Money For the Rest of Us
Money For the Rest of Us
J. David Stein
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Uncle Stein
Everybody wishes they had a rich uncle to leave them a fortune during their lifetime. Although J David Stein isn’t that uncle, his stories related to finance, economics, and investing are like good advice from that uncle you hope to get rich from. Keep up the good work, love hearing the anecdotal stories.
Jay T 108
Great Investing Pod
Great podcast especially if your trying to go from inexperienced investor to intermediate or advanced breaks down complex concepts and makes them simple
I’m a huge fan of this podcast
Clearly presented and very informative. I’m catching up on all episodes as well as catching the latest releases when they drop. Learning a lot.
Grounded view on investing and economics
David provides thoughtful insight on investment strategies including currency, precious metals, lumber, antiques, stocks, bonds and real estate - that list is not exhaustive. A typical episode will include relevant anecdotal connections to David’s life and explanations behind the topic. He is enjoyable to listen to and generally provides data that challenges my own view points and biases. I especially enjoy when he dabbles into regional and global economics as well as the impact of the (typically US) government acting upon an economic system. I recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys a somewhat story-driven lesson on finance, investing, economics and government.
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Quotes too many statistics
I like the personal anecdotes about David and his family. They provide useful context for the subject and point being made. In the last year or so he seemed to get bogged down in too many numbers without expressing meaning. That may be because of his analytical background and may appeal to some listeners. I started tuning out though.
Change is Good
David’s podcasts are learning tools. Although some reviews note the material is too thick or too heady, after listening to 30 to 40 episodes I know more and feel more comfortable with the investment decisions I’m making. It isn’t always the easiest content to grasp because it is new. For me, the goal is to expand my knowledge - change is good.
Finance Podcasts should not be Political
I listened to many of David’s earlier episodes because they are informative. However, I find that I’ve been losing interest lately. For the latest episode it was unfortunate that David went political. I don’t think this is useful hence I will not be listening to his show anymore.
David is very bright and articulate. He has a good radio voice and seems very genuine. He is creative and has good variety to his shows. This being said, his content can be quite high level and difficult to understand. He has added far more advertisements during his show which is not fun to see, however, I can’t blame him for wanting to make money. He puts a lot of effort into his podcasts. They are more like a mini university class than an entertaining or casual listen like most podcasts. I wish he would make it a little simpler and easier to understand but that’s just me. All this being said, I’ve found myself losing interest lately because it’s simply too heady and not really down to earth. David’s a great guy and I wish him the best but I’m moving on.
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Good knowledge on a variety of topics
David does very well explaining each topic or topics. I find myself wanting to learn more about finance and the workings of our economy, banks, markets etc. I have been listening for about two months now and enjoy following along chronologically. Keep up the great work!
VA test tech
This podcast is well organized in presentation, and provides an excellent mix of economics and investing information. I am a better informed investor because of it, and a better informed citizen.
Previously intellectual and interesting.
Update (8/2020): David contacted me to say he’s sorry the podcast no longer meets my needs and wish me well. We’ve emailed several times over the past 5 years. It was a nice touch. Update (5/2020): Once an avid subscriber (see below), for me the podcast has lost much of its charm, so I deleted it from my Downcast app. David cut the poetic references and meandering tales which revealed insightful connections after monetizing the podcast several years ago, adding perhaps 3-5 minutes of adverts per 30 minute podcast. Other recent reviewers seem to agree. Original (approx 2015): Apart from the reasonable advice, I most like the show's courteous tone and demeanor. No bellicose yelling, corny jokes, bells or whistles. Just reasonable advice about everyday topics. If you like FREAKonomics or Radio Lab, you'll appreciate this podcast.
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Great podcast for investors
I’m new this whole game and this podcast has been extremely helpful
Easy to understand
Love the podcast
Best Financial Podcast!
Have listened to a lot of financial podcasts, and this is my clear favorite. David’s topics are always interesting and practical, presented in a no-nonsense manner. He does a nice job of mixing in personal experience with financial theory. Really enjoyed his book as well. Keep them coming David!
David does a great job at bringing complex financial information into understandable terms and examples. I appreciate the broad factors of impact to the finance world and the nuances of how economic impacts affect financial performances. Thank you deeply for imparting your knowledge to us!
Veteran Market Knowledge
This sub-half hour format and weekly cadence makes for an easy listen with timely topics/materials/content. The best part is the exploration of esoteric asset classes like closed-end funds, venture capital, real estate, and hard commodities; Mr. Stein is very open about sharing his own investment portfolio journey.
Great Show
I appreciate the deep dive into the inner workings of finance and the economy. Stuff you would never learn just reading the paper or watching CNBC.
Breath of fresh air
Mr Stein does a wonderful job of balancing brilliant economic information with common sense applications. He is smart, and very human in his views of economics and life in general. I’ve listened to many finance podcasts over the years, but this is the one I most look forward to.
