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Metalheads Podcast
Metalheads Podcast
Metalheads Podcast is a metal-themed podcast featuring George, Jay, Will, John, Matt and Markisan. The guys discuss metal news and new releases, perform in-depth interviews with great metal bands, and just generally have a blast arguing about that greatest of musical styles: Metal!
Metalheads Podcast Episode #129: Tastes Like a Rusty Fence
This episode our friend Steve McDowell returns to the podcast to fill in for Will, who just finished up his radiation treatments. Get better soon, buddy! We kicked things off with a spirited roundtable on bands doing reunions without key members. Then we discussed the latest metal news and new releases, and shared what we've been listening to lately. Plus, John locks us in the Metal Thunderdome with two of the best post metal albums of all time - Neurosis "Through Silver in Blood" Vs. Isis "Panopticon" - and Steve's wife Maggie makes a surprise appearance at the end of the show to talk about Bathory, the perils of Country Thunder and the baddest bitch she ever met.
Jul 28
4 hr 9 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #128: Top 25 Albums of 2022 Midyear
It’s a midyear miracle! This episode we reveal our Top 25 metal albums released between January and June IN UNDER 5 HOURS! Pour a beer and prepare your ears for this aerodynamic countdown of the best metal recommendations around (and no one’s ever gonna keep em down). Plus, Matt and John announce their new Sax in the City podcast.
Jun 27
4 hr 47 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #127: Spontaneous Combustion
This episode our friend Justin Riley-Velez drops by to discuss the Edison Lot lineup for this month's Maryland Death Fest. We also reveal last episode's Metal Thunderdome results and dig into news, reviews, new releases and what we're listening to. Plus, Top 5 One Album Wonders, allergy size comparisons and Matt drinks so much he gets the hiccups... for nearly an hour. Going to MDF? The whole Metalheads Podcast crew and friends will be there! Be sure to say hello if you come across a herd of old, battle-worn lushes in MHP shirts.
May 23
4 hr 1 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #126: featuring Josh Aiken, You Know
This episode we chatted with George's high school metal friend, Josh Aiken. We talked about how Josh got into heavy music, reminisced about the good old days of growing up Gen X and revealed our guilty pleasure bands. After throwing back a few beers and marveling at Josh's beard, we dove into Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. Plus, Sadus – Swallowed in Black goes head-to-head with Autopsy – Severed Survival in the Metal Thunderdome and Josh tells us why you should never let George drive in snow.
Apr 20
3 hr 54 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #125: featuring Mark Deeks of  Arð
This episode we talked with Mark Deeks about crafting his debut Arð album, Take Up My Bones. We discussed the story of Northumbrian monks carrying a coffin around for 200 years that informs the record, his lifelong passion for piano and vocal harmonies, playing in Winterfylleth and why he made a choice to be "musically selfish." Mark hung out after the interview to chat about Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. Plus, our Top 5 Album Opening Songs, unpronounceable names, memorable heckles at metal shows and Matt's plea for Mark to do spoken word with his soothing, storyteller voice.
Mar 21
3 hr 32 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #124: featuring Trevor Portz of Abhoria
This episode we welcomed back our friend Trevor Portz to chat about his band Abhoria and their new self-titled album, as well as his forthcoming Ashen Horde record. We discussed the musical differences between the bands, where the Abhoria name came from, signing with Prosthetic and Transcending Obscurity, and why Trevor has abandoned his devil given name, Vor. After the interview, we dug into Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To, then we entered the Metal Thunderdome, where Opeth’s “Damnation” faced off against Katatonia’s "Discouraged Ones.” Plus, Will becomes a disembodied head, Markisan does the Bango and Matt keeps his palms warm with a new pair of fingerless hand snuggies.
Feb 28
4 hr 25 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #123: We Look Forward to Your Beer
This episode we threw back a few beers with Warren Hendrickson, head brewer at Forward Brewing! We chatted with Warren about why he got into crafting beer, how his unfortunate early forays into nu metal led him down a trve metal path and what it’s like to leave a trail of breweries behind in his beer making wake. After we got the lowdown on Warren’s life, we kept the party going with Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. After 4 hours of double-fisting fun, we shut down our first 2022 shindig by revealing our Top 5 Metal (and Non-Metal) Songs to Karaoke!
Jan 17
4 hr 16 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #122: The Top 25 Metal Albums of 2021
Hark! Ye olde hosts of the Metalheads Podcast cordially invite you to our annual holiday party! Help celebrate the year in metal with us as we cheerfully count down our Top 25 Metal Albums of 2021. Six naughty lists! Guessing games! Beer! Wilson! RSVP by streaming or downloading this most festive episode at your leisure. BYOB!
Dec 20, 2021
5 hr 20 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #121: featuring Phil Pendergast of Khemmis
This episode we had a phenomenal talk with Khemmis frontman and guitarist Phil Pendergast. Our epic interview was led by Will's 10-year-old daughter and Khemmis superfan, Evelyn, in her journalistic debut! We chatted with Phil about his band's celebrated new album "Deceiver," living with depression and how it influenced Khemmis' most personal songs to date, cats vs. dogs, his least favorite Khemmis track and suffering the horrible burden of great hair. After the interview Phil helped us break down the latest in Metal News and New Releases, then gave us some excellent album recommendations in our What We’ve Been Listening To section. We finished the cast by delivering last rites to ourselves with the spirited countdown - Top 5 Metal Songs You Want Played at Your Funeral!
Nov 22, 2021
5 hr 5 min
Metalheads Podcast Episode #120: featuring Ghost Bath
This episode we interviewed Dennis Mikula (Nameless), leader of the depressive black metal band, Ghost Bath. We talked with him about the band's new LP, "Self Loather," creating a trilogy of albums that represent human emotion and the experience of an afterlife, shrugging off media labels and his deep love for fantasy novels. After the interview we discuss Metal News, New Releases and What We’ve Been Listening To. Plus, George locks Kreator’s "Extreme Aggression" and Coroner’s "No More Color" inside the Metal Thunderdome to fight for 1989 thrash metal supremacy!
Oct 25, 2021
3 hr 56 min
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