Milspouse Matters
Milspouse Matters
Jen McDonald
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this podcast is so comforting and easy to listen to. i wanted to find a good Christian podcast, but also something that i could relate to on a personal level. so i got on google and this one one of the podcasts that popped up. i figured id give it a try, and boy was i surprised. i have been listening to them for two days while i cook, drive or work. it gives so much insight. even though my boyfriend thinks I’m goofy for doing research on how to prepare for the life of a military spouse, one day he will be thankful when I’m rocking it. thank you so much for creating such great content.
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elaine noelia
So helpful!
This podcast made me feel confident to be a mil spouse! I am not one yet, but I feel ready to be one day! Thank you so much!
Grateful MILSPO of 4
I cannot begin to express how incredibly grateful I am for the work you’re doing with this podcast. My husband has been in the USCG Reserves for 12 years and this year has transferred AD USA. He’s currently in OCS while I’m at what has always been our home, with 4 kids (one newborn) and a dog! I feel as though I’ve got one foot in the civilian world and one foot in the other. I just want to express my gratitude for being a bridge builder for me. With love, Ashlee Sullivan
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SulliGang Leader
Life saving Podcast!! 🙏🏻
I am so thankful to have found this podcast! Jen has provided a great deal of encouragement and guidance in a time when I had no idea which way was up!! 🥴 I would play these episodes while working around the house, or just sitting on my porch with a glass of whiskey. It was like I was having a chat with the girls!! A podcast well worth the listen!! And don’t miss reading her book “You are not alone” changing!! Thank you Jen!!
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Awesome information
I love this podcast!
Thank you
I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for this podcast. I’m a new military spouse and it’s been very helpful to listen to your podcast and get some guidance. I also wanted to mention that I’ve been making friends everywhere I move through the Hey! VINA app. I’ve made some incredible female friends over the years everywhere I lived, from UK, US to Europe. Maybe some milspouses will benefit using this app also!
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These podcast validate that is it okay to not be the “normal” and we are all in this together as that tight knit community we are. Every time I listen to a podcast I feel like I am becoming a better person for everyone in my life. Thank you for supporting the ones who keep everything afloat back home, even if it’s just barley.
Exactly what I need
I found this podcast and it is exactly what I need EVERY TIME! The topics are always interesting, and even though I think I know a lot about mil spouse life I still learn from her and her guests. I look forward to your next episode!
Advice and Hope for MilSpouses
Jen is so relatable and down-to-earth. She’s a great host and is always so helpful with each topic she addresses.
What a great way to connect the stories of women behind the lines and what it takes to support their husband while they serve
Jen is a wonderful interviewer and holds your attention with her mix of lightness and also getting to the heart of the matter. She gives wise tips and helpful suggestions along the way and her experience as a loving military spouse, mother and friend shines out....very brightly through her words!!!
Go To Podcast
Jen is amazing! This podcast has become my go to for help figuring out this crazy military life. I laugh, I cry and just enjoy every second of every episode. I can’t recommend this podcast enough! Thanks Jen for making this go to place.
Take her military life advice!
Genuine and wise, Jen has so much to offer today’s milspouse. Seriously-listen and learn. You’ll avoid tons of common mistakes and enjoy military life for the good it offers instead of flailing about trying to stay afloat. 30 years of military service adds up to free advice for you!
Seasoned Spouse
Love it! I am not military, but I am so grateful for this podcast to support military families.
Moving stories told with grace and humor
My new favorite podcast! As a retired spouse, its hard to find stories that I can relate to. Jen is a wonderful host and her guests have a diverse background. One epsisode may have you tearing up and another laughing until your stomach hurts. I look forward to her future episodes!
Christine KS