The Madelyn Moon Show (Previously Mind Body Musings)
The Madelyn Moon Show (Previously Mind Body Musings)
Maddy Moon
Hi, I’m Madelyn Moon… your mythic relationship magician. The Madelyn Moon Show is a dating and relationship podcast that explores the deeper questions about love that most women are dying to be let in on: how do I become a match for my dream king? What does it feel like to live with devotion yet lead with sovereignty? Is it possible to transmute my most painful wounds into my biggest gifts in love? How do I make my relationship the most expansive, expressive and exciting place for me to pour my heart into? We'll treat relationships as if they are a yoga itself — you will learn how to take the posture of love through storytelling, myth, personal experience, human behavior and personal expression. Through solo explorations and immersive, heartfelt, deep AF conversations, I bet my bottom dolla you'll be looking forward to your bi-weekly dose of modern love, ancient practice and artful intimacy.
Compassion, Wisdom and Kundalini Yoga with Jai Dev Singh
Episode 344: In this episode, we engage in a profound conversation with Jai Dev Singh, a renowned yoga teacher and mystic. We explore self-awareness, inner growth, and finding happiness. Through personal anecdotes and insights, we emphasize the importance of nurturing our inner world, harnessing our life force, and cultivating compassion. We also discuss the significance of self-care and the transformative power of practices like Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Don't miss this enlightening exploration of self-discovery and personal transformation.0:05:47 Kundalini Practice: A Love Affair with Work and Procrastination0:26:08 Compassion and Setting Boundaries with Narcissistic Relationships0:33:13 Discovering the Dalai Lama and Kundalini Yoga0:37:40 Learning Ayurveda and Teaching with a Humble Heart0:49:31 Compassion Fatigue and the Importance of Self-Compassion0:56:51 Feeling Helpless in the Face of Terrible Events1:08:58 Embracing Love and Compassion1:12:22 Overcoming Fears and Feeling Safe1:18:41 The Power of Kundalini Yoga and Inner TransformationConnect with Madelyn Instagram: Podcasts: quiz: with Jai Dev Singh
Feb 14
1 hr 21 min
Loving Older Men with Angie Lee
Episode 343: In this conversation, Angie Lee discusses her journey as an entrepreneur and emphasizes the importance of joy and openness in relationships. We also discuss the reality of loving older men and the need for personal happiness in order to create fulfilling relationships. Overall, our conversation encourages everyone listening to prioritize their own joy and approach relationships with honesty and vulnerability.Chapters0:00:03 Angie Lee’s journey from rebellion to entrepreneurship0:05:07 Angie's unique and humorous brand persona0:12:30 The resilience of the body and the toll of extreme dieting.0:16:04 Finding a healthy, energetic shape and body shape.0:20:26 The Desirability of Embracing Pleasure in Relationships0:35:32 The Illusion of Love on Social Media0:36:14 The Reality of Relationships for Single Women0:40:11 Age Difference and Choosing Love over Logic0:45:59 Surrendering to the reality of having an older partner0:58:17 Parenting, Inner Work, and Breaking Molds1:01:39 Embracing Joy and Focusing on Personal Happiness1:15:00 Embracing the Queen Energy1:20:04 The Power of Holding the Posture of the QueenConnect with Madelyn Instagram: Podcasts: quiz: with Angie Lee:Instagram
Jan 17
1 hr 23 min
Having Lovers While Calling in the One with Jolie Dawn
Episode 342: We welcome Jolie Dawn to discuss holding the vision of the dream partner while exploring other connections, plus the journey of preparing to become a mother and embracing the essence of life and family. We also explore the true meaning of success and the value of going through experiences together. We share about our personal lives and beliefs, creating generational wealth, and much more. Connect with Madelyn Instagram: quiz: Jolie at: https://thedaretoprosperchallenge.comChapters0:00:03 Intro0:00:49 How an Unexpected Friendship Blossoms0:03:59 Mutual Inspiration and Deepening Connection0:08:19 Childhood Experiences: Love, Trauma, and Independence0:12:54 Mental Health Collapse and Caretaking Responsibilities0:19:59 Trying to change parents and finding grief in relationships0:25:01 Holding the vision of the dream partner while exploring other connections0:35:02 The struggle with a clear "no" in the relationship0:44:25 Personal and sultry audio messages for a unique dating experience0:53:15 Evoking Leadership and Scheduling with Spice0:56:56 The Specifics of Living Together1:00:18 Trusting Divine Timing for Motherhood1:06:15 Balancing work and motherhood: What is the ideal situation?1:06:54 Desire for Financial Security and Identity Shift1:19:46 Embracing the Archetype of Fully Expressed Theater Girl1:26:42 Immersive Events for Change and Growth
