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Mom and Dad Are Fighting | Slate's parenting show
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Must listen!
No other podcast is as entertaining AND educational as MADAF. I so appreciate the host’s vulnerability and willingness to share their perspectives and fails with us. I’m a better parent for listening and learning with Dan, Alison, Gabe, Carvell, Rebecca, Jamilah, and Elizabeth. Thank you!!
Bring back Allison Benedikt!
I love this show, but I miss Allison so much. When she was introduced on the most recent episode I was beyond excited. My favorite parenting podcaster because she’s so relatable and funny.
I tune in for Jamilah
I never miss an episode and it’s mainly for Jamilah. She can perfectly explain why a situation may feel wrong or uncomfortable for a parent and then offer up the best solution. That was most evident in this week’s episode (Potentially Too Provocative) where for both listener questions she provided great guidance and insight. Please do whatever you can to keep Jamilah. Her insight and thoughtfulness is unparalleled.
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I’m 24 I have no kids and this is my favorite podcast. It’s entertaining and soothing and fascinating. I love jamilah and Elizabeth. Specifically I love the way Elizabeth does things and I love hearing her share about her life.
Awesome Podcast!!!
Jamiliah, Dan & Elizabeth, hosts of the Mom and Dad Are Fighting -Slate podcast, highlights all aspects of kids & family and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Too nice to one another
The show used to be actually mom and dad fighting ... frankly sometimes ridiculous things are said that deserve push back but the hosts are unwilling to actually fight and often times are unwilling to call a spade a spade.
Good, but can go off track
The show is good. They've gone through various sets of hosts over the years. This current one is not the best, but has its strengths. However, be aware that there can be significant digressions in the banter, and triumphs and fails can go on long at times.
Fun, smart, reassuring; brings joy like a well-trained puppy
Life isn’t great right now for so many people. Life with young kids in America can be extra hard. But these hosts are an inspiration to be better people all while reassuring us that we’re doing ok. And it’s just fun to listen!
El Hemp
I love this show, the banter helps quarantine not feel so lonely especially with me home with my kids now more than ever. They have really helpful advise, it’s like having your friends here with you. The only bummer is the weight watchers ad for kids, that is troubling and I hope that gets rethought.
Mrs. Bellew
Love the podcast, hate the food ads
The Oneida food bribery commercial and the weight watchers good food bad food calorie counter commercials
Awesome, enteraining and informative
I am loving this podcast! Jamilliah & Dan pack every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!
Stacey Shapiro
Great Podcast to listen to for parents and nonparents alike
I love to listen to this podcast every Thursday it comes out. With fresh humor and relatable parenting situations, it makes me smile each week.
Lisa podcast
I Like It
I really like this podcast. It makes me laugh and think. However, I really hate that Weight Watchers is a sponsor and pushing their kids program. Please reconsider this.
I want to love this but...
I want to love this show. Current and previous hosts are funny, caring and informative. The banter back and forth is engaging and hosts present solutions that are family positive. However... they have teamed up with Weight Watchers for kids. This is abusive and will cause eating disorders, a topic they have covered in their episodes. Teaming with Kirbo goes against what the hosts claim to represent. I am extremely disappointed by this and believe it can be very damaging. Children should NOT be dieting, and that is what they are peddling.
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Please bring back Carvell, Rebecca, and Gabe!
They had excellent chemistry, were super articulate, funny, fair, and although I naught not always agreed but I respected their perspectives. I looked forward to the podcast every week. Now I’d rather go back to older episodes with them on rather than listen to the boring and sometimes annoying new hosts. I appreciate the new hosts trying but they just don’t cut it.
