Millionaires Unveiled
Millionaires Unveiled
Jace Mattinson, CPA
Millionaires Unveiled interviews and tells the stories of everyday millionaires. We provide detailed insight into their investing strategies and current portfolio allocation. How did they get started? What decisions did they make along the way? How has their portfolio allocation changed, and what are they doing now to not only keep, but also grow, their highly sought after "millionaire" status? From these extensive and thought provoking interviews, you'll be able to assess your current portfolio allocation, learn investing strategies, and join the fast track to financial success.
345: Net Worth of $1.2M - Livin' La Vida Locum Tenen
Summary Sophia is a second generation immigrant. She has a net worth of $1.2 million divided between multiple asset classes. She is a traveling Nurse Practitioner in her mid 30's and has had quite the financial journey.  Takeaways -Traveling for work can bring a lot of financial benefits  -Working in a job you love will help set you up for financial success  Sponsored by:
Feb 20
36 min
344: Net Worth of $1.2M - Another $1 million wasn't going to change my life
Summary Johnson, a former software engineer, has a net worth of $1.2 million. He has all of his net worth in the market in a few different accounts. He doesn't like the idea of having real estate to manage or a business to manage. He is a nomad and traveling the world at the moment and has been for the last few years. He left over $1 million on the table after leaving his job to travel the world.  Takeaways -Living abroad can stretch your dollar farther  -Work without purpose can get boring and monotonous -Investments have continued to grow at a rate greater than withdrawal
Feb 12
40 min
343: Net Worth of $1.0M+ - A Corporate America Drop Out to Philanthropist
Summary Jerome Myers, a corporate America dropout, has a net worth of $1.0+ million. He has an old 401k and some other market investments but is primarily in real estate now. He shares his journey of leaving his job and starting a successful real estate business. He discusses the challenges and lessons he learned along the way, including the importance of having a stable income and the risks of being too aggressive in real estate. Jerome also shares his goals of reaching a net worth of $10 million and giving back through education and supporting teen moms. He emphasizes the value of creating experiences and spending money on what truly matters, rather than trying to impress others. Overall, Jerome's story is one of perseverance, growth, and the pursuit of work optional lifestyle. Takeaways -Leaving corporate America and starting a real estate business can be a challenging transition, but with proper planning and a stable income, it can lead to success. -Being too aggressive in real estate can be risky, and it's important to have a long-term perspective and the ability to ride out market downturns. -Setting financial goals, such as reaching a net worth of $10 million, can provide motivation and a sense of purpose in building wealth. -Giving back and supporting causes that are important to you can bring fulfillment and make a positive impact on the world. -Spending money on experiences and creating memories with loved ones is often more valuable than material possessions or trying to impress others. Sponsored by:  Shopify for your exclusive deal
Feb 5
42 min
342: Net Worth of $1.3M - I Paid $1,000 For My Worst Meal Ever
Summary Jarrett has a net worth of $1.3 million. He shares his journey to becoming a millionaire while working as a power engineer in the oil industry. He discusses his net worth, which is primarily invested in the stock market and real estate. Jarett also talks about his side ventures in real estate and selling life insurance. He shares his financial goals, including providing financial security for his family and eventually transitioning away from his main job. Jarett emphasizes the importance of hard work, financial education, and reaching out to mentors for guidance. He also highlights the need to start early and not compare oneself to others. Jarret, a millionaire before the age of 30, shares his journey to financial success and offers insights into real estate investments, entrepreneurship, and personal development. Takeaways Hard work and financial education are key to building wealth. Investing in the stock market and real estate can provide significant returns. Having multiple streams of income, such as side ventures, can help increase wealth. Setting financial goals and having a plan is crucial for long-term success. It's important to surround yourself with mentors and seek guidance from experienced individuals. Starting early and being consistent with saving and investing can lead to financial independence. Avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on your own financial journey. Developing a strong financial mindset is crucial for achieving financial success. Real estate investments can be a lucrative avenue for building wealth. Entrepreneurship requires perseverance, adaptability, and a willingness to take risks. Personal development and mindset play a significant role in achieving success in all areas of life.
