MMM: Making Movies with Mattia
MMM: Making Movies with Mattia
Mattia Capasso
Episode 11: Jake Earwaker – Editor & Colour Grader
1 hour 23 minutes Posted Jun 10, 2021 at 12:57 am.
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Show notes

Ciao People, 

In this episode, I introduce Jake, an editor who also turn to be a Colour Grader. 

Self-learner, he has many years of experiences working by himself and on big productions as he also directs and edits his short films. 

Together we talk about the colour grader role and their skills, from their tasks and how is still a job that despite they follow orders, is still a position that requires a big imagination.

He also gives good advice on what program is suitable for people who want to start editing or colour grading too. 

Thank you and enjoy!

Link to his website and more info can be found on my website post:


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