Messy Family Podcast : Catholic conversations on marriage and family
Messy Family Podcast : Catholic conversations on marriage and family
Mike and Alicia Hernon : Catholic Marriage Parent and Family
Parenting is not a clean-cut, simple process for those who like to follow the rules. Family life is messy and unpredictable, but it is the greatest adventure you will ever have. We are Mike and Alicia Hernon, parents of 10 children ranging from 6 to 23 and we would like to invite you into some of the conversations we have had with each other about marriage, parenting, and Catholic family life. Our hope is that our conversation sparks a dialogue between you and your spouse that leads to greater unity and intentional Christian parenting in your home. Listen in to our podcast and start the conversation as we seek to lead our families to heaven. Visit us at for resources, guides, links and show notes.
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Awesome advice
Alicia & Mike are very wise and their advice has strengthened our marriage and family immensely.
If you have kids, listen to Mike and Alicia!
Great tips for being a better parent that are grounded in the Catholic faith, but practical enough to implement same day. Love this podcast!
Love it!
Love your wisdom, guidance and humor! Thanks!
My favorite
Hands down my favorite podcast
Best parenting podcast
I absolutely love this podcast! It is practical encouraging educational and insightful! I look forward to each monthly podcast and can’t wait to continue my journey to holiness by becoming a better parent and guiding my children closer to God thank you so much Alicia and Mike:)
Big Bro & sis
They’re honestly like my big brother/sister. I’m not the best at listening to unsolicited criticism, but they have been such a presence in my life the last 3 years! And it has trickled down, I’m sure my family and my extended family are unaware of the indirect influence the Hernons have been on their lives. So so thankful for you guys:) Keep it up!
Fake it to you make it motto
Thank you for your advice and guidance! God bless you and your family!
My favorite podcast
Mike and Alicia are so real, so positive, and concrete. I love listening to them!
MLG Louisiana
Great, practical hands on advice for catholic families!
I LOVE this podcast!! I am a young catholic wife and mother and this podcast has helped me so much! Great advice from seasoned pros, the best part is how authentically Catholic they are. Every catholic couple striving to raise little saints ought to listen!
Clare Weltens
Fantastic Resource
Listening to Mike and Alicia’s podcast is like having personal mentors in your back pocket. Their show has helped our young family know itself more and grow in holiness. My husband and I look forward to every episode. Thank you for your ministry and challenging us to continuously better ourselves both in divas as parents and together as a family!
Wonderful show
Thank you for doing these, it is making a difference in my life
Thank you!
We have been listening for a couple years and have found your podcast to be a huge source of wisdom and encouragement for us. Since we both come from smallish families who do not engage in a robust practice of the faith, we found ourselves really winging it. Your podcast put into words so much of what we intuitively felt. In doing so, it enabled much greater conversation, intentionality and confidence in our family life. While we were wandering in the right direction, your podcast has been rocket fuel that has really propelled us forward and continues to do so. Thank you!
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Rating highly from previous coverage
I’ve been a longtime listener but wanted communicate with you that I found the almost constant laughter (nervous laughter, perhaps??) by Alicia while describing the current pandemic very unsettling. I had to turn off this episode very early on, about 10 min in, because it was like fingernails on a chalkboard considering that so many people are losing their jobs, dying, and legitimately struggling. I’m sure it was how she deals with the situation but perhaps she shouldn’t be podcasting right now in this present time. I’d REALLY have loved to hear about their undoubtedly practical tips to help me handle the crisis, perhaps they could write something??
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obliger 102
My favorite
I discovered this podcast sometime in 2015 and have listened religiously ever since. Not every podcast relates to my situation I have three children with the youngest being 17 but I still learn something even when the discussion is about toddlers. I wish I could have listened to their podcast when I was starting my married life. Just listen I think you will be glad you did.
The best podcast out there for Catholic families!
Mike and Alicia’s podcasts have become my first go-to for ideas, inspiration, and encouragement as my husband and I strive to raise our 5 children (ages 1 thru 9) to be holy and happy devout Catholics. I have recommended Messy Parenting to countless friends and taken many of their ideas and adapted them to our family life. They do a fantastic job and surely their words are inspired by the Holy Spirit!
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Seriously helpful
I started listening to this podcast at the suggestion of a friend. As my husband and I work to grow our family I wanted to prepare. Though I am not catholic learning to grow my family in God’s grace has been so beneficial. This podcast is even great for those who aren’t religious, amazing tips for growing your family and your marriage
Very good with one flaw
I used to love this podcast, and found that the Hernons had a lot of practical wisdom and ideas for how to improve as a parent and spouse. However, the more I listened, I discovered that the podcast seems to be driven by Alicia, obviously a holy and intelligent woman, on a mission to build up men in a world that respects neither sex. This is a great mission, of course, but I didn't find much encouragement for women. Mike seems like a smart, good father and husband, but it seems like he's just along for the ride as a co-host, despite him introducing himself first etc. He rarely speaks to men about how they can better love their wives, and neither of them talk about the importance of motherhood, yet they have devoted multiple podcasts to how women can respect their husbands more and the importance of fatherhood. When they started saying things like "Fathers are more important to their children even though they spend less time with them" I had to unsubscribe. Again, it is a great podcast otherwise, but if you are struggling in your worth as a mom, look elsewhere.