Jan 3
1 hr 29 min
Changing Limiting Beliefs in Love on a Body, Spiritual and Emotional Level
Episode 341: In this episode, Madelyn explores the concept of energy and spirit in relation to your limiting beliefs in love. She discusses how bodies reflect upper limits in relationships and the importance of challenging their habitual nature. Our beliefs deeply impact our interactions with others and shape our perspectives. By softening and taking responsibility, we can cultivate deeper connections and attract high-quality partners. Ultimately, our beliefs shape who enters our lives.Chapters:0:00:00 Intro0:00:48 Reemerging with a new video format for the podcast0:05:08 Exploring the shapes of limiting beliefs in relationships0:13:12 Recognizing the Energetic Presence of Others0:20:26 The Power of Beliefs and Body Language0:32:03 The Impact of Becoming Smaller in a Relationship0:40:04 Fear of expressing true feelings can cause damage in relationships.0:43:24 Limiting beliefs can attract experiences that reinforce those beliefs.0:50:16 Taking Responsibility for Our Relationship Culture0:51:45 Embracing the Spirit of Nature1:06:03 Strengthening your capacity and being penetrable by masculine energyConnect with Madelyn Instagram: quiz:
Dec 20, 2023
1 hr 14 min
“If He Wanted to Reach Out, He Would…” & Other Relational Traps
Episode 340: In this episode, Madelyn delves into the vital connection between the heart and body in relationships, emphasizing how it's crucial to break free from the social norms that dictate who you should be and how love should work. Madelyn explores the relational traps created by these societal expectations, shedding light on how they can hinder our relationships and true self-expression in love. She discusses the dynamics of desire, longing, and the essence of creativity in love. Madelyn gives her insights on reigniting the part of yourself that's linked to something greater than you, while urging you to let go of the illusions of love perpetuated by fairytales. It's time to cast aside the games and shadows in relationships and allow love to flow with no restraints.CREATIVITY IN LOVE notes: Evolution of podcasting: Madelyn is stoked about soon bringing video to her podcast and sharing formal conversations with her audience.The last intensive of Madelyn’s mastermind group, Innovatrix, is coming up in Sedona, AZ. Creativity & Love will begin October 19, 2023. If you are inspired to join, send a DM or reach out via email: programs@maddymoon.comAccounting for men’s possible trauma and emotional kinks. A woman in desire should not stop the conversation where there is a spark of wanting. Discover the feminine connection between the heart and body and enact your own expression.Feeling the contrasting feelings of desire, wanting, and being creative in love to enhance romance.Ignite the part of you that is connected to something beyond you. You have the innate ability to shock, delight, shapeshift, and eliminate those moments of blockages.Learning to acknowledge and hang on to your feelings. And let go of egotistical desires to free yourself to make the necessary artistic gestures, designing the woman you are meant to be.Madelyn’s book, Artist of Love, is available for purchase.Let go of all the mind games, strategies, and shadows of the feminine and allow a flow of love.Women: make the commitment to open first.Accept feedback of how your emotions are impacting consciousness all around you.“If you’re going to be a woman who is in devotion to artistic truth, you’ve got to be aware of these little mindsets, stories, that get in the way of you and your gestures. We all should have a life of these gestures.”Connect with Madelyn Instagram: of Love Quiz: Artist of Love the book: more and apply for Creativity in Love:
Oct 12, 2023
58 min
The Re-Emergence Episode: Heartbreak, Love and a PHD in Nuance
Episode 339: Welcome back! After two years, Madelyn Moon reemerges into the land of podcasts to bring you The Madelyn Moon Show, formerly known as ‘Mind Body Musings.’ In this episode, Madelyn shares her recent journey from buying her first home to understanding the power of up-leveling & embracing expansion through heartbreak. Listen and get caught up to speed on Madelyn’s life, beloved partner, personal growth, and newly released book ‘Artist of Love.'CREATIVITY IN LOVE: Learn more UPCOMING COMMUNITY CALL: Join here OF LOVE: Get the book notes: Welcome back! This show was formerly called Mind Body Musings and has been reinvented as The Madelyn Moon Show.Through buying her first home, Madelyn learned that upleveling requires letting go, and embracing the expansion of your capacity.Understand the idea that women go through a primal shape shifting process during a separation from a prominent masculine being.Introducing Artist of Love, Madelyn’s new best selling book that is