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Third Man Wreckers – December 1, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) rock out with Dirtbombs drummer and Third Man Records impresario Ben Blackwell ( Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) administers his Soft History midterm while Joey Zuver considers transferring.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  Before he was a Rock God, Ben was a student in ML’s journalism class at Wayne State University. They reminisce about Ben’s most excellent excuse for missing most of his classes that semester.* Ben came on to discuss his adventures as one of the Dirtbombs two drummers, how he started Cass Records, his role as an executive at Third Man Records, and the upcoming White Stripes Greatest Hits album. But first, he wants to talk about disgraced former WSU Journalism Prof. Jack Lessenberry, whose lechery ML called out and who was later taken down by some of ML’s former WSU students.* While ML’s former students did a superb job, Wayne State’s investigation found he was even worse than we thought.* You might think Ben’s early advocacy of vinyl while everyone was still buying CDs was a stroke of genius. But he would just laugh at you. On the other hand, the guy who gave him his first gig hawking vinyl now works for him, so you might not be as wrong as Ben would have you think you are. Listen to get the whole story.* Ben has never met a Beatle, but Third Man Records is pressing a Paul McCartney album RIGHT HERE IN DETROIT. Ben did meet a Rolling Stone. He tells the boys who — and what caused him to holler: “Find me some effing ear plugs!!!”* There are all kinds of amazing things going on at Third Man Records. Ben ticks some of them off, including how you can see records being pressed right before your very eyes.* Listen and learn about life on the road with the White Stripes. You’ll also hear about an early late night appearance that Jack White (incorrectly) said “is as good as it gets,” as well as the time they went bowling with Conan O’Brien at the Garden Bowl on Woodward.  * Before he goes, Ben turns the tables on ML with a series of questions — some of which ML dodges. Then Ben exposes Oasis as phony tough guys. Then we find out that Shawn used to be a lot cooler than we thought.* After a plug for some great local shops — Nest, City Bird, Hugh, Pure Detroit and Leon & Lulu — ML welcomes Better Made honcho Phil Gusmano on to talk about the amazing journey every chocolate covered chip takes before it lands in your mouth.* Better Made Snack FoodsAdd Better Made’s line of best-selling seasoned potato chips such as BBQ, Red Hot, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt an…* THE GREAT DEBATE: Almost everyone loved it when Vanderbilt drafted the goalie of the university’s woman’s soccer team to fill in for their COVID qua...
Dec 1
2 hr 1 min
Talking Turkeys – November 24, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) grab some popcorn while Freep Film Festival Executive Director Steve Byrne (Twitter @AtTheRiv) gives them the inside scoop on instant classics like “Dope Hookers and Pavement.” Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) waits by the side of the road while Joey Zuver polishes his Doc Martens.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE: In a bit of foreboding foreshadowing, ML’s nominal authority is over before it even begins as Marc upstages ML’s careful crafted intro with some, admittedly, more timely content. (Sigh)* After ML left Fox 2, but before he rejoined the Detroit Free Press, he and former colleague-turned film impresario Steve Byrne spent many hours crafting elaborate plans for the Soul of Detroit and the Freep Film Festival to work together to take the fest to bright new heights … and then this coronavirus thingee hit. Listen to find out what happened next …* You know about Motown. You know about Alice Cooper and Bob Seeger and The Romantics. You know about Kid Rock. You know about Eminem. But did you know that Detroit had a thriving, writhing, seething punk rock and hardcore scene tucked in between? A documentary, well, documenting those days is just one of the great films you’ll find at this year’s virtual Freep Film Festival.* If there is a silver lining to the delay in the festival’s launch, it’s that Steve and his crew got more time to land a film they might not have been able to nail down earlier in this year. Here is the only play you’ll hear what’s coming here.* Switching gears to the much-maligned Wayne County Board of Canvassers, ML reveals how the canvassers did their job and, along the way, put a surprise ending to a story ML has been following.* How the canvassers made national news and how their work impacted ML’s work.* Shawn and Marc pillory ML for being rather pedestrian in his tastes. Then the faux fancy boys go on and on and on about how great the McRib is! Oh, the marbling, er, the humanity!* THE GREAT DEBATE: Shawn and Marc swore they wanted to debate Kelly Stafford’s controversial “Michigan dictatorship” tweet. ML tried to demure, calling her a nice kid who survived a frightening health scare. Nevertheless, he got talked into it. Turns out it was a trap! Here’s what Shawn wrote about Kelly.* Here’s a slightly more famous trap.* GEEK OF THE WEEK: ML goes first. Marc goes second. Shawn goes third, but then goes on and on about going number two in Drew’s loo.* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Matt pulls off to the side of the road to take us on a journey through the way it wasn’t.