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Teresa in Connecticut
This Podcast Helps Me Catch My Breath!
I am a stay at home mom with two little girls 3 and 18 months. I have 2 littles in heaven and we are expecting another baby. My husband and I met 5 years ago on Catholic Match and hit the ground running as we got married and were expecting the next month. This podcast has helped us to relax amongst all of the varying advice and instead just become a unified force with good priorities. Thanks for all you do!!
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Mom of Children in Christ
Thank you for this podcast!
hi I am a stay at home mom with a 15 month old and have been married almost 8 years. I enjoy your podcast so much! Ever since becoming a parent, I have been looking for books and podcasts on parenting, but also on raising a family with faith, specifically Catholicism. I love the fact that you are doing this podcast together as a couple. I love hearing your children be a part of introducing the podcast. In todays culture it is not easy to find support on parenting AND on living our faith. Thank you for the time and dedication you are putting into this podcast and for embracing this podcast as part of your vocation in life. If you haven't been to St. Louis, you should make that one of your stops! Would love to attend a retreat or workshop run by you. May God continue to bless you and your family in your ministry!
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Catholic parent
Makes me a more intentional parent and spouse
Listening to this show has helped me put so many things into perspective so I can be intentional in my parenting and marriage. It’s easy to slip into patterns thoughtlessly just doing the day-to-day as a family. This podcast has helped me really think about priorities, behaviors, choices, attitudes and efforts that I really can control to consciously shape our family culture (and within that, our marriage and our kids). Strongly recommend for all people who want to live more intentionally but don’t want to get swept away by whatever parenting book is the craze right now (which contradicts whichever one is the craze next year). This show is rooted in down-to-earth advice from people who try to live it, it’s practical, and it’s centered in our faith. Thank you to the Hernans for the time, effort, and thoughtfulness they put into this. You really are making a difference.
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So helpful!
Your insights are helpful to our marriage and family, thank you!
Practical and entertaining!
I have been a regular listener for years, and I love this show. It provides really great insights of family life, especially from a more “whole-person”, Catholic perspective. This counsel is especially useful for those of us who do not have a good family of origin from which to draw wisdom and who need healthy, joyful models.
Beginner runner 1688
This is a revolutionary podcast. I am about to have my 4th baby in 5 years. Somewhere along the way in my marriage and trying to be open to life, I lost my joy. Experiencing this podcast and using Mike and Alicia’s resources from their website has really helped me reclaim my motherhood and joy in marriage. It’s helped both my husband and I discern further our family life. I highly recommend it for all those parents out there that feel like something is missing or confused about their role as a parent. It has really helped my husband and I delve further and open our hearts to the Lords plan for our family. God bless Mike and Alicia and all those associated with the podcast!
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Great Podcast
All around a fantastic Podcast. All the episodes I've listened to have been enjoyable and entertaining. The Hernon's do such a great job that I consider their podcast to serve as a model for other Podcasts.
Magic mega
Fun Podcast!
God Bless this family and couple. I needed to hear what they have to say. Love this Podcast!
Excellent podcast!!
I had the pleasure of seeing Mike and Alicia Hernon when they visited my parish for a Confirmation formation session. I thoroughly enjoyed their message and enthusiasm about parenting. That’s when I learned about the podcast. I commute 4 hours each day and have been trying to catch up on all of the podcasts. They are extremely helpful and a great source of comfort in today’s crazy world. Keep the podcasts coming!
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This podcast has blessed me in so many ways. I have cried and laughed a long with Mike and Alicia for about two years now. I recommend them to all my friends, not just my catholic ones. I don’t have many friends that have kids older than my own so I just soak up their their wisdom. In an episode I listen to recently they talked about their kids wanting to use the car and how as parents they have to make sure the communication is between the two of them, not the kids telling dad what mom said. That night my husband and I had a huge a very similar situation happen so when we went to bed that night we came up with a game plan, with me referencing what I heard. Thank you for being my go-to podcast when I need some encouragement! Thank you so saying “Yes” to God and blessing me!
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Benefits new and veteran families
Engaging, relevant, and inspiring... we all want to be the best version of ourselves for our spouse and kids. Thea podcast helps you get there.
Katie JG
I find myself turning to the wisdom found in these podcasts again and again as my husband and I navigate different parts of marriage of family life. We are so grateful for their their vulnerability, their practical tips and their passion for holy marriages. This podcast and their ministry are truly a gift to our family and to our Church as a whole!!
A blessing for families!
My husband stumbled upon Mike and Alicia’s podcast- he can’t remember how anymore, but surely thanks to the Holy Spirit! We love listening to the episodes together and talking about them afterward. Mike and Alicia are incredibly encouraging and offer so much practical advice- it may be the only parenting advice you’ll need! Every episode is not only practical but keeps the Catholic faith at the forefront (though any non-Catholic parent would really enjoy this, too). They have affirmed our parenting goals and vision for family life, when so many other secular sources would lead you elsewhere. I cannot say enough good things about the Messy Family Project! Also- they are easy to listen to and hilarious. A true joy!
