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Ascension Guide for Sensitives and Starseeds
How to Change Your Life and Why It feels Hard
How to Change Your Life and Why It Feels Hard Podcast is at the bottom of this page for your listening pleasure or find it on iTunes under Millennials and Money Cafe  Or you can read below: I thought you'd like the notes on the tapping I take you through. To start, I'd like you to Think About: What would you love to have all the time in your life? You can do this by taking a piece of paper and drawing a line down the middle of it. On the top write familiar for one column and unfamiliar for the other. On one the familiar side put what you want to change and on the other side list what you want. See below for examples. You can PAUSE the video now for 1 min. and make the list and then listen as I will have many more examples you can fill in later. We are creatures of comfort. We do what comes easy even if it’s not good for us (an addiction) and we want something else because our comfort is in what is familiar. So what is familiar? It is something that you’ve done many times that now doesn’t feel new, hard or awkward to you. A lot of your familiar characteristics and habits are formed in childhood. So unless you change have applied new practices of ways of being and believing and made them your new familiar you are still living your childhood programming (your home, school, culture, education, political, social economics … environments) Your self-esteem, wealth issues, social comfort, relationships, well-being…are all a result of your past experiences and influences. If you are trying to become more successful in any area of your life, accomplish a goal that is out of your familiar comfort zone, you will NOT achieve it unless you choose unfamiliar thoughts/feelings/actions and practice them long enough so they become familiar. You don’t know what you don’t know! Making the unfamiliar familiar requires daily choices, awareness, repetition, persistence and commitment. Example: I stopped eating dairy because it made my psoriasis flare up and it was hard to not eat it when it was everywhere around me...but my vanity was more important than my addiction to dairy and I wanted healthy skin so I would feel good about myself. Your brain wants what is familiar, it goes with habit or what is easiest unless you give it directions. You do what you know until you learn something new and apply it to living your life. That is what I am teaching you now and giving you an opportunity to reprogram with the tapping session coming up. I am going to show you the new unfamiliar you might KNOW you can have and become. We each need people in our life who show us what is possible, give us permission in a way to become what feels more true and aligned with our soul-self than the programming we are living that was taught to us at a young age and we live out as being who we are as adults. It can feel hard to break habits/patterns because they are familiar. The hard part is putting your attention on the good, inspiring, praising, uplifting, successful – unfamiliar focus and take your focus off your old limiting familiar stuff that is holding you back from creating what you want. EX: Believing in yourself instead of beating yourself up with negative self-talk  such as I don’t matter or I'm never enough. What would you like to be more familiar with in your life? Believe in yourself Feeling Love Friends that value you for you Feel safe being you Having your own successful business Having a partner that loves and respects you Feeling vibrant, happy and healthy Peace and harmony
May 26, 2018
38 min
Tapping to Release the Fears of Rejection, Inadequacy and Powerlessness
Do you have a fear of rejection? (I'm alone, worthless, unlovable, misunderstood...) Do you have a fear of inadequacy? (I'm not good, smart, rich, sexy, skinny, perfect, fast...enough) Do you have a fear of powerlessness? (I can't trust, be heard, be seen, do what I want...I have no control...) Well you're not alone if you do.  These 3 fears are deeply seated and are formed early in childhood. This is why you don't feel safe! This is why you are triggered in your relationships and in social media. The fears can be buried  in your subconscious mind and play out through your thoughts, feelings and actions without your awareness. These fears keep you from being successful and willing to change your life for the better. I've created an EFT tapping session for you to release the mind/body energy around these fears to help you start to feel safer to make changes that serve you in your life and business. Watch the video or listen to the iTunes podcast below. The fears are explained, as well as, instructions for the tapping session. Let me know how it worked for you and what you discovered about yourself in the comments below or email me. If you want to discuss fears more deeply, call me for a discovery session.   iTunes Podcast below Please share this video or blog, so we can support raising the vibration to love and above for the good of ALL!