Nov 24
1 hr 22 min
Haters Gonna Hate – November 17, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) try to bring calm to their contentious countrymen and countrywomen by … arguing (sigh). Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) observes the melee from the safety of his ivory tower, while Joey Zuver works on his resume.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE: ML barely gets the phrase “whore’s bath” out of his mouth when Shawn seems to accuse him of being sexist — totally failing to recognize that the term is gender neutral, as this film clip demonstrates.* Gift givers take note: ML’s peace offering of a long-sleeve T-shirt and hoodie for Shawn is met with criticism … even if Shawn was right.* ML wonders how we can have spirited conversations without intellectual honesty, and recounts his exchange with Anthony on Twitter to make his point.* Marc and Shawn feel that tempers are not as hot as ML would have you believe. But they’re wrong. Which makes ML angry. Which makes his point. Kind of. * The boys look back in a bid to find the root of the river of hatred running through American politics. Perhaps not surprisingly, they don’t agree on the “born-on” date.* ML shares a Dick Swett story. Dick Swett was a congressman. Really. No, REALLY!* You might be surprised at who else one of the alleged would-be Gov. Whitmer kidnappers is mad at. Listen and learn why this gentleman from Delaware had a taste for Cheetos. It’s a story first reported by 2020 Michigan Journalist of the Year Tresa Baldas in the Detroit Free Press. * ML reads excerpts from the search warrant request. Spoiler alert: Some of the language is quite colorful.* Marc asks ML for updates on investigations he did for Fox 2 and the Free Press.* Remember Strawberry, the exotic dancer rumored to have danced for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick? She’s still in a better place, but ML tells a story about another Strawberry who dances and is in a worse place (unless you really like Florida).* THE GREAT DEBATE: ML is wearing tan pants — Wolverine brand — but says it’s time for a Wolverine in tan pants to hit the bricks. As usual, he wins the debate. But who casts the vote that puts him in the majority: Shawn of Marc?* GEEK OF THE WEEK: Shawn calls out an expert. Marc calls out a mayor. ML calls out two governors who were slow to mandate common sense. Tune in to find out who’s who.* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Professor Jennings has a good connection this week — with everything but Marc and Shawn’s funny bones. * ROOM 7609: Cover month continues with Breach of Trust’s metal-tinged version of The Payola$ “Eyes of a Stranger.” And they’re not the only band to cover this NuWave classic, as you’ll learn from ML’s “more than you ever wanted to know” look back at the under-appreciated Canadian rockers. * FIRST AMENDMENT TIME: We share your comments … which are much nicer than last week’s installment!* HARD OUT: Clean up your act with Manscaped’s Weed Whacker and Lawnmower — each are built for a man, but strong enough for a woman! Go to www.manscaped.