Money and value
I love this podcast because while it focuses on what we can do and potential outcomes, the focus is much more on *value* than money, the wealth we create in our lives than the wealth we accumulate in our piggy banks. It, of course, talks about how those two things interrelate, and shares knowledge from decades of experience in the financial world. I learn so much about financial outlook, history, and yes, how to keep finances in mind and pursue goals. But at its best, it doesn’t lose sight of the forest for the trees and doesn’t forget that hey, yeah, there are a lot of trees to navigate between and observe in this forest. Thank you!
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Wanted to like more
Informative for the EveryMan
Legitimately good podcast with someone who knows what they are talking about. Sound reasoning, level headed advice. He's not afraid to do the research and lay out more than one or two sides of an issue. Over two hundred episodes and counting, a very comprehensive and thorough course of episodes on the basics of finance. I mean, how much more basic than 'What Is Money' can you get? But mastery of the basic fundamentals is what separates a master from the laymen. He's not condescending and he gives practical advice- often times from his own experience. And even when he gets into some complicated topics like illegal immigration and money market trades, he always digs into the point of view of why you should care. Highly recommend this podcast.
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20% information, 80% noise.
I’ve been a listen for years and liked the show, but recent episodes have been mostly disappointing. Lots of statistics reading and citing the words of others, there is probably only 5 mins useful in every 30-min-Long episodes.
Jianshi Wu
Can’t recommend a podcast that doesn’t vet their advertisers.
I’ve been a subscriber for several years, but I can’t support a podcast that doesn’t know what the advertisers do - let alone support them. Oracle? Really? Can’t keep listening. Would give negative stars if possible.
Anon reviewer d00d
Great information, great delivery
Ps to ranger7810; the correct spelling is “waste”, as in your review.
Waist of time
So far i’ve listen to A few episodes and honestly, I didn’t learn anything at all. Just a lot of talk about nothing, just another Standard useless podcast.
A different perspective on investing
New subscriber and have listened to several early 2014 episodes as well as the last few recent ones. I like David’s approach to teaching us how the economy works, how the different investment vehicles differ and how to use them, and his hints on how to put life and investing together. It’s complicated and he is great at explaining it all. As a person who manages his own finances I think this will benefit me greatly. Thanks for making my commute to work more enjoyable! I joined his plus program to learn more and hope to eventually work my way thru all episodes
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Too vague
Tried 15 episodes or so and couldn’t get any concrete direction. Maybe this guy is too concerned about litigation from giving actual advice but I came away from each episode wanting more. He would start to touch on a topic that was helpful, but suddenly stop and stay arms-length away from digging deep. As a previous reviewer said - this guy is good on theory, but he doesn’t get into the truly helpful aspects that I thought this podcast would do. Unsubscribed.
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Great for debaters not beginners
All debate and theory not for beginners who are looking for answers and learning how to understand the markets
Really appreciate the in depth treatment of some really diverse topics. Interesting every time!
Limma voom
I just started listening from the beginning and I really like how simply he explains everything. Really helpful for someone who is just beginning their journey into investing. His podcasts seem to be following a logical order based on what should be helpful to the beginning investor, stage by stage. I'm hooked!
Party Ry
Nice Blend of Life and Learning
David does a superb job of presenting investing concepts in a way that both beginners and experienced investors can benefit from. David's personal & conversational style allows him to relate in a way that makes his point stick. Also, no interviews here which is refreshing. One thing that puzzles me is David's insistence that that U.S. economy is a closed system (either the government goes in debt so businesses and individuals can save or vice versa). Philosophically I find it hard to believe the economy is a zero sum game. Population growth and increased efficiencies alone should provide some degree of net economic growth. Another puzzler is the satisfaction expressed on the July 31, 2019 episode at the sale of his home in Idaho Falls explaining that his footprint had been reduced. However, won't the new owners continue to use the sold home in a similar manner meaning there is a net zero impact? Feels like a bit of circular reasoning
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Just started listening from the first episode and the amount of insightful information about the economy and investing is incredible. As a self taught investor, every episode so far has at least 3 nuggets of information that has me saying “now I understand what that means”. Highly recommend. And I preordered his book!
Sometimes interesting, but clearly an open-borders advocate with socialist ideas.
I listened to some episodes that seemed pretty interesting but in a few episodes it became clear that Mr. Stein is too far to the left for my tastes. He’s an advocate of open borders and of socialist programs. Not the type of advice that will help our country or our country’s citizens.
Great insights and communication
I’ve been working my way through all of the podcasts because they cover so much. I’ve emailed John a few times as well, great at getting back. Love how quick you can get through these.
Candidly fickle
Great for common folk
Really good information for someone who’s not in the financial industry, commonsense approach, Basic education of the economy and how to Increase knowledge and understanding
Favorite podcast for years
David does such a fantastic job of covering a panorama of financial topics in a way that is always interesting. Keep up the great work!
joel schaefer
Great podcast
Great delivery, great content, and a great education. Thanks!
