Missionary Talks
Missionary Talks
David Peach
The podcast where missionaries share their lives and work.
Missionary Talks 85: Brent George
Brent and his wife are missionaries in Romania. God had been leading Brent towards Romania since he was in high school, though he did not know it at the time. Besides church planting, Bro. George and his family are involved in camp ministries in Romania. Bro. George tells about the Gypsies in Romania as well […]
Apr 18, 2012
17 min
Missionary Talks 84: Jodi Harrison
Missionary Jodi Harrison will primarily be working with university students when she moves to Salamanca, Spain. She will do this by enrolling as a student and organizing Bible study groups within the school. Jodi will help church planters in their efforts on the field by working with children and teens. The country of Spain is […]
Nov 19, 2011
14 min
Missionary Talks 83: Josiah Ritchie
Josiah Ritchie describes himself as a technology missionary. He seeks to connect missionaries and church people through the wonders of technology. Much of his ministry is helping to facilitate communications between the two groups. Join Josiah and me as we talk about how he works out his goals and how God led him to where […]
Jun 10, 2011
17 min
Missionary Talks 82: Mike Pettengill
Mike Pettengill works in Honduras in a church planting ministry. Unlike many missionaries he works in a team with other missionary couples and individuals. In this episode of Missionary Talks Mike talks about some of the blessings and struggles of having a team on the field. Each team member brings his or her own abilities […]
May 27, 2011
20 min
Missionary Chats 06: Katie Folden – Japan Earthquake
Katie Folden, who was interviewed in Missionary Talks episode 63, gives us an update from some of the events following the March 2011 earthquake that has devastated the country of Japan. After the destructive earthquake there was a tsunami that destroyed lives and cities in the northern part of the country. Fortunately for Katie she lives in […]
Mar 24, 2011
22 min
Missionary Talks 81: Gene Sharp
Bro. Gene Sharp is a media technician who serves missionaries by setting up broadcasting opportunities. While the vast majority of his work is in the field of audio, he also works with video and print media. Bro. Sharp goes on location, either to churches in the US or on the foreign field, to physically put […]
Jan 5, 2011
21 min
Missionary Talks 80: George Zarris
Bro. George Zarris is a missionary working to help pastors and other missionaries share the Gospel by means of mass media and broadcasting. Primarily his work is with radio stations, but any opportunity to help a spread the Gospel by way of TV, satellite or radio is his passion. In some cases this ministry has him talking […]
Dec 10, 2010
24 min
Missionary Talks 79: Tony and Laura Macias
Tony and Laura Macias contacted me a couple of months ago and asked if I would interview Brad Rhoads again to get an update on his ministry. They were intrigued by the original interview because God had used Brad to show them that not all missionaries were church planters and that they could use their […]
Oct 26, 2010
20 min
Missionary Talks 78: Jim Belisle
Bro. Jim Belisle is a missionary evangelist. He travels to different fields helping missionaries conduct evangelistic crusades as well as teaches in Bible Institutes around the world. Bro. Jim shares with us some of the different ways he helps missionaries. He also encourages listeners to do their part is assisting missionaries in two specific ways. […]
Sep 25, 2010
19 min
Missionary Talks 77: Rodney Myers
Tanzania is a country in East Africa where Rodney Myers and his family serve as missionaries. They work with the Datooga tribe as church planters. Bro. Rodney shares a bit about the Datooga tribe and the recent publication of the Datooga Bible. One of the things we talked at length about was linguistic training and […]
Sep 11, 2010
24 min
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