Nov 18
1 hr 31 min
In the Heat of the Nightcam – November 10, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) put the spotlight on Tim Pamplin (Twitter @NightCam), WDIV/Local 4’s streetwise one-man band best known as the Night Cam. Then Detroit Free Press contributing columnist Darren Nichols (Twitter @dnick12/Facebook Darren Nichols) and University of Michigan-Dearborn journalism professor and elections guru Tim Kiska (Facebook Tim Kiska) zoom in to discuss some surprising election results from Detroit. Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) hits the books while Joey Zuver wonders why the perfesser keeps using his CompuServe dial-up to connect with the show.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE: You know the voice, you’ve seen his video, but you can’t see him. Not even now! Tim explains why Mr. Night Cam wants to remain in the shadows. Then he explains how people recognize him anyway. (Spoiler alert: It’s with their ears!)* ML and Tim spent some time on downtown streets last Friday with a very agitated protester with a 12-gauge slung over his shoulder. Were they worried? Tune in and find out.* Tim explains what he watched as a toddler that inspired him to cross the pond, hoist a P2 camera and tell the stories of the mean streets of Detroit. You’ll even hear about the night the Night Cam was born in blaze that ended in glory!* About that pond … it’s the Atlantic, not the Pacific. Which means he’s English, not Australian. Tim tells how he got here — and whether he’s here to stay.* If you’ve ever wondered whether the Night Cam ever worries about his safety when he’s rolling solo in the middle of a generally hairy live news situation, you’ll have to listen to learn.* ML just could not let an episode pass with a reference to Kwame Kilpatrick. So he recounts that night he spent in the Night Cam van after Hizzoner barred him from attending the 2006 State of the City.* Because it’s all about him, ML also reminds Tim about the time they collaborated on one of ML’s last stories at WDIV. It involved a fish and a potential felony. Intrigued? You bet you are!* By now, you may think you know a thing or two about ol’ Night Cam. But unless you’ve checked out his Moments of Zen, it’s time to guess again.* Still hungry for more? Visit his website:* After Tim dashes off for, oh, I don’t know, a car crash or crime scene, ML explodes some election myths, promote’s Charlie LeDuff’s latest podcast episode and welcomes in Darren and Tim to break down election results in Detroit. Among the issues they explore is how Joe Biden got FEWER votes than Hilary Clinton and how Donald Trump got 5,000 MORE votes in 2020 than in 2016.* One reason Darren says Trump did so well in Detroit? Ice Cube. You heard that right. The genius behind “AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” is now a Trumper. And that’s just some of the cogent election analysis from our panel of experts. To get the rest,
Nov 10
1 hr 42 min
Election, Kwame & Connery – November 4, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) find no news can be good news when it comes to the election, fake Kwame Kilpatrick news can be exhausting, and it’s never a good thing when a Bond dies. Later, Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) checks in with historical jokes, while Joey Zuver keeps everyone online and in line.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  ML is a little frantic. It’s almost as if he’s been covering the counting of a never ending election.* Marc asks ML how his Sunday went with the breaking “fake news” that former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick would be getting out of prison. ML defends the decision the Free Press made in not running the story. Unlike other outlets that did and then had to remove it… again.* Both people that pushed the Kwame Story forward, Sam Riddle and State Rep. Karen Whittset, turned down the offer to come on the show today.* ML & Sean pay respects to the best James Bond ever as Sean Connery rounds out a terrible year for Bond deaths.* THE GREAT DEBATE: Everyone was mad at Justin Turner for celebrating with his Los Angeles Dodger teammates after testing positive for covid-19 during the series clinching game. One person (besides his teammates) didn’t seem to mind.* GEEK OF THE WEEK: Shawn’s mad at the pollsters who got the 2020 election way wrong, Marc puts a gangster priest up for penance and ML doesn’t want to hear your whining if you did exorcise your right to vote.* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Professor Matt returns strong with some lessons and jokes. The jokes get ruined as someone felt the need to explain every one.* ROOM 7609: NuWave covers month is extended. This time it’s Windsor, Ontario band Neverending White Lights with their take on New Order’s “Age of Consent”.* HARD OUT: Find out how you can sponsor the show and get a one-of-a-kind token of our appreciation. For a donation for $20 or more via the link on our homepage,, we will record a message meant JUST FOR YOU. We call it “cam-e-soul.” * Clean up your act with Manscaped’s Weed Whacker and Lawnmower — each are built for a man, but strong enough for a woman! Go to and get 20% off and free shipping with promo code ML. Send proof of your purchase to and you’ll be able to sit in via Zoom for an entire future broadcast of Soul of Detroit!* Need a new ride? Roy O’Brien has been putting metro Detroiters on wheels for 74 years. Before you shop anywhere else, get on the right track to 9 Mile and Mack and check out their super groovy showroom. Find our more at* When it’s time to kick back with a tasty hometown classic brew, reach for an Altes! Learn more about which stores and other quality establishments carry these authentically Detroit suds at* You can’t beat the meat you get at The Butchery! Mention ML and get a free pound of bacon with a purchase of $50 o...
