Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast - Conversations Among Woodworkers
Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast - Conversations Among Woodworkers
Dyami Plotke, Sean Wisniewski, Kyle Barton
The Modern Woodworkers Association is a place for the online woodworking community to reinforce our online connections and create personal ones in local gatherings in many regions across the country.It is a place for woodworkers of all skill levels from professional to hobbyist to be able to share knowledge and learn form one another. The name Modern Woodworkers Association does not come from the fact that we are powertool users or for that matter handtool users but instead that we have all found a new tool, the online community and the power of information.
MWA323 - Silent Mill (AKA, Craig Becker)
The Silent Mill is silent no longer...Craig joins the guys to discuss all things woodworking. And Mark Hicks joins us as our very special guest host...cue in the "Love Boat" theme
Nov 28
1 hr 26 min
MWA322 - Mark Hicks answers the 5 Questions
Mark and 5 Questions; there might be some workbench stuff too...
Nov 21
23 min
MWA321 - Mark Hicks
Mark Hicks from Plate 11 joins us to discuss a new exciting online class he is offering, and we may talk a little bit about workbenches and shavehorses...
Nov 14
1 hr 26 min
MWA320 - Wilbur Pan and the 5 Japanese Tools
Wilbur joins us to run down the 5 Japanese tools you MUST own...or at least highly encouraged
Nov 7
41 min
MWA319 - Wilbur Pan
Wilbur joins us once again to discuss his upcoming online class, Japanese spokeshaves, and the trials and tribulations of bathroom projects.
Oct 31
1 hr 59 min
MWA318 - Vic Hubbard answers the 5 Questions
Vic and the 5 Questions; you just gotta know!
Oct 24
25 min
MWA317 - Vic Hubbard
Longtime friend Vic Hubbard joins us for a fascinating discussion of all things woodworking!
Oct 17
1 hr 26 min
MWA316 - Jerry Arkema answers the 5 Questions
Jerry & the 5 Questions...get some!
Oct 10
18 min
MWA315 - Jerry Arkema
As the WWing calendar turns to fall, Jerry brings a blast of Canadian coolness to the show!
Oct 3
1 hr 23 min
MWA314 - Markus Tobert answers the 5 Questions
Markus and the 5 Questions - wait till you hear his stumbling block answer...
Sep 26
21 min
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