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Millennial Money
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Great show!
Shannah, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of personal finance and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Only substance is the advertising
The advertising isn’t just at designated commercial breaks either. Take a look at the recent real estate episode: the guest is someone who got her start with mommy and daddy’s money (not realistic for most), used their money to buy property in San Francisco (one of the priciest US markets, against not realistic), and now shills her “boss babe” course on how to “be a real estate queen.” She didn’t earn her crown that’s for sure. This podcast didn’t earn my time and is now unfollowed. Much better material is out there that’s intended to truly help US, not solely enrich the guests.
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Not a fan 8 mins if adds in a 20min episode.
Great Information
Thank you Shannah for creating a great show with practical information. You are a great host and engage your guests.
Career break
Had to stop this episode because you’re talking to someone who makes 90k that’s not the everyday person…please interview someone who makes between 30-70k Thats more relatable. The girl you interviewed cutting back on wholefoods…come on now.
The perfect mix to make life better!
Shannah is a great host, asking engaging and thoughtful questions to inform and inspire her listeners. But what I love most about this show is the variety of topics! No matter where you are in your journey to make your life better (esp through the lens of money), she's got an episode that covers it. I've recently dipped my toe into investing and have been loving her investment-focused episodes! A great listen when you want doable steps and practical advice to improve your life.
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So Helpful!
I obsessively listen to financial podcasts trying to figure this all out late in the game! Shannah is clear and always offers actionable items. I have been following her advice and can see and feel things shifting for me. This podcast is a master class in financial education and I appreciate her awareness and discussion of equity issues. Thank you!
Such an important topic!
Thank you to Shannah for creating this awesome & much needed show :)
Delia Folk
Amazing Content!
Shannah does such a good job covering a variety of topics. Her guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to be inspired and motivated!
One of the best PF podcasts out there!
I have long been a fan of Shannah’s work. What I really love most about the show is how it breaks down complex money matters into the simplest and most honest conversations. Each episode is filled with actionable tidbits to make better money decisions and I really look forward to learning from Shannah and her guests on each episode. Thanks, y’all.
Shannah is fabulous and a wealth of knowledge! Highly recommend the listen!!
Ima listener
The podcast has become useless. Its become a platform for ads
Hey you, yes you!! Enough with the manscaping ads. The podcast is literally not worth listening anymore. I would have definitely rated the podcast higher for the content and delivery, but the ads are annoying. 4 mins of continuous ads right in the middle of the podcast are straight up unbearable. Maybe move them to the ads to the end so that listeners can skip them.
You’ll learn so much!
Shannah is so relatable. She has curated an amazing group of guests on so many financial topics. This is such an easy way to put your goals into action.
Strange flow but great information
It would be a 5 star podcast for me if the podcast didn’t abruptly stop in the middle of a conversation for some ads. I understand the placement but it’s strange to cut off great conversations and then restart them abruptly. After all the ads and the fan question I forget what the question before the pause was, and I was confused as to where the guest speaker went and why she’s talking about apps. The podcast shares great information and she asks great questions which I think outweighs the strangeness of the podcast layout let’s say, but the ad placement and length just doesn’t flow very well.
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Accessible and empathetic
I'm a regular listener of several personal finance podcasts; I find that while much of the information overlaps, each one has a different take. Millennial Money is a new one for me, but it's quickly become a staple. Shannah is warm, supportive, practical, and down to earth with her advice and explanations; she has a genuine curiosity and passion for what she does. I also like that the episodes are not too long--she does things in bite sized pieces. What I've learned is that financial progress is steady but can feel exceedingly slow; podcasts like this are so helpful in those moments in that they provide positive reinforcement to stay the course. Thanks for your hard work; I appreciate it!
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Diana in NYC
Just the Boost I Need
Shannah’s openness of her own journey provides the daily/weekly motivational boost I need as I navigate my own. Her informative, relatable nature takes the scaries out of all things finance, encouraging her listeners to develop the skills and mindsets for better wealth and health in today’s world.
Great advice! I will definitely be using this advise this holiday season.
Great podcast with Hoosier Heart
Favorite finance podcast, hands down. Most episodes are genuinely helpful with tips I can apply to my daily life and helps give advice for me to use as I build up my own business. Bonus points for being a Hoosier, as well!
