KIlly Dwyer
Mock-U-Mental Featuring Maggie Lalley and Ben Pernick
1 hour 59 minutes Posted May 24, 2019 at 11:08 am.
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Show notes

This bi-monthly LIVE radio show on Radio Free Brooklyn! Mock-U-Mental is a tasty treat for your ear holes and is served up with a healthy dose of live jams and interviews, topped with listener questions, comments, requests and prank calls, paired with a feel good, mock bottom drinking game. Come play along with Killy and her enigmatic husband Craig as they mock out with Ben Pernick and Maggie Lalley!

Listen here to the LIVE show every other Friday

About our esteemed guests! 

Ben Pernick is a comedy singer/songwriter based in NYC known for his penchant for puerile puns. He is the producer and host of Punpernickel, a monthly comedy song showcase, and is about to release his first comedy song EP, "Bad Jewjew", later this month.

Maggie Lalley is a stand up, improviser, and musical comedian living in New York City. She's performed in Last Comix Standing, the She Makes Me Laugh Festival, She Devil Comedy Festival, and the Harlem Comedy Festival,We the People Improv Festival, NYC Improv Festival, and DC Improv Festival. Her demented and hilarious one woman show, Cold Blooded Witch: The Sex Musical, was featured in the 2018 PIT Solocom Festival and at Frigid New York's Under Saint Marks Theater, and was just accepted into this summer's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Maggie performs True Crime: The Improvised Musical with her killer musical improv duo: Beautiful Dreamers, and hosts  Dear Diary: Comedians Read Their Weird Childhood Journals at QED. Maggie is a regular contributor to The Belladonna Comedy, Little Old Lady Comedy, Slackjaw, Picklefork, Lady Pieces, and The Junction. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @magslals, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel, guessed it...Maggie Lalley!