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Made me Cry
I have never found a podcast at a more perfect time than Millennial (also never wrote a review) Thank you for your words Megan - you are so powerful. I hope you are as successful as you deserve to be, everything I believe you to be is something I hope to someday believe for myself. Thank you for being BRAVE.
So, Millennial generation is from about 1980-1994. Gen Z is approx. 1995-2013
I’ve been apart of the Apple community ever since I’ve opened my 1st gen iPod touch on Christmas as a child. I’m 25 now and this is the first review I’ve ever made on iTunes and it’s because I cannot recommend this podcast enough. To other millennials struggling with living your 20’s, this is so relatable and enjoyable. Thanks Meg!!
I just started listening to this recently and I can't recommend it enough. For people who are trying their hardest to make ends meet and also work towards something meaningful to them, but haven't yet found the right fit. Megan and her podcast help you feel less alone, and inspire you to keep doing what's best for you.
20 Year-Old Gen Z
As someone who’s just turned 20 and is trying to make her way through school and develop both myself and my future, this podcast made me feel so understood. I appreciate it so much! Thank you Megan Tan.
Opinions and giving up
I admire Megan’s ability to start her own podcast from scratch. What’s great idea! The content is interesting enough. The things I noticed and was most discouraged about are: 1. Megan’s codependency on other people’s opinions. When she wants to do something or form an opinion, she asks everyone relatable to give her their opinions so she can form her own. I find she has huge self doubts and is not a very independent thinker. She can definitely use more self confidence. 2. Megan’s job jumping seems counterintuitive. She gets a job she wants, then sees how someone else may have it better, so she quits and moves on. She seems to give up too fast. Seems like Millennial was just getting started but I guess that wasn’t good enough?! Others in her shoes would have killed for that opportunity. After final podcast, I came away with the two things I mentioned above. She could have used this platform to do great things, instead she sent a message of self doubt and giving up too soon. Ironically, she stuck it out with her guy for a long time...
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Entertaining. I’ll give you that.
You turned down an amazing opportunity to wait tables? You were offered experience where you could have made great connections there. Sometimes you do things you don’t want to to get where you want to. It might have even been what you wanted to do but your mind was already set. Life’s not a straight path to where you want to be. It’s crazy hills and obstacles so that when you get somewhere it’s all the more rewarding. If it were straight an easy it would be boring. And then you were upset because your boyfriend was having success. He probably would have taken the LA offer and given that a try at least. Well, I hope you are doing well now. Your podcast was entertaining. I’ll give you that.
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I’m 23, and just trying to find my pathway in life. But, Meghan is just in another world. She’s having all kinds of opportunity which is keeps being stupid with. I’m sorry to say this, but Meghan you have it much better than majority of us. Get off your butt and take an opportunity. I couldn’t listen after the 7th podcast.
Megan Tan. Your amazing! Stay Awesome!
You got me. You got me to cry. Because I can relate so much. In different ways of course. Thank you for sharing! I love this podcast.
Christina from California
I like this podcast!
I freaking love this show.
It’s really awesome if you’re young and trying to improve your life and prosper, look no further. The host is amazing she’s got this mellow calm voice going on. And it’s just got an awesome tips guidance, you know those little tricks that you need in life? Those, she crunches them in to an easy to understand and encouraging to pursue ideas💡. You’ve no idea how much I recommend this. Hmmm I can’t believe I just listened 31 episodes in one day. Good Job 👏 miss.
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Incredibly relatable
I’m still on season one, but I’m hooked. Like so many millennials, I too feel adrift after graduating college. Megan’s determination to achieve her dream of being a radio producer is inspiring. Such a great podcast!
Great for Old Millennials Too!
I’m on the upper end of the Millennial age range so I get to both claim this generation when I admit I haven’t paid off my student loans and had a slow start to my career but also roll my eyes at music festival enthusiasts who complain about high rent prices. I love Megan. She speaks for all of us. Her journey is so familiar. The fact that she’s clearly gifted, yet needs some chances to be took in her is relatable. The honesty and wisdom this podcast offers influenced a typical Millennial binge from me.
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season one great. seasons are okay.
I fell in love with this podcast and Megan Tan’s way of sharing her life as a 20 something recent college graduate. Season one really is relatable and very moving. All of the seasons that follow are really jus an exploration of different faucets of Megan’s life around her career, family, friends, etc. I found only every other episode very interesting for all seasons following season one.
If your lost this is your comfort
I am a millennial and I’ve never felt so lost. I’m only on episode two but I already love the way the show is formatted it’s like a story with great little nuggets of inspiration.