One of my favorites!!
I confess I am not a millennial.... Gen Xer here! That said, I absolutely love this podcast and look forward to it each week! Lots of great tips and advice!
Seems like she’s hawking apps and money services.
I can’t tell which she’s getting paid to hawk and which services she actually recommends. Also doesn’t take a half hour to give out a few tips and move on. Make it shorter. We’re millennials after all.
Do Not Support CC usage!
I listened to the first 5 minutes and you told people it’s ok to have credit cards and to use them even if you can’t pay them off each month! Terrible! Debt is not ok! This is what’s wrong with our country! Debt destroys families and relationships. You are part of the problem!
Information that is Definitely Needed by Millenials
I like to compare my own spending and investing habits with those on the show to make sure I am keeping up. I also like the emphasis on life experience over "stuff". The latest episode on racism within the financial world sheds a different light on the conversation.
Drags on too long
Use to find this podcast helpful when I was first starting off with personal finance but it’s now very preachy and drags on about lectures and life experiences instead of providing helpful tips to personal finance. I don’t feel like I personally learn anything new anymore listening to this podcast
Awesome Podcast!!!
Shannah, host of the Millennial Money podcast, highlight all aspects of finance, wealth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Clarisse Gomez
Destiny vs privilege
“I suppose I was just destined” 🤮 nah, you’re privileged and your dad opened the door for you. Blah, preachy blind millennial.
Entertaining, insightful and actionable! 🔥
Whether your money mindset is already well developed, or you’re just getting started learning how to become a personal finance ninja - this is a must-listen podcast for you! Shannah does an incredible job leading conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving financial life - from leaders who’ve actually walked the path themselves. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
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Religious Podcast?
Way too preachy.
Really Helpful
Great advice and love the host’s calming voice
Yes, yes, yes!
I’m so incredibly grateful that young people (all people, really) have access to a resource like this! As a person who didn’t come from a finance-savvy upbringing, this podcast has already answered so many questions I didn’t know I had, or didn’t know how to articulate about my financial future. It’s accessible, broken down in relatable terms, and covers so many topics that I find useful. This podcast makes me feel like I don’t have to feel around in the dark for the next x-amount of years making avoidable mistakes. Thank you, thank you!
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Financial Advise from your Dad
I listened to the latest podcast where you had your dad as the guest speaker. I was so glad I listened to it. You should have him as a speaker often, I could listen to him all day because of the impressive amount of knowledge he has in finance. The relationship and support you have with your dad is admirable, in terms of how he has remained a pilar throughout your life to guide you through adulthood, through the worst of adulthood which to me is learning about finances to be able to not get into trouble as much as you would had you not had any guidance. I didn’t have that growing up and so I can definitely recognize an awesome dad when I hear one talking. The podcasts I have heard from you in general are amazing, I am not always able to listen because I am a parent of three small children but whenever I am looking for something interesting to listen to and that helps me as a parent whether now or later, your podcasts are what I listen to. You do amazing work and people can actually relate with many of the things you mention. Keep up the good work. Blessings to all of your family!
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I found this podcast yesterday and have been binging since. I graduate in December, and with student loans looming, I’m so glad I found this podcast! It’s given me an amazing amount of comfort. There are some amazing tips included and Shannah is very relatable.
There are little bits and pieces that are interesting, but for the most part it’s her going on rants about her life. It detracts from the information and the people she brings on. And quite frankly, there’s too many ads.
Awesome and Honest
I really appreciate how open and honest Shannah is with her own experiences. You can really relate to her and I love how she gets the emotional and mental sides to finances. She has wonderful advice and can easily break things down into digestible pieces. It's really easy to understand her and the subjects she's talking about, which is great for someone like me who is not very financially savvy.
Love the content but she rambles
She is wonderful and has great advice but I wish it was a bit more to the point. Feels like an audio blog with long winded personal tangents. It might just be me.
This is fantastic
Powerful, practical advice from incredible guests (love Coach Keren!!!) and so much warmth and wisdom. Also, who doesn’t need a good talk about money? I’ll be waiting for every new episode. This is awesome.
