Chicks on The Right Podcast w Mock & Daisy
Chicks on The Right Podcast w Mock & Daisy
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The Chicks On The Right are laying down a lot of common sense, no bull sense. Mock and Daisy's UNIQUE take on the world, from the dinner table to the swamp. Each day the Chicks give you the "Daily Dish" and then a weekly deeper dive into an issue that's got them extra worked up. Always fun, always right!?
Ep. 68: Girl Power and Pandering
Giving women special treatment seems to be the Lefts new solution to reaching equality and The Chicks are SO over it. Headlines we're flooded this week with a girl kicking for an SEC football team, Biden picking an all women Communication Cabinet, and the "me too" movement resurfacing and apparently, if you're not celebrating these things, you're misogynistic. Mock and Daisy are all for equality and women breaking boundaries but not when it means women only getting opportunities because they're women or because an organization wants to use them for publicity!
Dec 2
27 min
Daily Dish: Mock Has News, Robot Love and More!
You have to hear what's up with Mock .... it's a "very special edition" of the Mock and Daisy Cast.
Dec 1
27 min
Daily Dish: Biden is "Unbreakable", Fabulous Mrs. Bette thinks she's po' folk like us, The Big Covid Up Yours for Thanksgiving.
The Chick's are back and wound up! Talking about "all the things" that went on over the holiday weekend.
Nov 30
28 min
Daily Dish: More restrictions, and social media under fire!
Here we go again with restrictions. Social Media mob bosses get the smack down from Congress ... again.
Nov 18
23 min
EP. 67: Who Knew Baby Hairs Were Offensive?
You're tired of cultural appropriation, and so are Mock and Daisy. If you think conservatives are racist or not polite for wanting wear what they want and look how they want, we have one thing to say to you - this is America, and in America, we have a free society. And next time someone mimics your style just take it as a compliment! We all want to just live our lives without worrying that our every action could offend someone.
Nov 18
27 min
Daily Dish: Grease next to be canceled? Plus, Candace Owens is on a man hunt.
Candace Owens gets in deep water because "dudes wearing dresses". Grease is the next old movie to offend people. Watch for it to disappear from your Blockbuster shelves. And, some of nuggets from the Chicks!
Nov 17
29 min
Daily Dish: Did he concede? NO. Plus, more stuff!
New Orleans is having sex conventions during Covid, The media says Trump conceded. NOT.
Nov 16
21 min
Daily Dish: More lockdowns coming? And the latest Britney Spears news.
Bernie Sanders as labor secretary? WTF? Daisy gets crap for drinking out of her Starbucks mug and she gives it right back! Happy Thursday everyone!
Nov 12
26 min
Daily Dish: Happy Veterans Day! Plus election updates and other stuff!
Jake Tapper backtracking? Van Jones explaining how Trump could still win? What the hell is going on y'all? We break it down in today's Daily Dish.
Nov 11
31 min
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