available to you now! the dismembering, being devoured by grief, and reflecting upon the ancient theme of the sacred and the psychosis. Contrasting emotions in the body, such as destruction and rage vs. calm and collectedness is our greatest capacity expanding experience. Be the crazy bitch, and be witnessed in it. Own your archetypes and create art out of it. Enjoy this example of Madelyn’s crazy girl: to love beyond all preferences, conditions, and through the textures of karma leads to truly letting go of resentment and feeling whole again. If the person you are in partnership with doesn't have spaciousness to grow alongside you, that leaves very little room for actual intimacy. Check out Madelyn’s masterclass Preparing for Union: Available here is Madelyn’s exclusive high ticket offering that shows what is possible when you are devoted to creating art from your underbelly.Madelyn’s signature program is now enrolling, Creativity in Love, and you can apply here: always, one-one-coaching is available as well: with Madelyn Instagram: of Love Quiz: Artist of Love the book: more and apply for Creativity in Love:
Sep 14, 2023
1 hr 24 min
Reclaiming the UNcivilized Man with Traver Boehm
Episode 338: Traver Boehm – – knows men. How they think, what’s behind their behavior, and most importantly — their unique challenges in the modern landscape. Traver is the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement, the fastest growing men’s movement in the world. He is the author of Today I Rise, and Man UNcivilized as well as a two time TEDx speaker, men’s coach and podcaster.Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional body-guarding and Mixed Martial Arts to a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver counsels men, women, and couples on how to better understand men’s mental health and relationship difficulties.In the last episode, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Traver Boehm, and for this one, we have changed spots. In this episode, Traver is here to talk to us about The UNcivilized Man Reclaim. You will hear and learn about primitivity, relationships, safety, and much more!Don't miss this episode and start to become the UNcivilized man this world needs.CREATIVITY IN LOVE: Discover more at SISU SOCIETY: Join here: SPIRIT SCHOOL: Join here: Show notes:Opinions like "I will rather be a sacred slut than an empire-building girl boss" can make women angry, thinking that we are against each other when it is not.As women, we are used to fighting for acceptance, which is exhausting. But -- we have nothing to prove to them.The inspiration behind The Uncivilized Man Movement is the primitive man dealing with unexpressed emotions and pain.One of Traver's passions is to help men connect their emotions and feelings to something bigger than themselves so that they can be a better person.Traver wants to thank every woman who's bought his book and spread his message.With power comes great responsibility, and being in a man's body does bring great power. In other words, don't apologize for being born as a man. Do something good with it.The Uncivilized Man Movement's mantra is to let others feel safe as you walk among them.Biology exists, and it needs to be recognized. For that reason, no matter how many books we read and how much money we make, our biology has to be tended to.What can we do for men? Encourage, celebrate and support them.All men have a green light and a red light inside of them.A couple fighting to be in the alpha role will cause harm to the relationship. As a result, it is going to be a power struggle and a pissing contest.For Traver, the depth of the word "safety" is something he had to learn by himself. Now, he helps men to comprise and create it.Traver Boehm is perplexed by the state of our culture. Right now, he feels people are digging their heels against the pendulum — a kind of middle ground unto itself."The women are the message spreaders of the world."Traver feels that as the dominant in the room, men are responsible for the women. That is to say, men must take care of them. Connect with Traver: Website: manuncivilized.comBuy Traver's book:
Jul 14, 2021
1 hr 4 min
Artistry and Generosity in Modern-Day Relationships