Could be better
This would be more useful if the host didn’t go off course or nonsensical rant. Sometimes I forget what the topic is about because it goes off course and never fully answers the topic. Some useful tips if you get to it
Really bad advice
You’ll go bankrupt if you follow her “strategies.” Terrible.
A Financial Roadmap
The Millennial Money has been an invaluable resource in my life. Shannah is able to turn hard to understand financial topics into digestible, actionable items. She will definitely expand your mind!
Empowering and Actionable
I really appreciate Shannah’s relatable approach to all things financial literacy. I’ve learned so much from this show and highly recommend it for anyone who wants content that really truly transform their relationship with money.
Awesome Podcast!!
Shannah, host of the Milennial Money podcast, highlights all aspects of finance, wealth and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Brooke Craven
No real advice
No real advice. The host does not have an objective; instead she goes on endless non sensical monologues about her personal life without providing actionable advice to the listener. Very useless.
Very thoughtful, helpful
I really liked the phrase in the interview with Ellen Remmer about "seizing the power in the assets you have" -- makes you look at your money as active and therefore are you managing that to your liking or not?
Beyond grateful this exists
Millennials, get out your q tips, clear out all the crap you’ve been told about what to do with your money and listen to this instead. I don’t know how Shannah makes me feel genuinely excited about taking control of my finances, but it’s likely because I’ve never had anyone break it down enough for me to feel like it’s possible. So grateful for your show, Shannah (my savings account thanks you too).
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Virtually Natalie
Down-to-earth, manageable advice!
As a millennial recently out of college with loads of student debt, I LOVE this podcast. Shannah has great advice, and breaks things down into manageable bites that aren’t overwhelming or hard to understand like most financial advice out there. My ONLY annoyance with this podcast is that the ads come at the most random times. It’s almost hard to realize they’re an ad—there’s no pause or music or anything to set it aside; you just realized she’s switched topics in the middle of a sentence. Hopefully this is something that can be fixed! Aside from that, love the podcast :)
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I really tried
I really tried and wanted to like this podcast, but it just wasn’t possible. The pros: she pleasant to listen to and the podcast is well edited. The cons: there are inaccuracies with her information, she likes to talk about herself A LOT, but with very little helpful information, and there’s not much actual tangible financial advice in her podcast.
Chalan G
This is a Marketing Platform not a Podcast
I was referred to the most recent episode of this podcast by a friend. It was a 30 minute one sided promotion of a homebuying service called with a financial service called Unisen. After looking into the service, I found that it was really really bad advice. They recommended using this service that would give you say a 10% downpayment on a 300k house. As a part of that deal, when you'd sell the house, you'd have to give Unisen back the downpayment, and 35% of your earned equity. So assuming your 300k house appreciated at the historical rate of 4%. If you backed out after the minum 3 years, you'd owe Unisen 43K. If you made it the full 30 year mortgage, you'd owe Unisen 266k. This is the equivelent to taking out a loan with an effective interest ranging from 13% at year 3 to 8% at year 30. This is predatory lending and it's being promoted on a 'Personal Finance' podcast. I contacted the show on Instagram to DISCUSS it and they immediately deleted my query.
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Wanted to like but...
Introduction way too long, pretty monotone, didn’t really provide new insight on episode topics, has potential but not helpful or to the point like I wanted it to be
So cute. She loves the sound of her own voice so much she got her very own podcast where she can talk about nothing. What a waste of my time. 👌🏻
Great overall!
This show puts me in the right headspace to tackle the goals I’ve set out. I would like to hear more episodes revolving around a cash-only lifestyle. Reason beings: my grandparents have never had a credit card. And they are living fruitfully. I want to be that. Just want to hear a little more tips and tricks as to how I can make this happen. Shawna gives great, practical advise that you can definitely apply in real life. Everything I’m learning, I’m applying into my everyday life. Some days are harder than others, but she touches on that as well, saying it’s going to be fine and it’s part of the process. Keep up the great work!
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Rodrigo Jr.
Helpful & Transparent Financial Advice
Shannah addresses topics that I've been confused about for years, and she brings so much clarity throughout each episode. She knows her stuff, and she is so relatable. Anyone looking to get their finances in order should listen to this podcast!
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