Out of touch
I recently started listening to the podcast. Honestly, I’ve only listened to 3 episodes and they were all ok. Then I listened to the episode titled “Bosslady in Crisis”. With respect, I could not disagree with their response or opinions more. Their response to a woman looking for solutions to running her business (and supporting employees who are parents) during the pandemic was to change the business model to not be focused on profits and ask less of employees. What?!?!? These people are out of touch with reality! Take this advice Bosslady, and your business will be gone. There is a reason why profits are the focus of businesses... because it supports a business’ operations. While they acknowledge that some businesses may not be able to sustain reduced profits, they blame lack of government support. Where in the world does the government get funding?!?? BUSINESSES THAT MAKE MONEY. While I can appreciate the entertainment qualities of the podcast, the opinions of the hosts are too far out there for me. This one is a firm ‘skip’!
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Love all the perspectives
As a teacher and a parent I love this podcast and I find myself recommending it to both my colleagues at work and fellow parents. Although I miss some of the old guests (RIP) I love the current panel too. They have great discussions I appreciate their thoughtful advice. As my kids age I find myself going back and listening to old episodes that now take on new meaning to me as a parent. Great content - 5 Stars!
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Heard Jamilah.... everyone who isn’t a Democrat a deplorable. Said we’re at war. Unifying is your intent... right moon cricket?
Bring back Carvell!
Was a 5 before he left. A 1 since. He has a tempering effect that even makes listening to Jamilah tolerable (for short periods of time).
Have y’all ever...smoked weed?
Hi! Longtime listener, first time commenter. I noticed some wild comments about marijuana and I just wanted to clarify that weed is not, like, what some of you seem to think it is. For regular smokers (which I am not), a small amount of weed isn't particularly impairing, no more and perhaps less than a glass a wine and *certainly* less than a Benadryl. Of course you COULD smoke so much weed that you’d be endangering a minor child in your care, but, for a regular smoker that would be ALOT—I don’t think Jamilah is ripping gravity bongs before story time or whatever. Parents, because of the nature of the role, are almost always “impaired” btw. Being sleep deprived is equivalent to having three beers, which is, again, probably worse than being a touch high. And while you might argue that parents of a new baby are not choosing to deprive themselves of sleep, whereas smokers could abstain, I’d counter that some people smoke to manage mental health conditions, namely clinical anxiety. That’s not an on-label use for medical marijuana in most states, but PTSD is. I’m not saying smoking makes everyone a better parent, but does make *some* people better parents. I don’t know if that’s true of Jamilah or not but, again, unless she is spreading cannabutter on her English muffins then donning one of gas mask things or dabbing or whatever it is bad kids do these days, she’s probably good. And one more thing, the negative comments directed at Jamilah on couple fronts seem like, in general, a request that she be more respectable. And that seems a little racist. I know that’s not how you meant it, whoever you are, and maybe those few commenters really do hate weed and poop and the word vagina SO much, apropos of nothing. Maybe. *Maybe* But then putting that next to the criticism of Elizabeth* as too respectable and it’s like: how can one win?? By being a man. Sigh. Living under patriarchy is boring. *And I agree Elizabeth sounds really perfect BUT not totally (the imaginary children thing: whew) AND some people are just like that! Such people need representation too. We can’t pretend perfect people’s voices don’t count just because we are jealous; that’s just mean.
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Thanks Jamilah
Honest, funny.
Jamilah is great!
I think that Jamilah is such a wonderful voice on the show.
Very good
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while. I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of the new host Elizabeth. She seems like a nice person, but if sometimes feels like she’s trying to portray her life in a way that is very idyllic. She’s a mommy blogger, So do it makes sense, but I find her input a little too “perfect,” especially considering how vulnerable the other hosts seem to be about their struggles as parents.
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I would just like to agree with other comments that the constant referral to drug use is normalizing a very bad choice for a parent to make -especially a single parent solely in charge. I used to find show amusing.. Now i often find it disgusting and misguided. I’m sure there must be a responsible adult willing to take J’s place. Even if the hosts insist on drug use in their home lives, please do not suggest that it is reasonable and healthy for others. I do not want stressed people to start this habit. Some of the medical research suggests young smokers of thc may be particularly susceptible to covid 19 and that this explains why our younger people get sick more than those elsewhere. J has mentioned vaping. STOP IT!!
