MMM: Making Movies with Mattia
MMM: Making Movies with Mattia
Mattia Capasso
Episode 7: Sammy Patterson – Director & Projectionist
1 hour 2 minutes Posted Apr 20, 2021 at 1:00 am.
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Show notes

Ciao People,

In this episode Sammy talks about her expierence on becoming a director.

She is an award winner for the "Best 48 Hours Film Project" in 2017 for the film "DAVID & BATHSHEBA", a short film made in just a couple of day and partly shot underwater.

She is also a Cinema Projectionist, able to operate both 35mm & digital projectors (picture example in the post at the bottom).

Inspired by many filmmakers, she gives advices to those who want to balance their passion project with their paid work.

She also give good advices for people who want to know how to direct their first film, whatever is short or featured.

Enjoy the show!

Link to her website can be find on my website post:


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