Jan 29
35 min
341: Net Worth of $3.5M - Former Air Traffic Controller Cashed in His 401k and Risked It All
Summary Shawn DiMartile has a net worth of $3.5 million. All of it is in real estate. He is in his mid 30's. He shares his journey from being an air traffic controller to building a real estate portfolio worth millions. He discusses the importance of liquidity in real estate investing and the decision to liquidate his 401k to invest in real estate. Shawn explains the benefits of real estate investing over traditional retirement accounts and the strategies he used to achieve his first million. He also discusses the challenges and opportunities in the Airbnb market and the impact of regulation on the business model. Overall, Shawn emphasizes the importance of education, partnerships, and creativity in real estate investing. In this conversation, Shawn DiMartile shares his experience with property management and automation, rapid-fire questions, lessons from childhood, early jobs and money, changing beliefs and future goals, financial habits as a millionaire, and advice for beginners. Takeaways *Real estate investing can provide greater cash flow and wealth-building opportunities compared to traditional retirement accounts. *Having liquidity is crucial in real estate investing, both for meeting bank requirements and for handling unexpected expenses. *Partnering with experienced investors and mentors can provide valuable guidance and increase confidence in real estate investing. *Investing in properties outside of high-cost areas like California can offer better returns and growth opportunities. *The Airbnb market is becoming more competitive, and success requires investing in unique properties and providing exceptional amenities. *Regulation can impact the Airbnb business model, and investors need to stay informed and adapt to changing regulations. Automating systems can help manage properties efficiently and reduce the need for property managers. *Having a strong work ethic can contribute to success in real estate investing. *Frugality and delayed gratification can lead to long-term financial goals. *Real estate investing takes time, patience, and learning from mistakes. *Consistency and proven methods can lead to results in investing.   Connect with Shawn on Instagram (@shawn_dimartile) Sponsored by:  Shopify Visit for your exclusive $1 per month trial period
Jan 22
57 min
340: Net Worth of $1.8M - I didn't start until I was 40
Summary Brian, an enterprise sales professional, shares his journey to building a net worth of $1.8 million. He discusses his investment allocation, which includes retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, syndications, and startup companies. Brian emphasizes the importance of diversification and the benefits of investing in alternative assets. He also talks about his late start to investing and the lessons he learned along the way.   Brian shares his financial goals, including his plan to retire at 55 with a net worth of $4 million. He discusses his strategy for Roth conversions and the importance of teaching kids about building wealth. The conversation concludes with rapid-fire questions about Brian's experiences with money. In this conversation, Brian discusses the importance of valuing experiences over material possessions. He emphasizes the joy and memories that come from traveling and spending time with family.   Brian also shares a change in his belief about spending money, realizing the importance of enjoying life now rather than waiting for the future. He talks about his financial habits, including being cautious about his finances and checking them frequently. Finally, Brian offers advice for beginners, encouraging them to keep their financial plans simple, invest consistently, and avoid making frequent changes.   Takeaways Focus on experiences and travel, as they create lasting memories and joy. Reevaluate beliefs about spending money and consider enjoying life now rather than waiting for the future. Be cautious about finances and check them regularly to protect against fraud or unexpected events. For beginners, keep financial plans simple, invest consistently, and avoid frequent changes.
Jan 16
47 min
339: Net Worth of $51M - The Sequel
Summary   Carlos - The Sequel shares his journey as a serial entrepreneur and his transition to real estate and commercial properties. He discusses the mindset shifts required to scale from six figures to seven figures and beyond. Carlos emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and investing in oneself. He also talks about the significance of giving back and teaching kids about money. Carlos shares his strategies for living below his means and splurging on experiences rather than material possessions. He invites listeners to join his weekly Zoom sessions and connect with him on social media.  
Jan 11
47 min
338: Net Worth of $51M - Money Loves Speed: I Started With A Magazine Publication in Ecuador
Summary   Carlos has a net worth of $51 million. He shares his journey from starting businesses to building a large real estate portfolio. He discusses his transition from business to real estate and the impact it has had on his net worth. Carlos emphasizes the importance of problem-solving skills and finding solutions to create successful businesses. He also highlights the role of asset managers in managing properties in different states. Additionally, Carlos shares his experience of starting a mountain biking magazine at a young age.   Takeaways Transitioning from business to real estate can provide significant opportunities for growth in net worth. Problem-solving skills and finding solutions are crucial for building successful businesses. Asset managers play a vital role in managing properties in different states. Starting a business that solves a problem can lead to success and growth. Diversifying investments and leveraging other people's money can accelerate wealth creation. Sponsored by Shopify 
Jan 8
1 hr 1 min
337: Net Worth of $2.1M - The short term sacrifices were worth it
Summary Rayne shares her journey of house hacking and building a net worth of $2.1 million through real estate investments. She started by purchasing two-family homes and living in one unit while renting out the other. Over time, she acquired more properties and used the cash flow from rentals to cover most of her living expenses. Rayne emphasizes the importance of living below your means and being money-conscious. She also discusses her plans for the future, including potential vacation home purchases and continued investment in retirement accounts. Rayne shares her strategies for teaching her children about finances and the value of a dollar. Takeaways House hacking can be a great way to start building wealth through real estate investments. Living below your means and being money-conscious are key to financial success. Diversifying investments and taking calculated risks can lead to long-term growth. Teaching children about finances from a young age can set them up for financial success in the future.
Jan 2
35 min
336: Millionaires Unveiled Year in Review
2023 in Review Jace and Stacey break down lessons learned in a year in review, personal changes to their investment strategy and overall wrap up of a few main data points from the show in general.   
Dec 28, 2023
44 min
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