Eye Opening
Being a millennial myself, still in school and only 20 years old, it sometimes gets hard to figure out what I want to do with my life and see clearly how to juggle relationships, a job, and transitioning into adulthood. Megan Tan helps me realize that I’m not alone and makes me feel more in control of my life. It’s terrifying and also exhilarating
Love it!
I’m not the one to write reviews, but I love this podcast. I’ll be turning 20 in a few months but I started “adulting” in my second year of college when I moved into an apartment. I love that I can relate to this podcast because I’m often feeling lost and unsure if I’m “on the line”. Thanks for making this podcast, it truly is inspirational!
I wish I stumbled upon this podcast sooner! Megan is amazing and you'd have no idea she is an amateur at radio. She is an amazing story teller. I am totally binge listening.
Genuine and Gripping
I feel so behind in finding this podcast. Megan Tan is so genuine and I love how absolutely open she is about her life. Her ambition and drive is contagious and I definitely needed that right now. Her relationship with Ben is real and lovely not to mention Chuck is the best. While I may not be 100% in her shoes, we're the same age and the way she tackles her life is really inspiring. Always rooting for you girl!
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Extremely relatable
This is the first review I’ve ever made for anything on podcast let alone anything for Apple. I’ve listened to about fifteen episodes already and can’t stop. Megan’s podcast is constantly being played on my drives to work as well as while I work out. Its extremely relatable and I wish I would’ve found this sooner. As a millennial struggling with knowing what to do in life, constant fear of making the wrong decisions, and the anxiety of the future, it’s great to know that others are in this situation. A+++ I’ll continue listening to the last episode!
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Going to miss this podcast
I listened to the podcast from the start and wish you the best Megan in your next chapter of your life. Your podcast was awesome. I definitely enjoyed it. Hope you make a future podcast. Stay well! :)
Praveen Sriram
Good for the most part
I didn't even start listening until this podcast had ended. I listened all the way through mostly because I knew it was coming to an end and was curious about the why... but there really wasn't one. I like how ambitious Megan's sound editing was and understand why she struggled to not spend all of her time on it. As someone in the last year of my twenties it was good to think back to my time right after college and how much I struggled. I definitely chose the non-creative path that is easier because it gives you benefits and a steady paycheck so I admire her bravery in venturing into her own project. Hopefully she's moving on to something she loves and can find a better work/life balance.
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"Nothing to lose"
One of my favorites so far; #4! I can totally relate to her feelings —that's the important part. Thank you for sharing!x
Yes, just yes
So relatable. Brb crying while at work.
Stories just engage you
Stories keep getting better.
Favorite Show
I love Megan's format and her willingness to share her life. She has great guests on the show and I hate that it is over
My honest opinion
I can't remember the last time I wrote a review, so this must mean something. I have only listened to 4 episodes but I can relate to every single one of them. I see that many people are complaining about Megan giving up the LA job, but that's a big decision. You have to put yourself in her shoes. I know it was hard to say no to something like that. I like this podcast because Megan is honest. She is sharing something that most won't. She is sharing her lows and highs and as a person who is also in their early 20's and still in college, I am scared of the future. I have so many what if questions and answers that I am glad that Megan has decided to share her life with us.
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I don't want to go!
I hate to see your podcast go. I haven't been listening long. I only found you a little less than a year ago, but right now I'm struggling with another goodbye and saying goodbye to a podcast feels like a whole other load of bricks on top of that pain but I understand the decision to end the show. Thank you so much for letting all of us know that we are not alone.
Its just purely amazing.
I really love this.
Megan Tan makes me proud to be a millennial. I love listening to her tell stories and I feel like I can often relate. Obviously her experience is not everyone's experience, but I really enjoy hearing her perspective regardless.
This is awesome and relatable. It's nice to know we're not all alone
Megan Tan Fan
Megan Tan is such a cool and relatable twenty-something. The vibe of this show is so casual and fun, like hanging out with a friend over coffee. It's refreshing to hear Megan talk about her challenges and see her work through them throughout the show. Her ambition and dedication to her art and work is such an inspiration. Keep at it Megan!
Has potential
But she kills every episode I've tried to listen to so far with some weird guest host. I have tried ten episodes, haven't been able to finish one.
I tried. I listened to every episode binge-style for months, but now this incoherent collection of whiny storytelling about whatever she thinks up is too annoying. I've unsubscribed. Season one was so relatable, season two was interesting because it reached out to listeners, but this new collection of "podcasts" is just Megan picking random interviews to loosely relate to the real issues millennials face.
