MMM: Making Movies with Mattia
MMM: Making Movies with Mattia
Mattia Capasso
Episode 10: Dom Lenoir - Producer & Director
31 minutes Posted May 14, 2021 at 5:10 am.
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Show notes

Ciao People,

In this episode, I introduce Dom, a Producer and Director working in many popular indie projects.

With many years of experience working on both sides, he describes the different kinds of producer roles as well as the main duty of a director.

He gives a good explanation of how the distribution for indie films work by giving good advice on which cinemas he selects and the way to do a sold out.

He also gives some great pieces of advice on: following many networking events and, for those who want to be directors, starting acting classes, understanding the acting and the screenwriting process.

He hosts another podcast called "The Filmmakers Podcast", which I highly recommend to listen.

Thank you and enjoy!

Link to the other podcast and more info can be found on my website post: 


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