Really great explainer
David is the best when it comes to pointing out new subject areas that I haven’t thought of. Stuff I want to know. For example, a show on Central Banks, Emerging Markets, the Dollar...even Thoreau! Can't thank you enough David. Irish
Great podcast
I just discovered this podcast... catching up! Great descriptions of financial matters.
Great podcast in such little time
Love listening in on this podcast, perfect for any little spot of free time.
A balanced guy
Nice balance of down to earth, pragmatic perspective on the economy, guidance for your economic journey with a dash of spiritual wisdom. Well done!
Ronaldo J
Such a dry podcast. Voice is far too monotone
Great Podcast, very well done
Money for the Rest of Us is one of go to podcasts for financial insight. The podcasts are interesting and relevant - I recommend it to my friends. David provides excellent explanation and commentary on financial products and concepts. One of the few podcasts I listen to each week. Thank you for making this available to us.
Episode 229 is required listening
This episode was one of the most refreshing podcasts I have ever listened to. If you are interested in portfolio construction this is a podcast you really need to sit and listen to. The concept of minimizing maximum regret was something I had not considered. It may save me a lot of money.
You will learn
David Stein's podcast educates listeners on economic matters, markets, and asset classes in a thoughtful, careful way, that is also easy to follow.
Best Podcast for Personal Finance and Investing Knowledge
David’s earnest approach and natural curiosity allow him to deliver an interesting and useful podcast every week. He doesn’t over simplifying as many other personal finance hosts tend to, but dives into the weeds. He thoroughly researches his topics so it’s never just his personal opinion for 30 minutes. This is my favorite podcast and find plus membership well worth the low annual fee. My only criticism is just a personal preference thing, but I find it really grating that he speaks the zero in front of percentages. For example he would read 0.7% as “zero point seven percent” where I’d prefer just “point 7 percent”. But I’m adjusting. Thank you for doing this podcast David.
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Tom in Oak Park
Challenging perspectives
Great podcast with great content. See economics through the eyes of someone that actually handled money.
Clear and understandable
Easy to listen to, no distractive background noise/music, demystifies how hidden economy machinery works and knits that seamlessly into financial decisions for the individual on a practical basis. David’s clarity on economy and finances is like fresh air replacing the smog of it all. I highly recommend his podcasts for anyone any age wanting to acquire the knowledge he is sharing out of his years of experience in the field.
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No nonsense explanations of finance
Great podcast that is easy to understand.
A waste of time
This show was a total waste of time. The title talks about how to navigate housing bubble. And then the show spends the entire time talking about the problem of the housing bubble instead of presenting creative way on how to actually navigate it. It just keeps talking about the things that anyone listening to it would already know if they’re dealing with a housing bubble. You can stay put in your house you can move in with relatives or you can leave the area and try to go somewhere else, but the challenge is the housing bubble’s are having happening all over the country and most of the desired areas to live and they can go for years. When I take the time to listen to a podcast, I want them to give me ideas that help actually solve the problem and not just going around and round about the problem.
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Absolutely superb
I listen to over 25 podcasts on a regular basis, and this is far and away my favorite, which is particularly crazy for someone like me to admit. I'm the stereotypical artist who always slunk away at the mention of anything having to do with finance. I used to make fun of it: “So stocks go up…stocks go down…gosh, how interesting!” I never took a class in econ, let alone finance, so we’re talking utter indifference and ignorance about all things money. So imagine my surprise a few months ago after I checked out this podcast on a lark. I. Am. Completely. Hooked. I listened to all 200+ episodes in the matter of a few months, and even revisited many of those a second time. I have a new-found passion and it’s all due to David’s podcast. He does a remarkable job of synthesizing the material and communicating it to the audience. Plus, as a professional actor, I can vouch for his speaking voice which is remarkably pleasant to listen to: that matters when it’s just one guy you’re listening to for a half-hour. I’ve actually bailed on other podcasts that had interesting topics because the host’s voice was so drone or lifeless that it dwarfed the actual content. David maintains an engaging, soothing quality throughout each episode, fueled by his simple, sincere passion to help people understand the world of money. He also manages that most difficult of challenges: to come off as wise without being condescending. He’s well aware that some listeners like me are brand new, but he speaks to us humbly and like a peer. The “for us” in the title is no joke. He’s a multi-millionaire and early retiree who lives in Iowa, owns a farm and likes fly-fishing. I’m an actor who’s lived in Manhattan and Los Angeles and…well, share none of those things. And yet, we connect. He responds with care and understanding to my questions, which I would be too embarrassed to ask elsewhere. My understanding of money has been transformed to the point that friends and family are shocked and make fun of me. But I don’t care since I’m grateful to have found a new passion and hobby that I didn’t even know I was looking for. I don't have a lot to invest right now, but that doesn't even matter. My fascination is sparked simply by discovering how the world of money works, and by how much that bleeds into the rest of our lives. He masterfully discusses simple life lessons that go far beyond the world of finance. Needless to say, I’m grateful this podcast exists.
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