Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast
Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast
Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast
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Longtime Favorite
I have been listening for a while now and I’m just now getting around to Rating the podcast but it is truly one of my favorites!! It has the same energy as My Favorite Murder but with less heavy topics (usually). Love you LT & Julia!!
Just what I needed!
I don’t feel like listening much to any current events or politics or Covid updates. So I have been bingeing all your episodes I’ve missed since I started listening a year ago. Your laughter and knowledge have been literally what I need to get through each day! Love you ladies!!! And congrats on the baby girl!!!!
One of my absolute favorites! Lauren and Julia are funny and charming. The topics are diverse and quizzes are fun. But the hosts make this podcast so special. I look forward to Tuesday because of these ladies and their humor and banter.
My favorite podcast!
I just caught up after starting from the beginning sometime last year. I’m so sad I’m caught up and won’t have new episodes to listen to everyday. I’ll certainly be looking forward to the new episodes every week. I feel like I’m losing a best friend (or two) since Lauren and Julia have been a near daily part of my life for so long 💜
Trivia best friends
I love the show and they are always my favorite guests on our show! Their chemistry is what really sets them apart from other trivia shows.
Girl power rules!
Great coverage of a different topic each episode with a fun quiz at the end.
So great
The only podcast that legitimately makes me laugh out loud. I look forward to this little bit of light each week, especially lately!
Best trivia podcast
These ladies really know how to keep attention about topics that can be involved and complex. Their interaction with each other and the audience is completely unique. It is like having a discussing with your friends over coffee or wine. Entertaining and informative while being challenging and enjoyable. I love learning from you and if you ever want to play a virtual trivia game hit me up!
I love this show!
It’s fun and I have learned a lot! I like the deep dive format into a variety of topics and the quiz at the end is just the right amount of difficulty to play along with. It’s one of my favorites!
BFFs I haven't met in person
OMG I love this podcast. I love that the hosts are friends, they interact just exactly the way I do with my friends. and I LOVE it when they devolve into laughter. I can't help but join in and it really brightens my day when I see a new episode in my phone!
Cowsup and bees!!!!!
Just Perfect
I am in love with this podcast. Have recently gotten into trivia and first heard these ladies when they guest started on Triviality which led me to their podcast. They have great chemistry, are enjoyable to listen to and are a wealth of information. Just perfect. Highly recommended!
Just the best
Lauren and Julia are like dear friends who teach me so many new things every week. Such a great thing to have in these stay-at-home times! Every episode is a gem.
I can’t
The content is very well researched, but they smack their lips together way too much and I can’t stand when people do this. Good luck trying to get through one of their episodes after noticing this, because they do it constantly.
Jetta J
Very Helpful!
I love this podcast! The info has come in handy more than once while trying to improve my weak areas of trivia. Highly recommend!
My favorites
Quickly became my favorite trivia podcast, I love these women!
National Treasures
Lauren and Julia are absolutely DELIGHTFUL to listen to. Hilarious. Quirky. And so smart! You’ll be hooked after an episode or two.
Delon Eckles
I Freaking LOVE these 2 Ladies!
The premise is interesting- 2 friends (sometimes a guest) one gives the other a lesson on some random topic, then a quiz with questions that are (mostly) unrelated to the topic. What Lauren and Julia turn it into is interesting, funny chit chat that is just a delight to listen to. The laughter is contagious and you start to feel like you’re hanging out with your girlfriends. I don’t pubquiz, but I have been able to answer several questions posted to the Trivial Warfare facebook page from MIssInformation minilectures.
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Love this podcast!
The more I listen, the more I am in love with this podcast. Thanks for being so funny and informative. So glad I found this! Update- just finished episode 45. Babe & Babe... Ladies, I wish I knew how to quit you. (Seriously, I found you on Jan 2. I have problem.)
Mel Ann H
Enter the Wu (36 Chambers!)
I've been listening since episode 20 or so, but it took this week's episode for me to leave a review. Yes, Lauren & Julia are knowledgable, funny, truly best friends, all the good things that keep me coming back for more. But ma'am, they did an episode on the Wu-Tang Clan--and were self-aware while doing so!!!! Keep up the excellent work with the podcast--and if you ever need any volunteer help with trivia research, show notes, anything else....
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Full of interesting information!
I listen to a few trivia pods. This one is unique in how they do the show & I love it! Learn so many interesting tidbits. Keep it up ladies!
