Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life
Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life
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Educational, actionable, and engaging! 🔥
Money Girl is a top-notch personal finance podcast! This show is packed with actionable tips to get your money right and build wealth. Laura is an excellent host that makes potentially complicated topics easy to understand and who does a fantastic job leading engaging interviews with her guests. If you’re looking for a resource to expand your financial knowledge - hit the subscribe button!
Can’t beat it
I have listened for a few years now and I always learn something new. I wish there had been a good finance class when I was in high school. I will retire in a few years and I will keep educating myself even past retirement. Thank you so much for the education (podcast)!
Insightful weekly personal finance tips!
I love this show, and I appreciate Laura’s dedication and effort in updating her listeners weekly on the most important “need to know” info in a clear and precise short episode. Not easy to do! And for me, I happened to like ads - there are so many apps and softwares out there, it’s good to learn more about the ones that Laura suggested. Thank you! Cheers! :)
Cece the CPA - NYC
Just like the name says
Laura brings great info in a short time frame. Great examples and guests.
Very Helpful !
Thank you so much !!! I listen to your podcast everyday . My motivation!
Ari (cloak)
Great information
Im in the beginning of saving and build wealth world which come pretty late comparing my age and my working period.. However I have to say that I’m very lucky to found your podcast. Information and content are great. Not too long, too short in each story and your voice pitch is just perfect for listening episode after episode. Your explanation is prefect for someone who know nothing about money like me and on top of that,you seem real and approachable.. Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful work!!
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Loved the latest episode! I didn’t know about some of those apps, so I’m stoked to investigate and get rid of things I don’t need!
Personal Finance Gems
Money Girl is chock-full of helpful insights, tools, and resources. I have a pretty good grasp on my finances and I still find gems in Laura’s focused and easy to digest episodes. I find them useful for myself and I often share individual episodes with people in my life. Thanks Laura!!
Easy way to learn
I love this podcast! Easy to listen and get in the info! I’d love to see more episodes tailored to specific age audiences. I’m a listening in my mid 20s I’d love to have more focus content for me across topics such as retirement. It’s great to put an age lens on these topics since it can make a difference when you start. MD
Too many ads, meanders too much.
I’ve listened to this podcast at its inception way back around 2007/2008 (before Laura Adams became host) and then stopped around 2016/2017. I loved how it was short, sweet and under 20 minutes. In short, quick and dirty! Fast forward to 2020. I subscribed this past Monday and have unsubscribed today (Saturday). This is not the Money Girl Podcast I loved. It’s overblown— more than 30 minutes— add-ridden (really, two segments for ads?) and she meanders before making the point. I mean, one podcast took her 5-7 minutes before she got into the crux of the podcast and then went on and on. I don’t know when the format changed, but in earlier episodes, Laura was focused, on point and just gave the info,, the explanation and moved on. Not so now. It’s more like some podcast version of some infomercial. So much for “quick and dirty tips”. So sad the format has changed even if the content is good!
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Great information
I feel like I have gained a lot of insight into my finances with this podcast. I wish I had learned most of this sooner!
Awesome advice
I’ve been listening to your show for years. Such helpful financial advice! Love your show!!
Browse topics and pick your demon
Easy to follow and great for beginners on many different topics for all age groups. Ranging from opening up your first credit card, student loans, mortgages, investing / stocks market basics, budgeting, high yielding saving accounts and so more. Recommend for 18 year olds to mid 30’s.
So good!!
Thank you, Laura! I love this podcast!
Personal Finance
I have a strong interest in personal finance including building my net worth, retirement accounts, and overall just how to manage my money better. I've been listening to Laura for about 2.5 years now and still love every episode. She provides valuable and straight forward advice, along with simple translations of often confusing tax laws. I regularly look forward to her weekly episodes!
Too many ads!
I love the content in this podcast. However, there are TOO many ads and promos that make this longer than needed. Its irritating to hear more ads than info during ANY podcast.
Obsessed - favorite podcast ever
I love listening to this - always short, straightforward and actionable.
ULI vs put money in Stock market
Hi Laura, I listen to your show regularly and use all helpful tip to make my financial in a better spot. My husband and I currently pay for term life insurance $45 /month each and pay for permanent life insurance $300 each. Total about $770 amount. I am wondering if we will do better just to buy good S&P500 or even use that money to buy rental property. Can you please do show on those two subject? Or maybe if you already did, please tell me where to fine it. Thank you so much. Pam
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Love this podcast!
I’m a new listener and I’m so glad I came across this podcast. I’m in my thirties and was never taught much of anything about money and how to make it work for you by my own parents. I’m in a bit of a catch up space when it comes to tackling debt and figuring out savings. Laura feels like the maternal guidance I’ve always wanted. It’s easy to understand and broken down into doable steps to make achievements possible. Thank you for creating this, Laura!!
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Laura is a great teacher
I am in my twenties and i am just now beginning to prepare for my future. Doing the research and trying to learn how to best invest my money was very intimidating. I didn’t know a lot of the verbiage used in many books and webpages or how basic investing worked. This podcast has become my best resource. I can pick and choose which subjects i need to become more fluent in, and Laura does a great job at breaking everything down to where a novice like myself can understand with ease. Thanks for motivating me to be my best financial self.
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Quick tips for a balanced account!
I absolutely love this account! I appreciate how friendly it is and how you can pick and choose what topic you may need to be educated on!