Nov 4
1 hr 32 min
Lee Thomas Horror Stories – October 27, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell), Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) and clear the aisles for Fox 2 Entertainment anchor Lee Thomas (Twitter @Lee Thomas TV/). Later, Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) checks in with an epic bomb, while Joey Zuver keeps his head down to avoid the arterial spray.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  Lee reminisces about his start in New York, working with ABC-TV’s Joel Siegel, scoping out Siskel & Ebert of “At the Movies,” and vowing not to ever get his hair did like Gene Shalit of NBC-TV. Now he is the cinematic genius behind Fox 2’s outstanding “CriticLEE Speaking” film review show. * We’re talking our favorite horror films, but Marc gets Lee talking about his most horrific celebrity interviews. (Spoiler alert: Jonah Hill isn’t always funny.) ML shares his own scary encounter with one of Michigan’s biggest movie stars of all time. And Marc is still heartbroken that MCA turned out to be a Beastly Boy when he interviewed him.* Turns out Lee and ML agree on the best horror movie of all-time. Listen to find out Lee’s other favorites. And ML reveals which flick caused his brother to almost pull the film alarm at the old Shores Madrid movie theater.* Lee lays down some markers for what makes a great horror movie — which is not to be confused with a suspense or slasher flick.* Here’s something scary: Marc was part of Hands Across America. And, allegedly, Up with People.* Shawn chimes in to point out that 30 years after ML was exposed as pathetically unprepared for his interview with Jeff Daniels, he is STILL pathetically unprepared. (Thanks, Shawn!!!)* Lee recalls how he helped make the peace after another critic said something to Snoop Dogg that he NEVER should have said. Listen and learn what “LIG” means when uttered by the King of the LBC. * After Lee exits the stage after his star turn in a leading role, the boys share some of their favorite Halloween costumes of all times. Picture Marc as a dinosaur. ML as Marilyn Monroe. And Shawn demands a re-telling of ML’s Telly Tubby costume story. * THE GREAT DEBATE: After one week of Big Ten football, the boys debate whether we saw the real Wolverines in Minnesota (Marc hopes so) and the real Spartans in East Lansing (ML hopes not).* GEEK OF THE WEEK: Shawn self-flagellates, Marc whips it out on a North Carolina preacher and ML gets deep.* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: After this week’s lesson, Professor Matt may be history! Listen to find out why …* ROOM 7609: Just in time for Halloween, Dope checks in to the NuWave suite with their cover of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).” It is yet another awesome non-NuWave band covering a NuWave hit. We’ve received so many great suggestions for these kinds of covers that we’re EXTENDING NuWave covers into November. Wait til you see what we come up with next!* HARD OUT: Find out how you can sponsor the show and get a one-of-a-kind token of our appreciation. For a donation for $20 or more via the link on our homepage,, we will record a message meant JUST FOR YOU. We call it “cam-e-soul.
Oct 27
1 hr 32 min
Detroit’s Clerk Counts – October 20, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell), Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) and Detroit Free Press contributing columnist Darren Nichols (Twitter @dnick12/Facebook Darren Nichols) grill Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey — who fires back! Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) goes for the three-peat while Joey Zuver prays for America.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  Darren, who called out the clerk in one of his columns for the Free Press, goes toe-to-toe with Madam Clerk in his first in-studio visit to Red Shovel Headquarters. * The clerk spends a lot of time in the hot seat. But she doesn’t hesitate to fire back at the “main stream media,” protesters who marched outside her house, and anyone who doesn’t think her team does as well as clerks in other cities. * ML asks the clerk to explain why some votes in ballot boxes can’t be recounted. Her answer may stagger you. * Marc asks the clerk whether other large Michigan cities are getting the same support as Detroit from the Michigan Secretary of State. Her answer may surprise you — it sure seemed to raise Marc’s eyebrows.* The clerk takes plenty o’ heat, but the boys learn she also keeps lists. Case in point: She crosses swords with Darren, then calls out the leader of protesters who have been marching outside her home. * THE GREAT DEBATE: ML forgot to bring the mic he’s been hoarding at home, so has to Darren tap out so Shawn can jump into the ring to debate whether public officials’ homes should be off-limits for protesters trying to make a point.* GEEK OF THE WEEK: Marc takes the topic by the horn (so to speak), prompting ML to chime in, while Shawn itches to get in the game. Which he does — just in time to take a haymaker! It’s not clear, however, whether it is the force of the blow, or a desire to catch his critics off guard, that inspired Shawn’s totally counter-intuitive GOW selection.* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Adjunct professor of history (and diesel technology) Matthew Xavier Jennings goes for the three-peat. Does he make it? You’ll have to listen to find out!* ROOM 7609: Radiohead-head Marc has two options for a NuWave cover and, to ML’s delight, opts for the virtuosos’ version of The Smiths’ “Headmaster Ritual.”* HARD OUT: Find out how you can sponsor the show and get a one-of-a-kind token of our appreciation. For a donation for $20 or more via the link on our homepage,, we will record a message meant JUST FOR YOU. We call it “cam-e-soul.” * Clean up your act with Manscaped’s Weed Whacker and Lawnmower — each are built for a man, but strong enough for a woman! Go to and get 20% off and free shipping with promo code ML. Send proof of your purchase to and you’ll be able to sit in via Zoom for an entire future broadcast of Soul of Detroit!* If you’re l...