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responsble hunan
Does Jamilah even read the questions?
I like Jamilah as a person, she seems cool and fun, but she’s a terrible host for this show. It’s like she doesn’t even read the listener questions and just monologues on the topic of the question. For instance, this week in back to back questions, she gave objectively awful advice. First, she gave advice that was obviously not applicable to the listener (I was happy to hear Dan say I don’t think the listener has a problem with that) and then on the second question she suggested the listener do an activity like a craft project that the listener blatantly said she had ALREADY tried! I’ve listened every week for years and even subscribed to slate plus for the extra segments, but I’m so frustrated with the lack of any applicable advice. Frankly it doesn’t seem like Jamilah takes this job seriously enough to even read the questions before recording. On the other hand, Elizabeth has been great and seems like she gives careful thoughtful advice.
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Gross host loves to talk about poop
I used to love this podcast, but I really don’t like the new host, Jamila. Her description of being in the bathroom with her 6(!) year old actually made me gag. She described the stink and how her daughter’s bowel movement was half in and half out. OMG. To be clear, this was not a medical situation, she was “keeping her daughter company” on the toilet and describing it in detail to the public. First, no one wants to hear that. Second, respect your child’s privacy. I tuned out for a few weeks only to come back to a description of Jamila taking a dump on the living room floor when she was a child. This host clearly has some scatalogical boundary issues. It’s gross.
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Most informative and entertaining parenting podcast!
This podcast offers different views and parenting tips while making you laugh all the while! Dan is the best but other hosts are tolerable.
Parenting is Tough
Parenting is tough, this pod helps get me through. Jamilah’s perspective is refreshing and needed.
Enlightening and helpful!
I just discovered this podcast and have been binge listening for a week now. I love the diversity of questions, and am impressed with the panelists’ responses. I love Jamilah as a host: having her perspective and me a coparenting mom and mom of color helps me get outside my bubble, not to mention she’s so present on the podcast with her responses. I love the dynamic between her and Dan. Thank you all for making this podcast!
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AnchorMoms Approve!
Great chemistry between hosts and ALL the ups and downs of parenting addressed here. Well done!
Great podcast!
Hosts do a great job tackling tough parenting issues. Fun to listen to and informative!
I miss the old hosts
I really loved this show until recent host changes. Jamilah is not a good addition. I often agree with her responses to the parenting questions, but it’s way too long of an answer. I’ve found I start skipping ahead when she starts responding because holy cow, wrap it up. Also, take your kid to school.
Too many monologues
I’d love a little more conversation, less monologues and it’s so lecture-like lately. I’m also not feeling the chemistry of the new hosts either since the departure of Carvell and Rebecca
Jen -cxzsdfg
Too much laughing in the mic
Want to love it but the constant laughing is hard to listen to. Wish that could be edited out
Jamila talks too much.
I have been a subscriber since the beginning with Dan and Allison. I have enjoyed all the hosts over the years but Jamila just talks too much. I have been turning it off all together sometimes I just can’t stand it.
Oh Jamilah no more mentions of a vagina
If I have to hear Jamilah describe how she holds her finger in small circle to ask her 6 year old what is this size and then she answers “a vagina”, in order to somehow guilt her I’m gonna scream. Parenting experts shouldn’t be celebrating the use of passive aggressive tactics on small children.
Petite elite
Just Great
I find this interesting to listen to and I like the variety of questions answered.
Real talk for parents who are people too
Well-produced and never too long. I appreciate the host rotation. I enjoy all the hosts, but it's nice to have different voices. I'm not usually a fan of "talk shows" but I love the format of this one: They each share their success or failure as a parent for the week, answer a couple of submitted questions, then wrap it up with some recommendations. Not too short, not too long.
