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Stuart McRobert, Bodybuilding Goldmine, Hardgainer, Brawn, Little Gems, Basics 'Breviated and Best
1 hour 4 minutes Posted Sep 13, 2015 at 4:43 pm.
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Show notes
Stuart McRobert Interview with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 21) - 2 Nov 14
Tonight it’s an honor for me to have as our guest Stuart McRobert, the publisher of Hardgainer Magazine. I’ve known Stuart for over 20 years. I consider him my strongest ally in the promotion of good honest training information. The one word that best describes Stuart is integrity. Stuart is one of the few out there with enough guts to take a real stand against the use of PEDS in strength training. You will never see Stuart compromise by using the "drugged-up stars" to sell his products like most others do. You won’t see their pictures on his website or books either. I admire him for that. I’m proud to say that I wrote for Stuart’s great magazine Hardgainer for a 10-year span from 1994 to when the magazine ended in 2004. I owe a lot to Stuart for giving me my start in writing and getting me established.
Stuart saved the modern physical culture movement IMO. I remember those dark days after Perry Rader sold Iron Man, way back in 1986. I was working as a Federal Agent at the time, even before I was transferred to Washington, DC and way before I started Whelan Strength Training. There was nothing new that was good to read. All the magazines were crap. The new Iron Man was swiftly ruined by the new ownership after 1986. They turned that great magazine into another "Muscle and Fiction" drug-rag. I ended my subscription.
Along came Hardgainer in 1989. What a God send! It was an honest magazine for the drug free trainee, and whose message was strongly against the use of drugs. No BS advertising, ... just truthful information for the genetically typical and even the genetically dis-advantaged! Hardgainer turned out to be even better than IronMan in my opinion. Even Peary Rader compromised with the top drug using stars and had a place for them. Stuart never did. I consider Hardgainer to be the best magazine in the history of Physical Culture. It came at just the right time and was so needed.
Stuart has published many great books and has written hundreds of great articles. My favorite book is his original Brawn. It is still the first book I recommend to my clients. The good news is HARDGAINER magazine is now being digitized, under the title of BODYBUILDING GOLD MINE. The first two volumes of BODYBUILDING GOLD MINE are now available in Kindle format from amazon.com Check out all Stuarts great books and get Bodybuilding Goldmine at Hardgainer.com Stuart, welcome to Natural Strength Night.
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