Oct 21
1 hr 30 min
Militia Manhunter – October 13, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick) zooms in from the front seat of a brand-new Ford F150 in the showroom at Roy O’Brien Ford in St. Clair Shores while Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) peppers him with questions… and Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) peppers him with salty comments. Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) tries to make history with back-to-back strong performances. And Joey Zuver watches … and waits.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  ML was getting ready to head to Mussel Beach at the Cadieux Cafe last Thursday when he learned he would have to get up early to begin digging into the background of the man accused of masterminding the alleged plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Marc asks him how he got started. (SPOILER ALERT: Part of the answer is “slightly hung over.”* ML reveals how he came up with a plan to make the most of the 17 hours of reporting, and 500 miles on the road. * Here’s what ML came up with — but before you get to read it, you’ll have to subscribe here (it’s only 99 cents a month for the first three months).* Marc and ML discuss how more than a dozen Free Press reporters hit the streets Thursday and Friday in a quest to learn as much as they could about the alleged conspirators. Here’s the best of what they found.* Marc rudely keeps interrupting ML to tell him what a great job his wife Tresa Baldas is doing reporting from Grand Rapids, where five of the alleged plotters are in court for a detention hearing.* Oh, Shawn said some crap, too. SHAWN’S SOUL OF KERRYTOWN, Y’ALL!* THE GREAT DEBATE: The feds have busted self-styled revolutionaries before, only to see the case get thrown out of court. Will this case be any different? The boys exercise their constitutional rights in a lively discussion.* GEEK OF THE WEEK: Marc and Shawn cast a wide net to snare their geeks — including the first Van Halen reference of the episode — while ML makes a shocking call to protect a creature Spartans have been trying to wipe out for decades. * THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Matt Jennings is working on his PhD in made-up his-tow-ree. Fortunately, he’s also making progress toward a bachelor’s in cah-mo-dee. And, of course, he already has a master’s in — wait for it — bation.* ROOM 7609: OK, so this was supposed to be a nice chat about Johnny Cash’s version of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.” Instead, it turns into a Van Halen love-fest. Except for ML. He only tolerated VH because it gave hi...
