Money For the Rest of Us
Money For the Rest of Us
J. David Stein
How To Get Better At Risk Taking
27 minutes Posted Jul 20, 2022 at 9:04 am.
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Show notes

Five ways we can better take and manage risk.

Topics covered include:

  • How likely is it that China will invade Taiwan and the stock market will fall 80%
  • Why experts tend to be humble and don't make specific predictions
  • What is the difference between risk and uncertainty, and between loss capacity and loss aversion
  • What factors impact our degree of loss aversion and loss tolerance
  • Why the economy needs more risk takers rather than rentiers

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Show Notes

Investor Risk Profiling: An Overview by Joachim Klement, CFA—CFA Institute Research Foundation

Looming Large or Seeming Small? Attitudes Towards Losses in a Representative Sample by Jonathan Chapman, et al.

The Global Impacts of Climate Change on Risk Preferences by Wesley Howden and Remy Levin

Does Mood Take the Front Seat in Determining the Financial Risk-Taking Propensity of Individuals? Evidence from India by Crystal Glenda Rodrigues and Gopalakrishna B. V

Venture Capital AUM at Record High of $2tn—Preqin

10 Key Facts About the Capital Markets by Katie Kolchin, CFA—SIFMA

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