Mom Struggling Well
Mom Struggling Well
Emily, Rebecca, Kate
#154: Surrender, Suffering and Community with Shannan Martin
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Oct 1, 2018 at 3:00 am.
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Show notes

Wouldn’t it be amazing if life didn’t include loss? Sometimes we love things so much the idea of letting them go feels like it might be the end of us. If you are walking through a season of surrender (voluntary or forced) or if this season has been one of suffering for you, you’re going to find comfort in Shannan’s story. If you long for a community but don’t know how to get it, you are in for a treat with this episode as well! Shannan has a compelling story of how she has formed a ragtag group of family-turned-friends. I got so much out of this conversation and I know you will too!

What we chat about: when struggles with infertility don’t result in the birth of a child
Shannan’s story of how God rescued her from the life she wanted
building community with people who are unlike you
why we should make being around people who make us uncomfortable a priority
maintaining hope when you see people in your community repeat harmful patterns
the power of simply showing up
Links mentioned: The Ministry of Ordinary Places Falling Free Ugly Delicious
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