Rosy journalism
Great Show But a High Ad Percentage
First off, this show has 5 star quality content! I miss the old hosts but love the new POV from the new hosts and I'm sure they'll grow on me. The only complaint I have is all the ads. There's an early as from slate+ immediately followed by a paid as. There's also often a paid conversation about a nutrition product. This ads up to very little in terms of the amount of time given to actual content vs. time given to ads. I get it. Podcasts are free and are able to stay free due in part to the ads. Slate is a fantastic site and podcast producer that I would hate to see go the way of Disolve, Deadspin, Grantland, etc. An extra listener question or two would be appreciated.
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Tyler L.
Rebecca you’re the best
I agree the podcast has gone way downhill since Jamilah joined the group. It was at its best with Gabe, Carvell and Rebecca. Rebecca is a true gem!!!! She has the BEST insights and advice. Now that I found out she’s leaving the podcast I won’t be listening to it anymore. I will miss you Rebecca!
Has gone way downhill
Used to be a solid podcast but has way downhill since Jamilah joined.
erica khetran
Love you guys and all of your varied perspectives! I have a 22 yr old just grad college son and an almost jr in hs. EVERYTHING you guys talk about makes me a better person and most importantly a better parent!!
Rebecca please stop laughing at the end of every sentence
I love that Dan is back! And...I'm so disappointed because I still can't listen to it again because Rebecca Lavoie laughs with literally every sentence she says. Every time she says anything she ends it with a laugh, virtually no matter what she is talking about. Please, please, please stop the constant laughing! It must be a nervous tick. Also I agree the show was so much better when they brought in experts to talk, too.
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Thayer B
Love that Dan is Baaaaaaacccckkk!
I used to listen to this show religiously when Dan and Allison were hosts. It is so great to hear Dan’s voice again because he is so down to earth and real about the ins and outs of parenting. Thank you Lyra and Harper for letting your dad share about you on the air, you are the best!!!!
I love love love MADAF! Whether you are a parent or a wanna-be parent, I thoroughly enjoy all of the podcasts. The vibe of the podcast is funny and all three hosts bring a cool perspective to the table. I always have a moment where I laugh out loud. Worth every second
Good but it used to be so much better
The show in its current iteration is fine, but I found it way more compelling when the show followed the original format. Every other week, two topics were chosen & Dan & Alison found experts to discuss them with rather than merely sharing their own opinion. While I’m interested in what Rebecca, Gabe, & Carvell have to say I wish they reached out more to people with the expertise to answer questions. Also, I liked having more of a focus on younger children. Now that we have a new group of hosts, Gabe is the only one to offer immediate insight into what it’s like raising young kids.
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Great podcast!
I really love letting this podcast stack up for a few weeks and then binging over the course of a few days. As a parent of a 10 month old, I like listening to the parenting that Gabe, Rebecca, and Carvell are going through and imagining what I would in that situation, and building a framework in my mind for my goals. I also appreciate how much they address social issues.
Thursday’s fun day
Absolutely love this podcast. The hosts are the most down to earth humans. They help make me feel less isolated in my parenting. I find myself laughing and wishing more parents could have these kinds of conversations: fun compassionate with just the right amount of humor much less perfection seeking.
Mama buff
Ways to improve
Overall is ok. I gave it a couple months but am not going to listen anymore. I feel like this could be better with inviting guests on, such as educators, Child psychologists, pediatricians and the like. Or present some real research and reporting as part of this... I feel like it’s basically not any different than some of my parent friends and I sitting around at a bbq talking about parenting stories. Maybe that’s exactly what you’re going for, but it’s just not what I’m looking for in a parenting podcast. (Disclaimer - all of us parents are just trying to do our best, not one of us is perfect and I’ve never heard the hosts claim they were, so that I appreciate which is why I gave it 3 stars instead of 1 or 2).
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Less pats on the back
Enjoy the show but you could really get rid of the triumph/fail portion. I’ve mostly heard triumphs and while they sometimes segue Into interesting ideas it just sounds like gloating. Maybe invite other parents to share? Or put it in the back of the show? And I must say that sometimes Rebecca’s responses to listener questions seem a bit blame-y. Otherwise I appreciate the dialogue and insight.
Dean molien
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