Mar 28, 2018
41 min
Meditation: Raise Your Vibe, Change Your Life
This week I share a meditation with you that will help you change how you feel. You'll be guided to raise your vibration and expand your emotional experiences so that you override the negative emotions that have been habitually and unconsciously limiting you. If you don't like your current reality you have to do something new to create a new one. Just like I have been doing. You create your world through your thoughts, feelings and actions. So let's change how you feel about yourself and the world around you in order to create a better world for you to live and thrive in. How are you feeling right now? Close your eyes and listen what's going on in your head. Notice what emotions and thoughts are running in the background of your mind. You might try it for a day. Are they expansive and supportive of where you want to be or are they beating you down and abusive? And are you believing that this internal abuse will make you better? It won't, ever!   Beating yourself up will never make you better at anything, it just keeps you mind, body and spirit living in fear/stress. (It's killing you!!!!) When I did listened to myself I found out how abusive and disempowering I was to myself without my awareness. I learned this voice was not who I was and that I could become the Marilyn I imagined I'd like to be. So I started using a variety of tools and myself as a guinea pig to transform my life. Today I'm a successful work in progress, what I call a Brilliant Juicy Mess. I love myself, my life and I'm thriving in the moment. I still catch moments of the old programming playing in the background, but they don't run me any more. I want this for you---because you are so much more than you can imagine and the negative voice is limiting your ability to fully express what you came into your body to create at this time in history. You are a brilliant juicy mess that we want to see and hear and play with. There is no reason that you should have to suffer needlessly.   You are the creator of your world, Yes YOU Are! Through your  feelings, memories, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions (all connected) you produce the results of your life. You don't "see" the world through your eyes, you "produce it"  it through you beliefs and perceptions. Allowing yourself to feel more elevated emotions for longer periods than what your currently experiencing  is like editing your role as supporting actor to lead role.  This shift in presence and soon belief about what is possible changes how you "see and experience" yourself and your world. There are Instructions in the beginning of the podcast, but I've also written them out here for your convenience. The meditation starts at 9 minutes. I'd recommend that you introduce this meditation into a daily practice for at least 3 weeks to reprogram your old vibration into a higher and more vital energy for creating the life you deserve. Until the new emotions become natural to you. Exercise: This is not an easy exercise because most of us don't want to become conscious of the thoughts and feelings we're currently running our lives because we believe them to be true and it's painful.  The truth is a lot of what you believe and perceive of yourself and world is programmed during childhood and it is not who you authentically are. You can change your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions by practicing new ways of being, by allowing yourself to experience new and higher vibrational feelings and thoughts. Change your emotional habits, change your life! * Write down, What your worst day feelings are? What do you feel regularly negative about yourself and your world?
Mar 14, 2018
39 min
5 Powerful Steps to Kick Holiday Stress, Highly Sensitives
It’s the Holiday stress time when life can feel overwhelming with added social events and longer to do lists. The stress, anxiety and overwhelm can be minimalized if you take good care of yourself. With strategic planning and conscious monitoring of your energy and emotions, you will have a holiday that fulfills you instead of depletes you. To help you navigate I’m sharing 5 Powerful Steps for Highly Sensitives to Kick Holiday Stress with tools to help you.   Here is what is causes highly sensitives holiday stress: * overwhelmed - there are too much to do and too many places to be * empathy -  you’re feeling other people’s stress and anxiety as your own * overstimulation - travel challenges, parties, too many people, not enough alone time,  … * run away creative mind - feeling disconnected or not safe around family or friends * depleted energy - you dropped your self-care * money worries Boot holiday stress out of your life and fill you up with more joy, love, and connection. Practice these 5 steps to kick stress this holiday season. 1. Don’t take things personally When other people do, say or react remember, It’s not about you! People who cut you off in traffic, bump into you and say stupid thoughtless things are stressed out and dealing with their own stuff even if they are intimate with you. Realizing this can relieve you of a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. When someone reacts or acts out, say to yourself, “It’s not about me!” You are not the center of their universe, they are. How people react and feel is the result of the “meaning” they put on an event. It has to do with what they believe about themselves and the world. People’s reactions are their responsibility and are a result of their beliefs, habits and childhood conditioning. (Abuse is not to be tolerated, which is another matter that I'm not discussing here) 2. Take responsibly for your thoughts, emotions, and actions You create how you feel. So choose the emotions you want to experience this holiday season and then think the thoughts that help to create those feelings. Create emotional intentions for your holiday season and plan out how to manifest them. Let's pretend you want a peaceful and fun holiday season. What thoughts and actions lead you to peaceful feelings?  Do the same for feeling fun. Make a list of the thoughts and actions and start implementing them. Remember all of this creation starts with you first and then overflows into your world Peaceful:  Meditate and ground daily, attend Xmas-eve midnight mass and/or  winter solstice gathering, spend time in nature, give myself plenty of time, only go to events that are meaningful to me, have clear boundaries, plan and structure for ease, know your limits, ask for and allow support, remove clutter from your environment and mind, don't listen to news, spa day, aromatherapy bath...  "I am peaceful, my life is filled with peace, what makes my life so peaceful?, I am so grateful for all the peace in my life,..." Fun:  Join a caroling group, attend only fun holiday parties, bake with your family/friends, make fun handmade gifts for friends, dance, dress up, give to people who don't expect it, create new traditions, intimate dinner parties, decorate and celebrate... "My life is filled with fun, I am fun, I love having fun, Fun opportunities abound, what is making my life feel so fun, I am surrounded with fun and peaceful people, I will have fun this holiday..." You have to choose what you'd love to experience and then create it through your thoughts, feelings, and actions!     3. Take care of yourself energetically, mind, body, and spirit.