Love love LOVE Miss Information!
I eagerly await the release of each Miss Information podcast each week. Julia and Lauren’s banter is so natural, I feel like I’m listening to my old (but young!) friends. I appreciate how they tackle a new subject each week, providing information and entertainment with a fun quiz at the end. Keep up the awesome work, ladies! My 11-year old enjoys listening as well.
Legally Blonde Mommy
Learn While You Laugh
We’ve been listening to Lauren and Julia for almost a year now and I cannot speak highly enough about them! They provide interesting, insightful, and hilarious commentary on such a wide range of topics. I always end up laughing out loud right along with them while I learn something new with each episode. If you want a fun trivia podcast that keeps you entertained as well as educated- these gals are it!
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Trivia Greatness!
Lauren and Julia have a wonderful chemistry together and make this trivia podcast a must-listen. Each episode they delve into a subject and really help you learn all the ins and outs of it. Then a brief pub style trivia game ends the episode and you are left sitting there wondering how the time went by so quickly, and anticipating the next delightful episode. These two trivia stars get Five review stars, no question!
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If In Our Time were hosted by Office Ladies
I discovered this podcast two weeks ago and am only on episode 17, which means 1) I am way behind and 2) I am bingeing like crazy. Lauren and Julia are incisive and funny and have infectious chemistry, and no matter the topic I want to hear what they have to say.
Kirby Kyle
Listen Up!
What a great podcast! Trivial podcasts tend to be male heavy, which is fine but these ladies.... I have gone back to episode one and am working my way up to 117. Happy happy!
Fun but (and?) informative!
I happened upon this podcast studying for jeopardy and it is *by far* my fave trivia podcast. Julia and Lauren have great rapport and it’s fun to be part of their podcast.
Love this podcast
This is my go to podcast, the one that gives me a little thrill when I see a new ep download. These ladies make me laugh frequently and have taught me lots of great trivia tid bits to beat those annoying teams at pub quiz. Thank you Lauren and Julia for many wonderful hours of fun and for the challenging quizzes!
Lovely podcast
This is a great trivia podcast. The two ladies are a delight and they provide just the right amount of depth on the topics they cover. Not too light, not too deep in the weeds. They are very funny too. Highly recommend if you’re trying to improve your trivia knowledge or just knowledge in general.
I love this podcast.
I started listening to this podcast when I heard Julia and Lauren as guests on trivial warfare. I thought they were very funny and fun and wanted to see what their podcast entailed. I’m so glad I heard of them through that context because I don’t usually seek out new podcasts and with Miss Information I found one I truly love! These girls are smart, hilarious, and seem very genuine. Although I can’t say I enjoy their dislike of Boston I can say I don’t hold it against them and I really enjoy Julia’s general hatred for all things Philadelphia. If you’re looking for a funny, interesting, and well recorded podcast that teaches you cool thing about everything then look no further- this is the podcast for you.
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Hilarious ladies
These two crack me up! Not only do they help me improve my trivia game with fascinating topics, but they make it fun. I have rarely listened to two funnier humans. If you like Stuff You Should Know this is the show for you. I wish I was there drinking wine with these women!
More than any other podcast, when I listen to Miss Info, I like to imagine a world where I'm BFFs with the hosts and totally get to hang out with them and share facts all the time. (And then I guested on an episode, which was like a dream come true!) Anyway, Lauren and Julia are a delight and so fun to listen to. And they present their segments in ways that makes everything MEMORABLE, so I'm actually able to recall things when they come up later in other quizzes!
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First, you two are hilarious!! Second, your content is fabulous Mostly, you choose smart content. Hooked!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
You guys are so much fun to listen too and I love amazing my friends with the information I learn from you. I honestly wish I could be so witty! I look forward to every episode and this has become the first podcast I recommend to anyone who tells me that they are interested in trivia podcasts. Keep up the amazing work and always stay true to yourselves because you are why we listen! Can’t wait to find The Who wants to be a million episodes.
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Facts AND Friends
Wow. I don’t want to say I miss college, but after binging all of Netflix my brain needed a break from one. more. hero series. The format of this show is so great, honest, funny, and informative. I’ve actually done research beyond what they talk about on more than one topic because they’ve sparked such an interest. (Blastoff McRocketboots). I love how interesting these women make topics I would normally not be interested in. The quality of the recording is wonderful. Thank you for welcoming me into your dining room weekly!
