Milspouse Matters
Milspouse Matters
Jen McDonald
Encouragement for military spouses. Military families make up less than 1% of the U.S. population, and the challenges they face are unique. Whether you're looking for military spouse support or simply want to learn more, join host Jen McDonald as we discuss it all: getting through the separations that go along with training and deployments, moving around the world, seeing the one you love leave for war, raising kids in the military, finding your own place as a military spouse, and strengthening your military marriage. A military spouse of nearly three decades herself and the author of the book You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of a Military Spouse, Jen doesn't shy away from the hard topics, while providing a practical, humorous look at military life. Military life can be hard, but it’s also amazing in so many ways. We're only stronger together.
Listener Q & A - Ep. 66
Welcome to the latest Listener Q & A episode! Today, we’re covering questions like:  -What are your thoughts on planning weddings in the military? -How and when should you apply for military base housing?  -How do you practice OPSEC? Also, any suggestions for a wife who can’t really talk to her husband about work because he’s Intel? -Finding military spouse connections in Washington, D.C.   And more!
Sep 14
34 min
Afghanistan: One Military Spouse's Perspective - Ep. 65
While most of us agree that it was time to be done in Afghanistan, we deserved a better ending. You know who else deserved a better ending? The people of Afghanistan and our allies.  On this episode, I talk about our own family's experiences with Afghanistan and we honor those who were wounded or died there. I'm also sharing some ways you can help right now and some resources to take care of yourself as a veteran, military member, or military family member.
Aug 26
16 min
Summer Hiatus & What's Ahead! - Ep. 64
I'm taking a little break this summer! On this episode, I’m sharing what’s been happening the past weeks, where I’ve been, and what’s ahead for the podcast. Interested in being a guest? Keep listening!
Jun 18
12 min
Trevor Romain Brings Hope to Military Kids- Ep. 63
You are in for a treat! On this episode, I am so honored and thrilled to have Trevor Romain here to share with us what he does through his work with the Comfort Crew for Military Kids and also the Trevor Romain Company, the motivation behind it, along with some great tips for parents of military kids that he’s gleaned from decades of working with kids. He is a storyteller at heart, and I think you’ll be so encouraged and strengthened by what he shares.
Apr 21
40 min
Resources for Your Military Kids - Ep. 62
April is the Month of the Military Child, so let's talk about resources for our amazing military kids! But first, a little history behind it, as well as the 10 ways my military kids have inspired me.
Apr 14
27 min
Tips for New Military Spouses - Ep. 61
Are you a new military spouse or know one? This episode is for you! OR maybe you want a refresher yourself.  I’m reaching back into the vault of my own experiences from nearly 3 decades of life as a military spouse as well as sharing some great tips from friends and listeners (thank you to all who contributed!).
Mar 21
38 min
The Spouse Angle: Breaking Down the News for Military Spouses - Ep. 60
Today you'll hear from Natalie Gross and Andrea Scott of the Spouse Angle podcast--an amazing resource for military spouses, bringing you all the latest news. They share what motivated them to begin The Spouse Angle, some of their favorite stories so far, and what’s ahead. They both came from military families and are professional journalists by trade. If you’re wanting to keep up with the latest news that affects you as a military spouse, you’ll want to subscribe to The Spouse Angle.
Mar 8
39 min
Make the Most of Your Military Travel Benefits - Ep. 59
On this episode, I’m talking to Stephanie Montague about how to make the best use of your military travel benefits, including Space-A flights (Space Available) and military recreation facilities.  She also shares how she and her husband did not do the typical ‘life after military retirement’ and how they’ve instead traveled and lived overseas since his retirement from the Army in 2015. Be warned: you may get a serious case of wanderlust after listening to this episode!
Feb 16
51 min
Facing Military Life with Focus and Strength - Ep. 58
On this episode, I’m joined by Ashley Keller of GlowBodyPT. She’s a veteran, a professional triathlete, a military spouse, mom of 3 young children, and a prenatal/postnatal exercise specialist and certified personal trainer. I first connected with Ashley on Instagram and just love her posts and her positive attitude, as well as her realistic and practical take on military life.
Jan 31
45 min
There Is Strength in the Waiting - Ep. 57
During this past hard year that was 2020, we’ve all become more familiar with waiting. I hear from so many of you--you’re waiting for your loved one at boot camp, you’re counting down the days to the end of deployment, you’re waiting for PCS orders that are on hold. Wait, wait, wait… Waiting can seem like a waste of time or that we’re doing nothing, but I want to remind you there is strength in the waiting.
Jan 25
16 min
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