Nov 20, 2017
31 min
20 min. Meditation to Feel Better in Mind, Body & Spirit
I created this guided meditation to feel better in mind, body, and spirit. With all the chaos and stress in our lives, it can be challenging to feel positive and have elevated energy about our future throughout the day. We are easily influenced by the drama and challenges of the day to not be inspired, grateful, or compassionate. This short but powerful meditation will help you up-level your daily emotions and focus and therefore change your life. In this guided meditation you will change your energy from those emotions that drain or stress you into those that will elevate and inspire you.   Examples of Draining and Limiting Emotions: worry fear resentment jealousy frustration disappointment doubt helpless poor hatred disempowered Examples of Elevated Emotions: joy inspiration love gratitude compassion freedom abundance happy appreciation empowered magnificence in love with life Creating a daily practice with this type of meditation will change your life.   Try this meditation for 7 days in a row and see what happens and then keep going for 30 days and then let the elevated energies become part of your state of being every day. Notice what happens to your state of mind, health, and well-being, opportunities showing up, and how you feel more connected to everything. Remember your energy is a magnet and you've got to change your addiction to your stress hormones so you can attract new opportunities and people into your life. It all starts with you feeling whole and connected. I'd love to hear your comments, so please email me ( or leave comments here about your experience with this meditation.  
Nov 8, 2017
24 min
Powerful Energy Healing
I have created an energy healing for you that is a combination of inner child work and Ho'oponopono prayer that I have found to be a very powerful healing process. Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Inner Child work is imaging yourself giving your inner child what s/he didn't receive as a child. You are to compassionately and lovingly observe your inner child as the adult, creating a SAFE place for them to express themselves, so they don't have to hide out or feel abandoned any longer. The healing through this process can happen on many levels; emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, spiritually... It is a very personal journey of letting go, forgiving and healing. Your experience will vary every time you listen to this audio guide. Make a practice of listening to this audio to connect with your inner child until it becomes a habit and you do it daily on your own. You will be guided through this healing in this audio which is 18 minutes long. 18 minutes can change your life!
Jun 6, 2017
18 min
How to Resolve Cross-Generational Issues In The Work Place
  This Millennials and Money Cafe Podcast interview is with Dan Negroni, who is helping Millennials and Baby Boomers resolve cross-generational issues in the workplace through his new book, Chasing Relevance, and coaching programs. Dan is a business management and talent development consultant and coach addressing today's critical cross generational issues. He leverages his authentic, no nonsense approach and experience to help companies bridge the gap between managers and their millennial workforce. "Where youth and experience meets is where the all the magic happens"~ Dan Negroni In this podcast you will learn about The main problem Dan sees keeping the gap between the working generations is poor communication skills and false beliefs. Mindset is the first issue to address in the work place. People have all sorts of myths about each other in regards to needs, desires, expectations, sex, values, roles, culture...etc. Both management and employees need to ask more questions of each other and stop assuming and projecting onto the other generation. Communication issues are a result of bad information and mindset. This is because there is not relationship between management and employees. Creating healthy relationships in the workplace is key to better business and personal satisfaction. Understanding who they are and the value they offer is key to both generations. Learning how to effect within yourself first helps you to bridge the gap in any relationship. There are many tips, like the ones below, in the interview Millennial tip: Understand you can only control yourself, so do your inner work for better relationships. BabyBoomer tip: Stop the nonsense of false myths about Millennials and work on yourself to create better communication in the workplace. Millennial tip: Learn to ask questions about your boss or manager in order to better understand what you don't know. Millennial tip: understand yourself inside-out and then you will know that what you are asking for is something you deserve and it is a reasonable thing to ask and will provide value to others. Steps you can take to prepare to grow and learn in the workplace * Understand the power of relationships * Know you strengths * Know your skills, passions and value you bring * Define how you want to be perceived in the world * Develop your story and be able to communicate it 71% of millennials are disengaged in the workplace, meaning they want to find another job. Dan wants CEO's and managers to know that to be successful in their business they need to take care of their employees. That they have an obligation to support Millennials in finding their way in their workplace. Millennials can ask for support from their boss by asking questions that are focused on learning and serving. Learn how you can self-mentor * Learn to understand yourself better * Learn how to I attract the right mentors * Take full responsibility for your growth and learning * Build relationships Chasing Relevance, 6 Steps To Understand, Engage, and Maximize Next-Generation Leaders in the Workplace, by Dan Negroni Please leave comments about what was helpful about this interview or questions your may have, so we can all learn more about each other.  
