2023
9 min
MoneyTrainers – October 2022 Podcast.
Here is the October podcast. No show notes - my bad. No time.
Oct 26, 2022
8 min
Market Volatility. October 2022 Podcast
Well, that did go quick. As we arrive in the last quarter of the year. Markets are all over the place, politics are all over the place. So what should we be doing, how should we respond? As always it's a clear as mud, but there are some answers in this issue of the podcast.… Read More »Market Volatility. October 2022 Podcast
Oct 11, 2022
6 min
Podcast There is always the need to take more action – Repost
We wait, we look at the options. We mull over what we should do next. We worry about getting things just right before we can move forward. When we think it's perfect, when we think it will be received well by the market place, then we execute. You know what's coming next. The fear of… Read More »Podcast There is always the need to take more action – Repost
Aug 21, 2022
6 min
MoneyTrainers – August 2022, Podcast.
Welcome to the August 2022 issue of the podcast. Another shorty for August. Everyone is busy, no one wants to spend time listening to me whilst the sun is shining. But with the markets all over the place I thought it was timely to talk about some money principles that just make sense. No matter… Read More »MoneyTrainers – August 2022, Podcast.
Aug 10, 2022
4 min
Podcast -How Do You Breakout Of Poverty And Debt ? (updated)
How Do You Breakout Of Poverty And Debt ?  in 2021 it is clear that what was working thirty or forty years ago no longer is. Those with money, with assets are seeing their asset value spiking, the rich are getting richer and the poor becoming poorer, and that may be true but the connection… Read More »Podcast -How Do You Breakout Of Poverty And Debt ? (updated)
Jun 11, 2022
12 min