Oct 14
1 hr 21 min
Crime & Pun-ishment – October 6, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick) and Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) soldier on while Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor) recuperates in his recently painted domicile. FBI supervisory special agent Jeff Rolands joins the boys to talk about Detroit’s deadly summer before David Clayton dials in to talk about how police and angels are helping addicts get help.Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) is hunting for better jokes while Joey Zuver keeps the planes from colliding in midair.* THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  Even for a burgh often described as Murder City, Detroit has had one helluva deadly summer. FBI supervisory special agent Jeff Rolands talks about why so many people are getting shot, who is doing the shooting, and how cops and the feds are trying to stem the bloodshed.* Got info that will help lock up the bad guys? The G-man says you should call 1-800-CALL-FBI. (Make sure you write that down, because it’s not easy to remember!)* David Clayton, brought to us by Hope Not Handcuffs, talks about his struggle to conquer his demons and what we can do to help people struggling with addictions get the assistance they need to get better.* THE GREAT DEBATE: Politics is such a twisted game that even contracting a deadly virus could count as a lucky break. Which has the boys wondering whether President Trump’s contraction of COVID-19 could boost his re-election odds?* GEEK OF THE WEEK: Shawn gets deep. Marc mentions the subject of two of ML’s recent investigations. And ML goes after a big bank, a social media giant, and one of the most important health organizations in the world. Tune in to hear who is who.* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Professor Jennings joins us from his most remote location yet, yet somehow has one of his best connections. And best jokes! Come get schooled!* ROOM 7609: It’s NuWave covers month, but this time we’re playing NuWave classics performed by non-NuWave bands. ML is practically breathless after listening to Melanie Pain and Nouvelle Vague perform The Smiths “Sweet and Tender Hooligan.” Listen and find out why.* HARD OUT: Find out how you can sponsor the show and get a one-of-a-kind token of our appreciation. For a donation for $20 or more via the link on our homepage,, we will record a message meant JUST FOR YOU. We call it “cam-e-soul.” * Please be sure to let our sponsors know you heard them on the podcast! We are pretty picky about who we do businesses with, so it’s important we keep the support of business we believe will do right by you. And since we can’t go on without continued sponsor support, please let our trusted partners know you appreciate them. They really do keep track of referrals from loyal listeners like you! * Hope Not Handcuffs is an initiative started by Families Against Narcotics (FAN), aimed at bringing law enforcement and community organizations together in an effort to find viable treatment options for individuals seeking help to reduce dependency with heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol. Find out more at* Clean up your act with Manscaped’s Lawnmower 3.0 — it’s built for a man, but strong enough for a woman! Go to and get 20% off and free shipping with promo code ML. * <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://...
Oct 6
1 hr 30 min
Vote if by Land or Absentee – September 29, 2020
* M.L. Elrick (Twitter @elrick/Facebook ML ELRICK/Instagram ml_elrick), Shawn Windsor (Twitter @ShawnWindsor), Marc Fellhauer (Twitter @MarcFell) and Detroit Free Press contributing columnist Darren Nichols (Twitter @dnick12/Facebook Darren Nichols) pepper Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson with questions about how to vote, where to vote and what’s being done to make sure our votes are counted. Matt Jennings (Twitter @MattRJennings) kicks the knowledge while Joey Zuver wonders why he even bothered studying history in college. * THE STRAIGHT DOPE:  Madam Secretary answers a flurry of questions about: How you can vote? Where you can vote? Who is sending you all those absentee ballot applications? Whether you can get an absentee ballot and still vote in person? Who can drop off your completed absentee ballot? How you can vote even after sending in your absentee ballot? What is being done to make sure your votes are counted? What the Secretary of State is doing to help get the votes counted in Detroit? To hear her answers to all this and more, you’ll have to listen to the show. If you still have questions, you can visit and If you sense something sketchy about the election, you can send an email to the Secretary of State’s office at:* ML asks Secretary Benson to respond to a suggestion that she is a “protege” of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. ML then shares his own experiences dealing with Benson during her time as a member of the Detroit Ethics Board, law school professor and Dean of the Wayne State University School of Law.* THE GREAT DEBATE: The New York Times reported that President Trump only paid $750 in income taxes a couple times. The boys debate what impact that revelation will have on the 2020 presidential race — and ML wonders what’s up with Joe Biden’s taxes. * GEEK OF THE WEEK: Marc and Shawn have some good candidates, but ML takes the cake with his selection of cake eater Tucker Carlson and the admission of his Fox News lawyers’ admission that not everything the smug yuppie says is true!* THIS WEEK IN SOFT HISTORY: Dr. J kicks the history. Is it funny? That’s for you to say. (And if you repeat this a few times quickly, it kinda rhymes!)* ROOM 7609:  Our month of epic NuWave B-sides ends on a high note, with “How Soon Is Now?” the B-side to The Smiths’ “William It Was Really Nothing.” (Proving that, once again, ANR men make lots of mistakes!) As an added bonus, Christopher George, lead singer of The Smiths United, joins us to discuss The Smiths and The Smiths United’s gig this Friday outside at the Cadieux Cafe. For full details — including the Cadieux’s nightly music line-up — visit* HARD OUT: Find out how you can sponsor the show and get a one-of-a-kind token of our appreciation. For a donation for $20 or more via the link on our homepage, www.
Sep 29
1 hr 42 min
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