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Major shout out From the Virgin Islands (currently Oxnard though) ! I love this podcast! It’s the only one I have subscribed to so far in which I LEARN and LAUGH so much that I actually listen to the episodes more than once. The show is great any time, but really helps break up my overplayed playlists on long road trips. I love the format, the mostly uncensored banter, the wide variety of topics, and the many many references to, say it with me... DISEASES!! You ladies are unusual, unparalleled, and under rated. I’ll share your podcast more!
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I'm NOT crazy!
I love this podcast! I listen to you guys at work and laugh so much, ppl think i'm nuts. I'm NOT! You 2 are so funny and informative! Love you guys.
MUCH Information!
Didn’t see you on Patreon, so at least I can write a review :) Great podcast from a couple of fun and intelligent ladies! Love the trivia bit at the end, but also love the rest. Keep up the awesomeness, Lauren and Julia!
Hilarious and educational!
I’ve only listened to a few episodes and they have already served me well in pub trivia!
The wife is always right...
So my wife told me to listen to this show... and boy was she right (she’s always right...). What a great show full of witty banter, trivia, and knowledge. Subscribed and working through the back episodes now!
Love it!
I just discovered this podcast through their guest spot on Trivial Warfare, and I’ve binged 5 episodes in about 2 days. It’s a great mix of interesting information, laughs, and a conversation with two ladies that I’m pretty sure I’d be friends with. I love learning quirky details about things, and this podcast goes in depth but doesn’t get bogged down. Keep it up, you have a new fan in me!
The most delightful educational laughing experience
I recently discovered Lauren and Julia and I couldn’t be happier with these ladies. Both are brilliant and funny. The friendship they share truly comes through the podcast. The love they have for learning, while making me laugh every episode, makes me wish I could just hang out with these ladies and share a beverage. All I want everyday is to hear Lauren and Julia share knowledge and stories with me. This is by far the best podcast I have ever come across.
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Emily Veraa
Quality Information & Clever Trivia
I started listening to this podcast after a shout-out from a Trivial Warfare FB group commenter said that some tidbit from this podcast helped with Learned League. I picked a few episodes at random to jump in, and I love this format - a medium-deep dive into a given episode topic followed by a tangentially-related well-written 10-question pop culture quiz. The hosts, Julia & Lauren, have distinct voices (nice to be able to tell hosts apart) and they choose interesting topics across a spectrum of knowledge. I don’t usually listen to podcast episodes in order when first tuning in, but I plan to go back to the very beginning of this one and binge over the next couple of weeks. There are only 60-ish episodes as of right now, so I’m sure I’ll be all caught up soon enough, and I’m definitely subscribing for more. Thank you, L&J!
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Fun and informative!
This podcast is witty and full of interesting tidbits. Can’t wait to use this knowledge at pub quiz!
Entertaining Education
Wonderful concept of humor, knowledge, banter, and quizzes. Julia and Lauren have a great rapport. I love that they come from museum backgrounds (me too) and love random facts. Enjoy listening each podcast and can’t wait for more.
Awesome podcast!
Love this podcast! Lauren and Julia are witty and informative, putting together stories and details in a memorable way. The themed quizzes at the end of each episode are great, too!
Super fun!
You ladies are awesome! Clever, basically well researched, great sense of humor- for lovers of trivia, this podcast has it all! It’s great to feel like I’m hanging out with friends, talking about cool and interesting stuff. Thanks, and keep it up!
Trivia and humor
Lauren and Julia are funny, intelligent, and make trivia super interesting. Love the format, singing and shout-outs! Way to knock’em out of the park ladies...
Fun and Refreshing!
Hilarious as well.
Every week these ladies keep me laughing and learning new, random, weird, and exciting things. I love their humor, passion, and dedication to awesomeness!
Could use some tweaks, but great topics and hosts
I love the topics addressed (hoping for some about my weak points, including baseball, soon...please?). The hosts have great banter and are the kind of information-hungry people I love. I also like the humor, though it sometimes falls flat ("Don't @ me!" Ugh). My issues with it: they seem to use Wikipedia as a source of information, which is a good starting point but often incomplete or inaccurate. Also, some information is missing, which of course happens in a casual trivia podcast. But rather than have to listen to the next episode to find out the real info, I'd prefer that they edit it into the pertinent podcast. It's okay to stop taping, look something up, and then continue! I'd prefer that to "I'm not sure about that; maybe we should look it up."
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