Money chronicles
You have an amazing podcast. Your advice is easy to apply to my daily life. We need to continue to push the money subject. Thank you, Maria
Excellent communicator
Laura covers a tremendous range of topics in a concise and easy to understand format. Thank you Laura for sharing your knowledge!!
Easy advice and clear explanations
Laura gives clear explanations and easy to follow advice, which help finances seem like less of a daunting part of life. Though lots of this information isn’t new to me, this podcast is still very helpful.
Long time listener
I have found her information priceless. I've been listening to her since 2008 and have not missed a single episode. I've even read her book. Laura keeps me up to date with all the latest financial news and I'll keep listening till the end.
Practical Finance
Laura does her homework. Love listening to how Laura lays out practical tips about personal finance. Gives me confidence! Thanks, Money Girl!!
Excellent podcast
Thank you, Laura for sharing valuable information about finances. You have motivated me to take action and be accountable for my spending. I feel empowered and better about my future. One of my short-term goals is to learn something about finances on a daily basis. This action serves as positive reinforcement so I can stay focused on my finances. Thank you!!!!!
Laura is AWESOME!!!
I listen to the money girl podcast all the time. I also use her invaluable Facebook group. Everyone there is so helpful! Laura even used my questions to do an eppisode! The info she shared there were things I couldn’t find searching hours on google!!! Thanks for everything Laura!!!
Ecommerce Man
Too many Advertisements
Yeah. We know you get paid for advertisements but honestly cut back. It destroys the credibility and you lose honest fans.
Great podcast!
Stumbled upon this gem of a podcast, and it’s what got me started with really taking a good hard look at our finances, ultimately discovering YNAB, and made me hungry to learn more!
I so want to listen but it gives me knots in my stomach listening to all the things money needs to do 🙁
Just Elaines
Some helpful info, but so full of ads I can’t enjoy it.
Great Content!!!
I’m a new listener and I’m loving this podcast. It tackles all of the necessities regarding personal finance. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us Laura!!!
Best money podcast
Recently found the podcast and I love it. I am in finances and I had been searching for a podcast that can provide relatable information and tips!!
super helpful
Loving all the information! Thanks for sharing.
Concise & Infornativee
The perfect podcast in providing valuable information in a concise format. I appreciate the emphasis on utilizing time to stay on topic. The production and host are both top quality.
Michael 5-31-11
One of the best Podcasts out there!!!
I should start off by saying I’m pretty bad at reviewing podcasts. This is my first ever review. But after listening to so many of these Money Girl Podcasts, I knew I had to change that. The wealth of knowledge and financial advice is unparalleled. Listening to this Podcast is such a huge investment in your financial health. If you’re looking for sound financial advice and answers to common yet rather complex financial dilemmas, this is the Podcast you should be listening to!!
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Awesome tips...hard to listen to.
I wish the intro music, ads, and voices didn’t grate on me so’s loud, abrasive, and even robotic sounding. But awesome, super helpful and comprehensive tips! I noticed in a recent episode in which Laura was being interviewed for another podcast, it was SO much easier to listen to as it was much more low key and conversational. Not robotic or grating at all. I wish every episode were like that!
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Thank you for important advice in language we all understand!
I have just discovered your podcasts and the wealth of information you have online. I’m so appreciative of you and your guests that take the mystery - and the fear - out of investing and making the right financial decisions. I am a retired teacher. I wish you had been around 40 years ago!
Boxer loving Grandmother
This podcast is amazing, always feels unbiased and has taught me so much. I love the range of topics and am so impressed with her knowledge. Love it
Great & simple financial advice
Love this podcast for its easy, quick, & understandable topics. I’ve learned so much & even listen to episodes that don’t pertain to me because I can soak up new information. Highly recommend!
Too many commericals, testimonials & hawking her own books
While the info is okay--pretty basic stuff, actually--and the expert interviews are the best part of the show, I can't stand listening to it because it's nothing but one commerical after another, followed by Laura's testimonials for products, followed by her hawking her own books, classes, etc. Too frustrating to listen to.
Simple and effective. Very easy to understand and follow - I love all the topics. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in getting his finance in order or just to keep up.
So grateful for your tips,tricks and knowledge. Great Podcast
Money Girl is a 5 Star Podcast
I have been a Money Girl listener for years. I value this podcast because of the great information and the production quality. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about personal finance in an easy to access way.
Love this
I’ve made many mistakes regarding money but Laura’s advice has helped me be more mindful when it comes to my finances. I am getting out from under a lot of debt and on top of that affording to live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. She’s given me to tools I need to take control of my money. I feel empowered to call my credit card companies to ask for things I wouldn’t even thought of before. Thank you for your hard work Laura!
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Heather L from Seattle
Great Financial Tips!
This podcast is awesome because Laura explains financial topics in a simple, easy-to-understand way. She covers an array of topics that apply to everyone: investment advice, home buying, car buying, social security, estate planning, general money saving tips, etc. I listen to a variety of financial podcasts, but Money Girl is one of my top two favorites. If you’re looking to improve your financial health, and you want down-to-earth advice on steps you can take right now, Laura’s podcast is the one to listen to for sure! I already feel like I’m in better financial shape and more knowledgeable on money matters. Thanks, Laura!
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Great podcast, encouraging, practical and informative. Money Girl is a new favorite podcast of mine!
Marie in AL
I think the contribution limits are $6000. & $7000 over 50 for IRA in 2019.
Someone please teach this woman how to pronounce finance. It’s kind of imperative to the show.
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