Mind-Jam Podcast: Pet Health & Longevity
Mind-Jam Podcast: Pet Health & Longevity
Rodney Habib
Join Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker, DVM as they mind-jam with leading experts, scientists, and thought leaders to help pet parents increase the health and longevity of their dogs and cats. The Mind-Jam Podcast features candid conversations discussing the latest research and ideas on pet nutrition, health, and industry-related news. Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker, DVM are pet parents on a mission to improve animal health and wellbeing.
Susan Michals | The Great Divide Between Cats & Dogs
Susan Michals has a cat-chat with Rodney and Dr. Becker about why cats seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to pet nutrition, research, and the bias against men & cats. Susan also reveals this year's CatCon celebrity guests!
Sep 1
25 min
Alexandra Horowitz | Giving Your Dogs the Freedom to Make Choices
#1 NY Times Bestseller, Dr. Alexandra Horowitz discusses the power of allowing dogs to make choices. She also shares her lab's recent findings on the impact nose work has on a dog's anxiety and reactivity levels, plus Rodney & Dr. Becker weigh in on the heated debate of being a pet parent vs pet owner.
Jul 25
38 min
Steve Hetterscheidt & Augie | Longevity Secrets of a 20-year old Dog, the World's Oldest Golden Retriever
Dog dad to the world's oldest living Golden Retriever, Steve Hetterscheidt mind-jams with Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Becker about food, lifestyle choices, and the genetics that may have helped get Augie to 20-years old. Stick around after the interview as Dr. Becker & Rodney discuss some of their insights, as well as the controversy this interview stirred up.
Jul 13
35 min
Dr. Anna Hielm-Björkman | Feeding Your Dog Fresh Foods May Ward Off Allergies
Veterinary scientist Dr. Anna-Hielm Bjorkman discusses her research team's recent findings that feeding pregnant dogs and puppies fresh, raw foods significantly lowers their risk of developing allergies. She also shares with Rodney & Dr. Becker other environmental variables that may contribute to decreasing the risk of allergies, and some very promising developments in training dogs to sniff out asymptomatic COVID-19.
Jun 29
18 min
Marion Nestle | Pet Food Research: Science or Marketing?
Nutrition icon, consumer advocate, and author Marion Nestle discusses the biases of industry-funded research, the importance of feeding our dogs and cats nutritional diversity, and much more!
Jun 8
35 min
Dr. David Jockers | Coconut Oil, Keto, and Fasting for Dogs
World-renown ketogenic expert, Dr. David Jockers discusses feeding our dogs a ketogenic diet, coconut oil, fasting, and supporting immune function.
May 24
36 min
Dr. Sarah Caddy | SPECIAL EDITION: Top 6 COVID-19 Questions
A special edition update with Dr. Sarah Caddy! Rodney and Dr. Becker welcome back infectious disease expert Dr. Caddy to answer pet parents' top 6 Coronavirus questions concerning their dogs and cats.
Apr 17
14 min
Dr. Scott Weese | New Study Shows Cats Get Coronavirus - Don't Worry!
As media swirls around a new study that shows cats can contract COVID-19 and pass it on to other cats, veterinarian & infectious disease expert Dr. Scott Weese joins Rodney and Dr. Becker to explain why there's still no need to panic and provides tips for managing the threat to our pets.
Apr 6
16 min
Dr. Sarah Caddy | CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: Is It Safe to Touch My Dog
One of the UK's top infectious disease experts and veterinarian Dr. Sarah Caddy, joins Rodney & Dr. Karen Becker to provide the latest updates on coronavirus and the safety of our pets. Dr. Caddy explains what we can all do in regards to our pets to help fight the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Mar 23
35 min
Ian Dunbar | Bred to Die Young
Rodney and co-host Dr. Karen Becker sit with Dr. Ian Dunbar to discuss the evolution of training methods, how bad breeding is shortening the lifespan of dogs today, and the importance of working together.
Mar 13
45 min
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