Monday Morning Critic Podcast
Monday Morning Critic Podcast
Darek Thomas
My name is Darek Thomas and I am the host of Monday Morning Critic Podcast. My podcast is a labor of love created out of my passion for my guests, their work and a variety of shows, movies and people that have changed my life. Welcome to Monday Morning
(Episode 449) "Ordinary Angels" Director: Jon Gunn.
Episode 449."Ordinary Angels"Director: Jon GunnDirector Jon Gunn (American Underdog, Jesus Revolution, I Still Believe, The Case for Christ) talks his newest project "Ordinary Angels"Based on a remarkable true story, ORDINARY ANGELS centers on Sharon (Hilary Swank), a fierce but struggling hairdresser in small-town Kentucky who discovers a renewed sense of purpose when she meets Ed (Alan Ritchson), a widower working hard to make ends meet for his two daughters. With his youngest daughter waiting for a liver transplant, Sharon sets her mind to helping the family and will move mountains to do it. What unfolds is the inspiring tale of faith, everyday miracles, and ordinary angels.Jon and I have a fun discussion about movies, life,  faith and family.#faithbased  #movie #fyp #director #alanritchson
Feb 16
20 min
(Episode 448)  "The Dynasty: New England Patriots" Director: Matthew Hamachek.
Episode 448."The Dynasty: The New England Patriots. Director Matt Hamachek.Matt Hamachek is a talented director who has also directed "Tiger" (2021). The Dynasty: New England Patriots takes us inside the franchise’s 20-year journey, from the unique chemistry that fueled six Super Bowl wins to the internal strife that sparked a turf war. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, and key players reveal the road to—and cost of—greatness.I bring up some key talking points with Matt which include...1. Why was Spygate held to a different standard than what Conor Stalions did at Michigan?2. The Boston Media.3. If he is surprised Bill Belichick does not have a job for the 2024 season.4. Brady's roots and what fueled him.5. Roger Goodell's lack of leadership and consistency. 6. The lazy narrative of "See, it was all Brady"7. The two people Matt found to be most interesting.8. Earl Woods and Tom Brady Sr. similarities. 9. Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady basically getting the same punishments. Brady was accused of deflating footballs. This and more. This is a GREAT documentary that is about football but also about storytelling. I loved it.Drops Friday, 2/16 Apple TV+ #football #nfl #movie #documentary #fyp
Feb 14
21 min
(Episode 447) "Welcome Home, Franklin. (Craig Schulz, Robb Armstrong and Raymond Persi.)
Episode 447.Welcome Home, Franklin.Craig Schulz (Charles's Son) , Robb Armstrong and Raymond Persi.Sparked by the assassination of Martin Luther King, Franklin Armstrong was born in the Peanuts Universe on July 31, 1968. With the hope of promoting tolerance- Harriet Glickman a teacher contacted Peanuts creator Charles Schulz. The origin story for one of Peanuts’ most beloved characters, Franklin, follows how he approaches making new friends. Franklin’s family is always on the move with his dad’s military job, and everywhere he goes Franklin finds support in a notebook filled with his grandfather’s advice on friendship. But when Franklin tries his usual strategies with the Peanuts gang, he has trouble fitting in. That’s until he learns about the neighborhood Soap Box Derby race. According to his grandfather, everyone loves a winner! He’s sure that winning the race will also mean winning over some new friends. All he needs is a partner, which he finds in Charlie Brown. Franklin and Charlie Brown work together to build a car and in the process become good buddies. But as the race nears, the pressure mounts — can their car and their newfound friendship make it to the finish line?A wonderful story of redemption and friendship.  #charliebrown #charlesschulz #childrensstories #fyp
Feb 13
10 min
(Episode 446) "The Shawshank Redemption" Actor: Don McManus.
Episode 446."The Shawshank Redemption"Actor: Don McManus.Don and I talk Seinfeld (Duncan Meyer), Dexter, The Shawshank Redemption,  Vice and  his most recent film Joker: Folie à Deux.A veteran character actor on some of TV's most quirky series, Don McManus got his first recurring role playing Erick Reese Hillman, the first gay character to marry his boyfriend on television, on the critically acclaimed CBS dramedy "Northern Exposure." Next up for McManus was a change of pace, playing dynamic manager Lee Michaelson in Steven Bochco's searing courtroom drama "Murder One" and a recurring role as a recovering alcoholic on the gripping family drama "Party of Five." McManus continued to work steadily, with guest roles in such high-profile series as the political drama "The West Wing," the crime series "Cold Case," and the refreshingly original sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle." His next big recurring role was as Assistant District Attorney John Lennox on David E. Kelley's off-kilter law series "Boston Legal," where he appeared as an attorney who battles Crane, Poole, & Schmidt. In between his busy television schedule, McManus also found the time to appear in several films, including the critically acclaimed prison drama "The Shawshank Redemption," Paul Thomas Anderson's absurdist "Punch-Drunk Love," and the big-budget Nicolas Cage adventure "National Treasure."Welcome, Don McManus. #seinfeld #vice #dexter #podcast #fyp #interview #shorts
Feb 6
1 hr 1 min
(Episode 445) "Scrambled" Leah McKendrick.
