Mom Coaches Getting Clients
Mom Coaches Getting Clients
Eps 238: When It's Time to Pivot
22 minutes Posted Jan 17, 2023 at 7:18 am.
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Show notes

Feeling it's time for a change in your two in your mom coaching biz? It's natural to get twitchy when it's time to make some tweaks in your business. Your becoming a mom coach journey is going to go through growth spurts. Don't hold back in these. It may simply be a time to pivot. You can pivot in big or small ways. But whichever way you go for it make sure it serves you as much as it serves your ideal client.


On this week’s podcast episode you’ll hear:  

Nailing your business down with a niche statement then spinning around exploring ways to serve your ideal clients in creative new ways.

When to consider making a pivot and what this could look like in mini and macro ways.

Tapping back into 'Fun Kathy' and her superpowers that have been really helpful in navigating my latest pivot.

How you're mom coaching biz is just like a 1000 jigsaw puzzle and I can't wait to help you put it back together.

Finding the balance between free styling and being methodical when planning out your next move.



Featured on the podcast:


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