Mom Struggling Well
Mom Struggling Well
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#155: Raising Readers with Sarah Clarkson
55 minutes Posted Oct 8, 2018 at 3:00 am.
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Sarah Clarkson is an author, a blogger, and a student of theology. She's the author of Read for the Heart, Caught Up in a Story, and Journeys of Faithfulness, as well as her latest titled, Book Girl (a Woman's Guide to the Reading Life). Through blogs, books, and her current research, she explores the theological significance of story, the intersection of theology and imagination, and the formative power of beauty. She writes regularly about her adventures at and is at slow work on a novel. She can often be found with a cup of good coffee in one of the many quaint corners amid Oxford's "dreaming spires," where she lives in a red-doored cottage with her husband, Thomas and their daughter, Lilian.

What we chat about: how studying theology and theodicy has affected Sarah’s faith
believing that God is still good when circumstances are bad
battling to take every thought captive when dealing with OCD
the power of words and encouragement for new readers
God’s faithfulness in the valley of loneliness
Links mentioned: The Great Divorce J.R.R. Tolkien Elizabeth Goudge Pilgrim’s Inn Wendell Barry Hannah Coulter Clark’s Shoes
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