Misfits and Mysteries
Misfits and Mysteries
Misfits and Mysteries
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Become a Misfit
What a fun podcast. Steve and Emmy do a fantastic job with all the so called “mysteries” they cover. Quotes for mysteries because it’s all real, Bigfoot, aliens, moth man ect! Great flowing conversation, great facts. And don’t forget to subscribe to their monthly news letter. Become a misfit like the rest of us! Keep killing it you two.
Worth a listen
Such a great podcast! Always fun and interesting to listen to.
Freaky and funny!
Steve and Emmy bring a great sense of humor to the weird and wild stories they talk about. From cryptids and conspiracies to UFOs and everything in between, they’ll make you laugh but you might learn something, too! They also have great guests like the mind behind Velocipastor (a great episode). Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!
Wtcc Podcast Review
This show absolutely rocks. The back and forth banter is excellent. I enjoy knowing I’m not the only podcaster that hates my own voice. The sense of humor is right up my alley. Emmy and Steve bring a great energy and it’s cool to see another sibling duo Castin Pods. Steve’s response to the mongoose is the response I get from my brother constantly. Overall great show with great hosts! Fan for life
Big D Wtcc Podcast
Friendly tone, informative content
I look forward to listening to Steve and Emmy every week. I’ve been a fan of the paranormal and cryptids since childhood and these two still manage to bring new things to my attention every week. The banter between them reminds me of many nights hanging out with friends and swapping stories or weird trivia while sitting around a fire. They are obviously passionate about their topics and put in the work to make sure they get it right. In short a friendly, atmosphere with two hosts that enjoy themselves while exploring the dark corners of the world
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Spooky, creepy, and downright goofy!
Where are you going without leaving a nice review? This brother and sister team work hard to deliver you spooky facts and lore each and every week. I just started listening, and now I am a fan for life!
Fun and Wild Ride!
You like weird? You like the unexplained? You like weird and unexplained? This is the show for you! It’s a fun look into all the things that don’t make sense. But it makes sense to listen to this show! Instant subscribe.
A very fun show to add to your weekly routine
If you want a show with great host and interesting topics, then you’ve picked the right one. Steve and Emmy are well spoken and witty and they also have a enthusiastic, and charming back and forth. I would highly recommend
I typically do my best to listen to every podcast put in front of me, and while there are a lot of mystery ones out there; this is one you definitely have to get into! Their personal anecdotes about crazy teachers had both me and my fiancé dying of laughter. We listened at a time when we typically don’t listen to anything. It was absolutely hilarious and totally worth every second! Cant wait to hear more!
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Niki Pg Turner
Great through a JBL speaker
This ‘cast sounds great through a JBL speaker. I have the FLIP 5, for reader reference (it’s water proof to boot!). I highly recommend listening through a JBL speaker (granted, I’ve never tried other speakers, but I’m definitely open to new experiences). Any way, thanks Stephe and Eme. I don’t believe in ghosts, but now sometimes I do! Hope to connect soon.
john Seain
My favorite podcast
This is my all time favorite podcast. Steve and Emmy have amazing chemistry and cover such interesting topics. I particularly loved their conversation about the Yule Lads.
hay wazup man
I Very Much Like
This my favorite podcast. It reminds of me of discussion between both my mothers in Yakutsk by the Yana river. I used to be scientist, now I am janitor. Please help!
Ryans Reviews
One mystery solved
While I'm certainly not an expert, I can say that I can solve the mystery if this podcast is great - because it is! Steve and Emmy do a great job talking about everything spooky and weird and do a great job playing off eachother.
These two are so much fun to listen to and they get into some really strange things! Worth a try! Keep it up!
They're Terrified & Tipsy Pod
I appreciate the hosts’ curious spirit about a wide range of topics, and the unique insights of their guests. A great listen!
Fantastic Podcast
I would HIGHLY recommend this podcast to anyone looking for some great stories and relatable hosts. Emmy and Steve and so fun to listen to! Cant wait for some more episodes to come out!
Funny as hell
Always a good podcast to wake up to on my Thursday mornings
Confused and frustrated ??