Episode 337: Traver Boehm - - knows men. How they think, what’s behind their behavior, and most importantly — their unique challenges in the modern landscape. Traver is the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement, the fastest growing men’s movement in the world. He is the author of Today I Rise, and Man UNcivilized as well as a two time TEDx speaker, men’s coach and podcaster. Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguarding and Mixed Martial Arts to a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver counsels men, women, and couples on how to better understand men’s mental health and relationship difficulties.In this episode, originally recorded as a live-class episode of Traver's podcast. Raw and unfiltered, Madelyn and Traver discuss artistry and generosity, purity culture, sensuality, how to make art in triggered moments, polarity, devotion, and healing the wounds that are keeping us at a distance from those we want to love and love well.COACHING: Discover more at SOCIETY: Join here: SPIRIT SCHOOL: Join here: Notes:Traver will also appear on Mind Body Musings soon.Speaking to an audience who may be unfamiliar with her, Madelyn discusses her study in yogic intimacy and her upbringing in purity culture.Purity culture is essentially slut-shaming at its core, wholesale denial of feminine sexuality.An extension of this is also the way that women speak of each other and their gender. "I'm not like most girls," or, "Don't worry; I'm not crazy."During her time in bodybuilding, Madelyn found that having been raised to believe and assume that men are "better" than women was contributing to her building physical armor around her emotional truth.Being unable to cope with the "curvature of life" manifested as OCD; living through an eating disorder manifested because of being unable to cope with the curvature of body.A woman revealing to her partner the part of her that is "lost," she is letting go of everything her body has been taught/forced/compelled to do.Being able to be sharp and then go into softness is part of the privilege of being a man.Richard Rudd - The Gene Keys - the highest form of love is to arrive just as you are, beyond the things you're into, beyond what you're practicing. "I don't need you to do anything." More Richard Rudd here: explores the concept of approaching dating as a practice - holding your body to transmit, "I'm open. I'm present."One of the primary masculine challenges - there's tremendous anger toward the feminine in the masculine."Entitlement is a big piece of what men need to work through."Three Stages of CommunicationBased on The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida – Stage: Reactive, the way most people are interacting.When one feels triggered, repressive reaction, silent treatment, withholding love, punishing, spiritual bypassing.Second Stage: Everyone needs more of this - talk therapy, clear, "When you did X, I felt Y, and I desire ..."This is formatted and structured - very much in the masculine domain.Third Stage: revealing truth as a gift to our partner.Instead of an accusatory, "You always do this to me," transformed into a statement in the name of love, with love.Madelyn has worked on connecting to the part of her that's heartbroken. The heartbroken part is the same part that wants to be an offering."There's no part of heartbroken-ness that wants distance.The first step of elevating relationship into artistry: Recognize your complaint in the relationship.Madelyn is incubating the idea of some sort of show related to her work - polarity dating show? Let us know if you have any producer contacts!Connect with Madelyn: Facebook: to the podcast on iTunes: my Four Favourite Feminine Embodiment Practices:
Jun 3, 2021
1 hr 6 min
Yogic Intimacy and Tantra
Episode 336: Yogic intimacy and Tantra are spiritual embodiment practices that both encompass and extend beyond sex. Madelyn has been focusing on Tantra to complement the Yogic intimacy work she's been engaged with for years. Learning just basic physical intimacy is a challenge for many of us, let alone exploring and enhancing by engaging the physical with the spiritual, and the masculine with the feminine. Madelyn has been focused more on her TikTok and Instagram these days, as she's been using visual components to teach these concepts. In this episode Madelyn catches up on what she's been up to and explores some tools and practices available to bring art to our intimacy.COACHING: Discover more at SOCIETY: Join here: SPIRIT SCHOOL: Join here: Notes:Madelyn's intention is to now release one podcast episode per month.The podcast is no longer at the forefront of her prerogatives as a teacher.Follow Madelyn on Instagram and TikTok, where she's taking her polarity teaching with a visual component. This will be her focus for her time.Madelyn welcomes your feedback on the new plan!Artistic Intimacy Workshop: is a two-hour workshop on how to bring art into your intimate life.Madelyn has been doing a Tantra course, supplementing the Yogic intimacy she's been studying and teaching.Men often deplete their chi or lifeforce through ejaculation - women 'get' energy and are energized via sex and orgasm.One of the prime quests of the male's journey to living a Tantric lifestyle is to prolong or delay ejaculation, orgasm without ejaculation.In Tantra you are vitalized by multiple orgasms, but physical ejaculation is depleting.Much of Madelyn's work to date has approached from the more spiritual, less physical side of intimacy.This is largely due to the purity culture in which she was raised.When she was young, Madelyn wore a ring symbolizing her marriage with God.While that was part of a negative purity culture, she has adapted the concept and considers herself married to a personal god, and connects with this through the sensual.Sisu Society has changed and evolved. No longer a group coaching program, now a course with tons of practices: Spirit School is a foundational, but still deep, study of feminine/masculine: always, one-one-coaching is available as well. with Madelyn: Facebook: to the podcast on iTunes: my Four Favourite Feminine Embodiment Practices: credit: Lisandra Vazquez Photography