Episode 445"Scambled"Actor, Director and Writer: Leah McKendrick.Leah McKendrick is a Latina American multi-hyphenate filmmaker and actress from San Francisco. Her directorial debut, SCRAMBLED, which she also wrote and stars in, premiered at SXSW 2023 and is based on Leah’s real journey through egg freezing and 30-something singledom.McKendrick has multiple projects in various stages of development including the Paramountromantic comedy BETTER LATE THAN NEVER which she is attached to direct, and penning the screenplay for TriStar’s reboot of the 80s cult classic, TROOP BEVERLY HILLS. Up next she’ll be writing the legacy sequel to the 90s slasher, I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.McKendrick also wrote the GREASE prequel SUMMER LOVIN’Scrambled opens February 2nd. #scrambled  #movie #lionsgate #tbt #comedy
Feb 1
18 min
(Episode 444) "Ratatouille" Actor: Lou Romano. (Alfredo Linguini).
Episode 444."Ratatouille"Actor and Artist: Lou Romano.This was Lou Romano's first podcast interview.  It was a fun interview filled with Disney, Pixar and movie making talk! Lou is a multi talented actor and artist who has a very impressive filmography.Lou Romano is an actor who has been in such iconic movies as Ratatouille (Linguini), Cars (Snot-Rod), The Incredibles (Bernie Kropp).Lou has also been part of the Art department in such classics as #up #theirongiant #dumbo #luca and many more. Lou's portrayal of Alfredo Linguini remains one of my all time favorites. Many consider Ratatouille to be one of the best animated movies ever made. Lou's rapport and friendship with Brad Bird has led to some pretty special storytelling.Welcome, Lou Romano. #theincredibles #cars #disney #pixar
Jan 30
59 min
(Episode 443) "Silent Night" and "Zero Zero Zero" Actor: Harold Torres.
Episode 443."Silent Night" and "Zero Zero Zero" Actor: Harold Torres.Harold comes back on the show (he was on in 2020) to talk Silent Night, Zero Zero Zero, his favorite movies, days where movies where hard to find, how he gets into the zone for roles and so much more. This hour interview went by very fast.I have never seen a human being so nice that transforms into the most villainous of villains. He is a very, very gifted actor and he when he wants to be, scary as hell.Welcome Back, Harold Torres.#zerozerozero #silentnight #haroldtorres #tbt #movie #tbt #fyp
Jan 26
1 hr
(Episode 442) "The Wire and Power Book III: Raising Kanan" Actors: Wendell Pierce and Erika Woods.
Episode 442.Actors: Wendell Pierce and Erika Woods.***Correction. I reference an interview Wendell did with Michael K. Williams in 2021. The interview took place in 2014 and was reposted in 2021. Apologies for the error.Wendell and Erika stop by to talk "Power Book III: Raising Kanan. I asked Wendell about the late Michael K. Williams, working together on The Wire and how this project compares to others they've done.Wendell is a legend and I was honored to have them both on the podcast. #michaelkwilliams #powerbookiii #fyp #podcast #tbt
Jan 18
6 min
(Episode 441) "Fury", "End of Watch" and "The Beekeeper" Director: David Ayer.
Episode 441."Fury", "End of Watch" and "The Beekeeper" Director: David Ayer.Writer and Director David Ayer has overcome some monumental adversity to become one of the best directors on the planet. David's father took his own life with a gun on Christmas Day when David was 4 years old, he bounced to over 12 different foster homes. He eventually enlisted in the Navy and sold scripts (Training Day) to get his big break.  Jon Bernthal called working with David "The defining artistic experience of his life"Talking points:1. David and I talk about his newest film The Beekeeper.2.  Jason Statham  is great in the Beekeeper. Is the rumor true he has it built into his contract that he can never lose a fight on screen? 3. We talk about the epic "Fury", it's grittiness, what actors are willing to do for David to prepare for roles and the fact that Fury Top 3 War Movie for me.4. Is Michael Pena the most underrated actor on the planet?5. The fact that David most assuredly should have been nominated for best screenplay for "Training Day"and much more.Welcome, David Ayer. #endofwatch #fury #thebeekeeper #fyp #interview #podcast #suicidesquad #davidayer #bradpitt
Jan 8
15 min
(Episode 440) "Captain Marvel" Composer: Pinar Toprak.
Episode 440."Captain Marvel"Composer: Pinar Toprak.Pinar Toprak is a Turkish-American Emmy-nominated composer, conductor and performer, who specializes in creating thematic scores for everything from superhero sagas and blockbuster comedies to TV series and dramas. With her work on Captain Marvel and Fortnite, Pinar is the first female composer to score both a film and video game with gross revenues of over $1 billion and $5 billion respectively.Pinar also brings her fresh perspective and unique vision to a diversity of others musical projects, to name a few: composing the new theme for Amazon Prime Video Sports, popularly used on NFL's Thursday Night Football, composing and producing the soundtrack for Disney theme parks, including the new Epcot theme, writing and producing music for Christina Aguilera's 2019 Xperience Live Show in Las Vegas and conducting Billie Eilish's performance of "No Time To Die" at the 2022 Oscars ceremony.2023 saw the releases of the highly anticipated Paramount animation film PAW Patrol: The Might Movie and the Netflix comedy Family Switch, starring Ed Helms and Jennifer Garner, both with a score by Pinar Toprak.Pinar's talent for illuminating a story with her music is evident throughout her work, including scores for The Lost City (starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, directed by Adam Nee and Aaron Nee), Stargirl on the CW (created by Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti ), Syfy's Krypton (created by David S. Goyer and Damien Kindler), HBO's McMillions (directed by James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte), Slumberland (starring Jason Momoa, directed by Francis Lawrence) and Shotgun Wedding (starring Jennifer Lopez, directed by Jason Moore), among many others.#captainmarvel #brielarson #captainmarvel2 #comicbooks #marvel #moviemusic #pawpatrol #thursdaynightfootball
Jan 3
34 min
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