Nov 28, 2016
46 min
Learn How to Create a Worthy Heart Journey Life
A one of a kind author, consciousness thought leader and podcast host, Matt believes in potential. His own, yours, everyone's. He is the author and creator of the Zen Athlete program, which contains in the depth training videos and audios to help you master the mental game of sport. He is also the creator of the Heart Journey Hypnosis Meditation, helping you discover your life purpose. Matt is an athlete, trainer, speaker and explorer of the mind and world dedicated to raising the consciousness of the planet. Give yourself a worthy journey ~ Matt Belair I trust you're going to love Matt Belair as much as I did. His high energy opens up your heart and mind. Matt is a Zen Athlete and BIG HEARTED MASTER gift to all of us.He has such a positive and inspiring perspective of life and shares how the law of attraction plan of action to manifest your reality. Learn how you can elevate your life with these skills, * mindfulness * self belief * visualization * focus Learn how to manifest your reality. When you hear yourself say "don't, not, and no" Say "Stop" and ask yourself -->"What do I want?" Whatever you put your energy, focus and attention on you will get more of that. Observe your internal dialogue... narrow it into visualizing your desired outcome. Accept what is and move forward. Learn about his Guided Heart Hypnosis for living your life purpose Get out of your mind and into your heart to find out what is really important to you. Find your mission and life purpose that is uniquely you without compromising your Soul. Matt and I would love to see your comments about this podcast below If you felt the love and passion here PLEASE share this podcast/blog with others, so we can spread the love and help raise consciousness.
Nov 15, 2016
1 hr 1 min
You Are Taking Up Valuable Heart Real Estate With Negative Thoughts and You Don’t Need To
You want to feel significant and loved and in our conversation you will discover how to feel those on your own. Stop the spiral of taking yourself down and learn how to lift yourself up! Learn empowering thoughts and tools to get you positively back to your true self and change your life. Lori Harder is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. She is a self-made millionaire, successful entrepreneur, network marketing professional, author, cover model, and three-time fitness world champion. Lori offers a carefully curated set of practical tools to promote sustainable health, spiritual well-being, and financial freedom. Through her books, unique coaching methods and programs, she has helped countless people connect with their soul, transform their bodies, empower their minds, gain finial independence, and fall  in love with themselves and their lives. Throughout her career, Lori has regularly appertain on the covers of and published articles for Oxygen Magazine, Strong Fitness Magazine, Health and fitness Magazine and Prosper Magazine. She has also been featured on NBC, Fox and TLC networks When you change your outlook, you change your outcome ~ Lori Harder Topics we cover and you want to know about are: * Mindfulness * Intuition * Self-love * Self judgement and why it's important to stop judging others * How to create healthy boundaries with social media comparisons and judgments * Attention and accomplishment addictions * Happiness Your thoughts are your reality and they are either expansive or constrictive, it's your choice. Learning how can you can  love myself more right now is very powerful personally and professionally. Here is Lori's blog Creating Mental Space to Allow for What You Want Learn about letting go of old in order to create new. You are taking up your valuable heart real estate with negative thoughts and it is keeping you from feeling what you really desire and accomplishing what is important to you . Follow Lori on FB @ Lori Harder I would love to hear what you got from this conversation so please comment below. Please share this conversation to help others learn how to love themselves and transform their lives. If you listen on iTunes please review it, the reviews really do help us to have greater positive  impact in the world. Love, Live and Matter!
Nov 1, 2016
29 min
How To Comeback To Life After Being Cheated On
Learn How to Write your Comeback Story After Being Cheated On. In this Millennials and Money Cafe Podcast, Sarah Cline & Samantha Messersmith discuss their new book Revived: Life After the Affair which is being launched Nov. 1st, 2016. After Sarah's husband had an affair she had to find a way to write her comeback story.  Sarah shares in a raw, vulnerable, and courageous way what it took for her to overcome this trauma in her life. Sarah and Samantha are motivational speakers, life coaches, authors and co-founders of Never Be Average. With 14 years of experience in overcoming adversity and triumphing through traumatic events they are helping women all over the world write their comeback story.   If you share this podcast and tag them in the share they will send you their, So What Now ~ 8 tools to start living your best life now.  FB:
Oct 19, 2016
31 min
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