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My morning routine
Don't Bother
A podcast that does RE-RUNS?! 4 minutes of commercials in a 15 minute podcast? I am EXTREMELY dissapointed. Been with it since the beginning and it is NOT worth the time to listen to. Don't bother.
The episodes have gotten significantly shorter and are filled with advertisements and minimal content.
Megan Tan is so relatable and funny. If you like ant NPR show or public radio, prepare to get schooled. The narratives, the music and the voices she airs are fantastic. Inspiring and uplifting. I'm rooting for Megan.
Random Sample...
I somehow managed to stumble onto your podcast after accidentally and mindlessly opening the podcast section of my Spotify app. In having a title that appeals to what our generation has fairly (and unfairly) been dubbed - Millennial, simply put. Is awesome. I loved hearing about your NPR fellowship experience as well as your honest moments of doubt, fear, and frustration from all of your other life experiences as a recent college graduate... I've just begun season 2 after listening to it all night! Great work - signed, a new fan.
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Relatable, honest, entertaining and inspiring
I have started a new job commuting an hour and a half each way and this podcast has been an oasis. It gives me inspiration before going into my new job because it gives me a place to explore my own insecurities about this new chapter in my own life. I feel understood listening to the millennial podcast journey of Megan Tan and others. Its like I have entered a club, where their honesty gives me courage. I now get excited to go sit on the bus.
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Megan Tam is a certain kind of millennial as other reviews have mentioned. But to say that because someone--sharing their segment of university educated and earned internship experiences-- does not represent millennials is untrue. The narratives are relatable in their concept and not just their anecdotes. It's also refreshing to listen to a 20 something female podcast that's not catty. Even less common is the way Megan and Ben let us into their intimate disagreements so many of us are having. Thank you for making something about less than just the highlight reel. Keep up the great work, Megan.
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Annie R - LG Review
Love from a Mainer in Australia
I found this podcast recently- stumbled upon it coming from another radiotopia podcast. I'm from Maine, have just turned 21, and am studying abroad right now and using the time away to think about "what's next" -gah! Megan, although my post grad experience and yours may be very similar or vastly different- like any two individuals - this vulnerable podcast comforts me about post grad...discomfort and I already relate to a lot of your stories. And not just because you're in lovely portland where I grew up! A lot of the things you face in your episodes are things I fear I'll face or will inevitably face, so I'm grateful you've let myself and your listeners into these ups and downs-- so thank you! For creating millenial and sharing with us.
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Extremely Relatable
This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. As a millennial, the stories are extremely relatable as well as engaging. Megan is a role model and inspiration for so many. Thank you!!
DJ Melly Mel
Awesome Podcast
Megan, host of Millennial, highlights the different journeys of millennials in this can't miss podcast. Megan and her expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
Best Podcast Ever
This podcast was recommended through various channels, so I finally made the leap and tuned in. Let me tell you,I am NOT sorry for the time I have invested. As a Gen X'r I had my own (sometimes, not so favorable) views about Millennials. This podcast has successfully changed those views. I now have a clearer understanding of what drives the largest generation since my parents. I am hooked, and can't wait for each new episode!
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KH in Oki
Too judgmental
I liked this podcast at first, but was turned away after the living at home episode. Many young adults move back home for various reasons and I was looking forward to her covering it. However, she really took a pretentious and judgmental approach to the topic. She's not very open minded when incorporating other "millennial" experiences.
Started great but has really fallen off...
Megan, please get back on track. I'm not even a millenial but a parent with millenial children. As soon as you went to Cuba, the quality of the podcast has fallen substantially. I unsubscribe debut then realized that the Cuba episodes were done. Started strong with the episode on selling the house you grew up in but after, bleh. One more episode and if no improvement, I'm going to unsubscribe permanently.
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Edwin Belen
Love the topics and overall idea
Sounds like she's reading and a little unnatural although it's great content
It wasn't love at first listen but it is love now
I was drawn in slowly. I find Megan relatable and I'm so excited to see where she takes the show especially after the episodes on Cuba. My love for this podcast grows more with every episode. Keep up the good work!
Needed this!
Listening to your podcast at work and honestly it's amazing!!! I even got annoyed when I had to pause because I'm intrigued to hear more. It's crazy, I thought I was the only person having some of the feeling you came across and it feels great to know I am not alone!! I work in the luxury hotel business filled with millennials and they are all dying to here it...if you are lost in your 20s or even 30s tune it with Megan!! ❤️
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Great podcast
This podcast is wonderful. It's real and hits deep topics while still being approachable. It makes feel things...which is a great thing
Katrina Heilmeier
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