May 11, 2021
27 min
The Golden Key to Abundance with Brandon Beachum
Episode 335: Brandon Beachum is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and host of The Positive Head Podcast, as well as the late-night style talk show, Optimystic. Brandon has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, and in 2011 while living on a friend’s couch he co-founded what is present- day ResortShare. Today, Brandon’s primary focus is on helping people shift their perspectives to innerstand the “ultimate nature of reality’’ and create more of what they want to see in their world!In an effort to do so, Brandon released his first book in January 2021, The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance. In it Brandon shares the 8 keys of abundance, which he has unlocked over 25 years of experience and deep exploration. He is gifting these keys to the world via the book to help others unlock their own divine potential.He is also inviting readers to participate in a unique abundance manifestation game that entails them making an energetic contribution for the book after reading it, and then doing three abundance manifestation exercises for 88 days designed to flow abundance back in their direction. In an effort to practice what he preaches, he will also be sharing 50% of the revenue generated from listeners with any podcasts he discusses the book on.You can download The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance audio or eBook at GoldenKey.Gift with the code MOON.COACHING: Discover more at SOCIETY: Join here: SPIRIT SCHOOL: Join here: Notes:Madelyn has been focusing her attention on her free videos on Instagram and TikTok.Instagram: the number of podcast episodes has decreased, now is a great time to like, comment, and subscribe on podcast episodes. Mind Body Musings needs your help to move up in the rankings and reach as many people as possible!Brandon had just started shooting his show Optimystic when the COVID lockdown started.The show was put on hold, but now that things are opening back up, things are moving on it again.Brandon has experienced staggering synchronicity around the date of July 28th.25 years ago Brandon experienced a spiritual awakening or epiphany of understanding the nature of reality, that we're all connected.He had a strong impulse to share it with the world, which led to his podcast and everything after.He wanted to distill this awareness down to a book to reach as many people as possible.There are eight Abundance Secrets outlined in The Golden Key:See the OnenessKnow the IllusionFocus Your FlowAlign Your IntentionsBe, Be, BeTrust the MysteryLove What ComesMaster the YoUniverse, the Golden Key that ties all together.Remember to get your audio or eBook copy of The Golden Key by using code MOON at GoldenKey.Gift.Madelyn and Brandon discussed Focus Your Flow more in depth as a tie-in to her masculine/feminine work.Subtitle of the book is 'Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance'.When Mario Andretti was asked about what advice he gives to new drivers, "Whatever you do, don't look at the wall."Where attention goes, energy flows, so you're going to hit the wall.Finding the fine line between identifying a problem and championing it.When Mother Teresa was asked if she would join a march against the war, she said she would not march against it, but should there be a march for peace, she would be there.Identifying an issue on its own isn't enough - you have to identify it so you can avoid it, not move energetically toward it.If you see something that's bad or awful, you want to give a lot of attention to fight it. Instead, take its power away by redirecting your attention and energy.Evolution is a spiral, and we circle back on things we think we've processed.Book: Oneness by Rasha - Brandon refers to it as a "handbook for ascension" - and Madelyn discuss Richard Rudd's The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA –"Turning drama into dharma."Our challenges are opportunities for us to find and refine our place in the world and in relation to others, responding versus reacting.Connect with Brandon:Get your Golden Key book - - -
Mar 30, 2021
49 min
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