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FDNY Style Training & Eating, First Workout with Dr. Ken Leistner, Bob Hoffman
1 hour 3 minutes Posted Jul 20, 2015 at 7:11 pm.
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Show notes
Jim Duggan & Drew Israel with Bob Whelan - NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT podcast - (episode 9) - 12 July 14 - New York City Fire Captain and world class natural strongman Jim Duggan is back for round two. Besides hard training, we remember Protein from The Sea, ("dehydrated fish guts"), only York plates will do, the sad day at Bruno's Gym when Bob Hoffman died, and more! Drew "The Human Wall" Israel describes his first workout in Dr. Ken's Basement, Why he no longer trains Slow Speed, Eating Steak for Three by himself at Peter Lugers and more!
Hard Strength Training and Eating FDNY Style, The Day Bob Hoffman Died, First Workout with Dr. Ken, Huge Steaks at Peter Lugers
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