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I’m new to the Messy Family podcast, but so far, I find it down to Earth, real, humorous, refreshing, and helpful. Thank you for your witness.
Family encouragement
This incredible podcast by Mike and Alicia has encouraged both myself and my husband to keep seeking out Christ personally, in our marriage, and as parents. This is THE only podcast I keep up with as I’m chasing little ones all day. The topics discussed and stories shared are are so beautiful and joyful. Our family continues to be blessed by this podcast (and the resources on their website) as we are given so many ideas and have incorporated many into our daily family life.
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Abby Plummer
Excellent resource for real life
Raising a catholic family and developing your children can at times feel very difficult. Mike and Alicia help lift up families offering practical tips, reminders, vignettes, and humor.
writing from VA
Real life issues presented in real life ways
I really enjoy listening to their up beat message. I love the real and honest topics and conversation. Top on my podcast listening list.
mommin' times 4
Amazing couple, wonderful podcast
This podcast has become one of my favorites. Mike and Alicia always make me laugh and are like a big brother and sister with more experience and wisdom that they’re always so open and generous to share. I love hearing about their large family and they are such a great example of how fun and loving a true Catholic family should be! This podcast is a breath of fresh air for young families trying to raise children in the faith. Love it!!!
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My Favorite Podcast! Always excited to listen!
I've been listening for almost 3 years and love this podcast! They continue to give great practical advice that I can apply to my family. I consistently love each episode and always find a gem that I can take with me! So grateful for this couple and their witness!
A rich resource for marriage and family
This podcast was recommended by a friend and both my husband and I have found it to be one of our favorites. It’s so rich in ideas and advice about marriage and family from a Catholic Christian perspective. Thanks Mike and Alicia!
Super cool and works well!
Helps me be a better wife and mother
Messy Family has quickly become my favorite podcast on marriage and parenting. I enjoy listening to Mike and Alicia, appreciate their tone and experience, and most importantly, I’ve put some of their suggestions into practice, and it is already helping me to be a better wife and mother.
Practical & encouraging!
It’s so hard to figure out ALL things parenting. I’m grateful for the practical tips, the reminder to keep trying & the realization that, of course, parenting is messy. Listening to your encouraging voices is a gift. Thank you! I imagine if my kids knew my attitude changes were from your kindness & wisdom, they’d thank you too.
Nice enough
These people have a nice message, but they take way too long to say anything.
Dinah Lord
Love this podcast!
My husband and I have a one-year-old and two-year-old boy and we are trying so hard to raise them in the face. This podcast is so incredibly helpful and giving practical advice as well as faithful encouragement to us in the trenches. Love this podcast!
Diana from Arizona
Every time I listen to your podcast I am inspired to be a better child of God, wife, and mother. I am so thankful to have access to your wisdom while my kids are still little and know that it will bless our family life to have all these conversations. Thank you for doing this and I am excited to see this ministry grow!
I love listening to Mike and Alicia. They inspire and bring up great points about Family life!
Catholic mom
I really liked alot of their talks and advice until I started hearing they spank their kids even at mass! Where is the love of Christ in spanking? when you spank you are angry, anger is a sin. Hurting a child is not teaching them respect, love and how to resolve problems. It is simply teaching them violence. It is teaching them to resolve conflict through violence. When You hit a child because they hit their sibling it is such a bad example of self control. I recommend a book called: Setting limits with your strong willed child by Robert J. Mackenzie. He talks about how to use limits and boundaries and time out to discipline children. It is never ok to hurt a child and I pray that the lord will show you this. Please do not spread the message of violence the world needs more love. Only because you attained results through spanking does not mean there is not a better way to get those results. Hope the lord shows you.
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Jady A.
Practical wisdom from experiences parents
No one wants to make mistakes when raising their kids, especially if the parents are faithful Christians. Mike and Alicia feel like old friend and mentors and share their own failings and ideas to grow and improve. Building a strange faithful family unit will help change the culture!
Brian F in TX
You guys are truly making a difference in the community. The father, daughter dance was an awesome idea
High Impact Club
Practical, but can be preachy
Overall, I really do enjoy this podcast. It is insightful and shares practical experience in raising a family. However, as much as I enjoy this podcast the host do get a little too preachy from time to time. There are plenty of moral things to keep in mind while parenting, but not everything is a moral issue...not everything is so clearly black and white. I find myself enjoying this podcast in small doses.
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Favorite podcast
This is hands down my favorite podcast! I was listening before I got married and had a baby. The Hernan’s are authentic and beautiful people full of wisdom.
Best parenting podcast!
Can't recommend this Podcast enough to Catholic parents! It has helped me so much in my journey of parenting- even though my kids are young: 2 year old and 2 months old. Keep up the great work Mr and Mrs Hernon!
Great way to start conversation!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us! I've taken away so many great talking points for my family. Keep up the awesome work!!
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